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The International Spy Museum in Washington DC

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The International Spy Museum in Washington DC

spy museum washington dcFor the most part, the spy-community is underground. Internet forums, social networking, sites like TSW and the odd meet-up are about as far as it can go for a lot of people, due to the nature of spying.

How can you organise regular events and exhibitions when the bulk of the hobby is based on information sourced online and through personal research?

Well, the Spy Museum in Washington DC aims to change all that. The entry fee is below $20 for everyone and is well worth the price. Exhibits include WWII code breaking and covert operations, Cold War spies (including civilian ones!) and modern day spying activities, such as the work of the CIA and how cyber attacks will shape the future.

Many of the exhibits are interactive, such as the ‘School for Spies’ section which tests your spy skills!

You can also become a member of the museum, which grants you some excellent privileges such as express entry through the member’s door (no queuing!), a membership card, a lapel pin, updates about events and store discounts. All for just $65 per year!

The International Spy Museum goes beyond the running of the museum itself. They also organize regular meet-ups and spy games in Washington DC, such as ‘Spy in the City’ and a tour of the city as a spy. Seasonal events are also organized in keeping with upcoming public holidays and celebrations.

spy museum washington dc

Local enthusiast groups, schools and work groups are encouraged to book together for discounts. They’ll also get to enjoy many of the games and interactive experiences the organization has to offer with people they already know.

All in all, the spy museum in Washington DC is very cool, and a must for all intelligence community enthusiasts who live in DC or are just visiting.

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