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The Ron Pandolfi and Kit Green UFO CIA Connection

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The Ron Pandolfi and Kit Green UFO CIA Connection

If you already know about the Pandolfi UFO CIA connections and the Kit Green UFO CIA connections, then we’re half way there already. If you’ve never heard of these guys or know anything about them, then let me offer a primer and point you in the right direction.

Welcome to the New Year folks. 2010 may turn out to be one of the most insightful years yet, with revelations and disclosures regarding Ufology on a scale that most folks could never imagine.

This year, one of my New Years resolution is to better organize my various research endeavors into a collection of several “arms” of research. Each of these arms will serve a specific core purpose. At the very center of the machinery is the mission of RealityUncovered, the website and blog that I co-founded along with my UK research colleague and friend, Stephen Broadbent. The purpose of RealityUncovered is stated in the motto on the website header: “Searching for the answers. Passionate about the truth.”

The Green UFO CIA Connection

The government’s interest in the UFO phenomenon is like a very bad marriage. They are aware of a much larger picture than the average citizen – with inside information about experimental Air Force test flights and other explanations for aerial phenomenon. On the other hand, if there are any truly unidentifiable phenomenon, they would also be aware of those and might have an interest in understanding the source of those phenomenon.

Kit Green and Ron Pandolfi UFO CIA roles throughout Ufology are now urban legend. Most of the stories about their alleged positions within the CIA come from heresay and second hand witness reports surrounding their first contact with Ufology researchers in the late 1970’s when Kit Green initially contacted Bruce Maccabee. The best source for the background story is the article Bruce Maccabee Glimpses Behind the Curtain at RealityUncovered.

1979 was the year Kit Green first made contact with Bruce, and in the 1980’s Bruce’s CIA contact changed to Ron Pandolfi, who allegedly took Kit Green’s UFO CIA job at the agency. Since 1979, both Kit and Ron have maintained connections with their Ufology contacts (which likely number in the hundreds at this point) for the next several decades.

Most notably, one or likely both of them were in contact with Bill Moore (Ufologist) and other Ufologists throughout the 1980’s during a time when Bill was presented with what he was told was final evidence of the Government’s retrieval of a UFO at Roswell in 1947 – the MJ12 documents.

While there are a still a core cult of believers in the authenticity of those documents, the facts draw a clear path to former AFOSI staff officer Rick Doty as at least one of the sources of those documents which the FBI and many other investigators eventually determined to be hoaxed. Rick’s record and circumstances surrounding his release from military service also discredit the documents as well.

ufo cia connection

In 2005, Rick again attempted to distribute similar materials via an email newsletter and a website, but an in-depth investigation by RealityUncovered not only revealed Rick as the source of the disclosures again, but this time it also publicly revealed a very close relationship between former CIA neuroscientist Kit Green, former NSA scientist Hal Puthoff and Rick Doty. RealityUncovered continues to research the motives involved, and so far most leads point toward the significant funding various private and government fringe researchers receive from private Ufologist investors to “discover” new technologies such as “UFO” propulsion technologies.

The Pandolfi UFO CIA Connection

Although he has attempted to maintain a low profile, the Ufologists who Ron Pandolfi deals with often call him out publicly on blogs and websites. Just a few of those Ufologists and other fringe characters include Bruce Maccabee (ufologist), Dan Smith (physicist & philosopher), Jack Sarfatti (physicist), Stanton Friedman (ufologist), Steven Greer (ufologist) and many others smaller names and bloggers. In fact, the odds are good that if you spend enough time digging deeply enough and in the right places, you will likely find yourself contacted by either Pandolfi or Green (or both).

The final question is one that Ufologists and Researchers are split on. These two men appear to have significantly different views upon the topic of UFO’s and aliens. On the other hand, they share similar interest in similar players. They both have an alleged connection to CIA, yet no one has actually provided legitimate documentation that they are official employees rather than simple minor contractors with an avid interest in UFO’s (Steve deserves credit for that theory).

Future Plans

So, why do I lay out the history and current research here instead of RealityUncovered? This is an important question. I am laying it out here because I want TopSecretWriters readers to understand the path and reason for publications moving forward. TopSecretWriters started out about, and has always been about, all things Top Secret – not only surrounding Ufology, but also paranormal/psychic research, cutting-edge technological research and the like.

RealityUncovered, on the other hand, lies at the cutting edge of the Ufology breakthrough that involves all of the players above, and more. However, the articles that you’ll find published at RealityUncovered are factual, newsworthy articles with the facts checked out, the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted. RealityUncovered is quickly becoming a beacon where you’ll find the truth within a sea of insanity and myth. If it’s at RU, then you know it’s supported by the evidence and it’s true.

My articles here are a sort of brain-storming of not only those ideas, but also other Top Secret projects and technologies. On the other hand, our articles at RealityUncovered will expand upon the history that I’ve laid out above with a trail of hard-hitting, evidenced-based, factual reports. There’s a lot to cover this year. While you may find some of my random thoughts and at times some of the history of those matters here at TSW, you’ll find the heart of these stories and the future revelations and news at the RU blog – so check it out daily!

Moving Forward

In coming weeks, you’ll notice that the RU blog will be picking up steam again as Steve and I refocus upon the major players and pick up the leads once again. You’ll learn more about the real credentials behind these figures, the bogus technology research and ridiculous funding from wealthy and gullible ufologists, and of course you’ll be able to follow along with us as we uncover and reveal the true story behind the decades long myth known as the “Aviary” and “MJ12.”

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