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United States Secret Service Requirements to Become a Special Agent

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United States Secret Service Requirements to Become a Special Agent

secret service requirementsDo you have that protective instinct or an investigative mind? Want to know some of our nation?s best-kept secrets? Then, a career as United States Secret Service Special Agent could be for you. However, be prepared to be put through the proverbial ringer. Read on if you are curious about Secret Service requirements.

Just to be considered you must be a U.S Citizen, between 21 and 37 years old, have a driver license, and have no less than 20/60 uncorrected vision that can be correctable to 20/20; and that is only the beginning.

Physical Secret Service Requirements

Once they check your eyes, be prepared for them to check everything else. This isn?t your run-of-the-mill physical. Applicants have to see an ?authorized government physician? who will test hearing, cardiovascular, mobility of extremities, and the overall ability to perform strenuous and physically demanding duties.

secret service requirements

Educational Requirements

The Secret Service is not only looking for the physically fit, but they want the mentally fit as well. To qualify at the GL-7 level you must have a bachelor?s degree from an accredited college or university and provide proof of ?superior academic achievement.?

This Secret Service requirement can be waived if you have specialized experience focusing on protective and investigative experience. However, experience will not get you out of series interviews and checks that the Secrets Service will only describe as ?in-depth.?

Background Requirements

Just a few of these interviews and checks are a pre-employment polygraph examination, drug screening and extensive background investigation. A full investigation will be conducted and completed before you can expect any appointment.

Governmental Requirements

Not only must you be a U.S. citizen, but you also:
? Be registered with the Selective Service
? Pass the Treasury Enforcement Agent examination and a report writing test.
? Be able to obtain a Top Secret clearance.


If you make through all of the previous Secret Service requirements, then you may receive an appointment as Special Agent, but you are not there yet. This appointment is contingent upon successfully completing a 10 week Federal Law Enforcement Training Center’s (FLETC) Basic Criminal Investigator Training program and 17-week Special Agent Basic Training program.

If you fail either training program on the first attempt, then you will lose your appointment and be separated from the United States Secret Service.

For more information on how to join the Secret Service, visit the United States Secret Service ? Special Agent page.

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