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3 Interesting New World Order Videos on YouTube

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3 Interesting New World Order Videos on YouTube

new world order videosWhether you are a believer or a skeptic, there is no denying that the debate about the New World Order (NWO) is a hot topic. Millions of books are printed every year on the subject. Documentaries and movies based on the New World Order conspiracy are seen on television and movie screens across the country.

The Internet is no exception, either. Websites, articles, e-books, and new world order videos are published throughout the web describing all manner of the New World Order conspiracy.

These theories range from the mundane and plausible to the way out there; and, it is easy to find both. Unfortunately, it is a lot easier to find the way out there. A simple search for New World Order videos on Youtube would prove this fact. Just look at this small sample:

New World Order Government Conspiracy

It appears that the idea behind this video is that if one shows enough triangles superimposed on pictures of maps, churches, artwork, and so on, the viewer will simply agree that the New World Order is a fact. In addition, to drive the point home, the poster shows pictures of the ?all-seeing eye? and other emotionally charged images every chance he gets.

new world order videos

The fast-paced music and flickering images give the video that 1950s brainwashing flare. Flare or not, the video is obviously a piece of sensationalism created to try to stir emotion, maybe even instill fear, instead of bringing facts to light to provoke thought and discussion.

Emergency Broadcast! New World Order Ahead!

I am all for persuasive forms of communication, but at least have a few facts to present. In this video, there are plenty of quotes spoken by political figures, tons of inflammatory images, and statements that are presented here. However, nothing presented is substantial enough to make an informed decision.

Many of the traditional New World Order themes are obvious here, such as the idea of human micro chipping. This is a heavy theme in this particular video. The holocaust is as well. On top of that, the maker of this film decided that the only way to get a point across is to edit scenes from V for Vendetta into the video.

In conclusion, what did we learn? New World Order Con: Micro-chipping the human race and tracking them with a global computer. New World Order Pro: Copyright laws will be a thing of the past. I will give this video an ?A? for creativity.

Energy Drink With A New World Order Message!

Unbelievably, this video is my all time favorite New World Order video. The insinuation here is that we do not only have to worry about government leaders, big corporations, organized religions, the media, etc; but we also have to worry about what we drink. We are not talking about a chemical in the water supply or a hormone in milk. The New World Order is brought to you buy Monster Energy drink! That?s right!

It explains right on the can of the power of juices. The symbolism is also there. The all-seeing eye is watching you, urging to drink the hypnotic juices so that your mind is more malleable and you will succumb to their evil plot of world domination. Really? Well, their slogan is ?Unleash the Beast!? Could this beast be a reference to the beast that bares the mark?

Just for the record, I am not trying to prove or disprove the existence of a New World Order by pointing out these new world order videos. Actually, I am not trying to persuade you in any way. However, what I am trying to prove is the fact that just because someone has an idea and an Internet connection does not mean it is a good idea to listen to what they have to say. No matter how well they use PhotoShop.

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