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Small Disguised Tape Recorders for Spying

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Small Disguised Tape Recorders for Spying

Using small disguised tape recorders for spying has a number of additional, useful purposes beside surveillance. Have you ever gone to a conference or some other meeting, and you really wanted to record all of the conversations that you had for future reference, but you simply can’t keep notes fast enough to retain all of the important information?

These miniature gadgets can provide high quality audio recording in a discrete way so that no one knows you’re monitoring the conversation for future playback.

The following spy gadgets include not only small disguised tape recorders for spying, but also a top list of other cool spy gadgets that you’re sure to need if you ever decide to enter into any situation that may require defense, surveillance, data transfer, deception and other important tasks related to the act and art of spying. The following spy gadgets are all that you’ll need to completely and covertly “scope out” an entire area.

Small Disguised Tape Recorders for Spying and Other Spy Gadgets

The following gadgets incorporate some of the most advanced audio and video technologies that all work together to give you impressive advantages in any situation that requires any form of spying.

Spion Spy Wireless Voice Recorded with MP3 and FM Transmitter

Spy Wireless Voice Recorder, MP3 & FM Transmitter

When it comes to gathering information from people in a room, audio is often far more important than video, so don’t leave your audio surveillance needs to cheap equipment. The Scion Wireless Recorder will easily capture conversations in any room. With an FM wireless transmitter, you can sit anywhere nearby and pick up the signal with any FM radio or other device for easy listening or recording. Buy it Now!

Top Secret Radio-Controlled Car with a 2.4 GHz Wireless Video Camera

R/C Car with 2.4 GHz Wireless Video Camera

It doesn’t really get much cooler than this. This little R/C vehicle has a built-in video camera that lets you enter into tight areas or secret areas that a human couldn’t normally access without setting off all sorts of alarms. Unlike miniature video camera bugs, this unit lets you move the camera wherever you need it – just don’t get caught! Buy one Today!

Motokata Bionic Ear Hearing Amplifier

Motokata Bionic Ear Hearing Amplifier

This very cool spy gadget is only the size of a cigarette lighter, yet when you plug in your headphones and point it in any direction, it will amplify even the faintest sounds by an impressive 50 dB. This unit is perfect for when you’re at a party, conference or other building and you need to hear the conversation that’s going on in the next room. Buy one right now!

Orbitor Electronic Listening Device

Orbitor Electronic Listening Device

Are you locked out of the building or stuck across the street in your car? Never fear, you can still hear what’s going on through that open window with this powerful unit. The orbitor can actually hear conversations from 300 feet away, and there’s even a 10x optical zoom video system so you can also see at a distance. A built-in digital recording system lets you record up to 120 seconds of what you can hear. Buy one now!

Using High Technology to Spy

Ultimately, information is power, and the more information you can obtain through the use of these high quality, powerful devices – the better position you’ll be in later on down the road. So start building your top secret surveillance system today. Do you know of any other cool spy gadgets out there that I forgot about? Share them in the comments section below!

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  • There is no doubt that Spy Equipment or Cams have become extremely popular…This is a great post showing some of the very best¬† spy equipment that will be very useful in your home and or business.!!

  • voice activated recorders are actually the most common type of spy listening devices.¬† that being said, turning of the ringer on a cellphone and calling it to listen in through a mic is probably the second most popular low tech way to listen in on a conversation.

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