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The Action Never Quits – The Alexander Article, Interviews and More

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The Action Never Quits – The Alexander Article, Interviews and More

There is one thing that I find absolutely remarkable about life. You can be coasting along, completely bored with little to do, and then when one aspect of your life gets busy and interestingly, the floodgates just open right up.

The Alexander Article Gets Interesting

You may be wondering about the photo. It’s an image of where I’ve been spending most of my time these days – my car. Seems lately that I always have to be somewhere I’m not, or doing something other than I’m doing now. Life can be pretty crazy.

As loyal readers know, I was planning to publish an article on John Alexander at RealityUncovered this week. As I was about to publish last night, I remembered the promise I made to myself to always provide the person I’m writing about with an opportunity to comment. So last night I contacted John – Mr. Non-lethal weapons himself – and asked him a few questions.

The questions were whether he could share more about the 1986 meeting at Ernie Kellerstrass’ house – such as who invited him and why he, a man who was working within a secret, government project on human psychic abilities, would attend a meeting in 1986, about UFO’s.

There’s a lot published out there regarding John’s involvement in the Remote Viewing research, but there’s little written about his efforts in Ufology.

In Exempt from Disclosure, Bob Collins cracks the door open (from the inside) and gives us a glimpse of the activities and the players involved. John Alexander was one of those players.

I’ll be publishing the article and interview on RU the moment I can get out of this car…

Other Upcoming Interviews

As many of you know, I had plans to interview both Paul Murad and Gordon Novel. Gordon has essentially made it clear that he won’t run and hide, so I’ll be taking him up on his offer and interviewing him on audio soon. I will be asking him a couple of questions that I can guarantee no other interviewer has asked.

So don’t miss that one – I’ll post an update here when it’s up. Secondly, I will be interviewing Murad, but I think it’s important to do so after the Gordon interview.

So, stay tuned. Things may slow down at some point, but until then, let’s enjoy the ride and see what we can learn along the way.

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