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Skyline Roofing Prepares to Take Down the Roofing Scam Industry

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Skyline Roofing Prepares to Take Down the Roofing Scam Industry

You’ve heard the horror stories. A homeowner contacts a seemingly reputable roofing contractor, arranges for a complete roof replacement, offers a substantial down payment, and then never hears from the roofing company again.

This isn’t the stuff of urban legend. It’s fact, and it happens constantly to thousands of homeowners across the country.

These homeowner predators have created one of the most lucrative scams in the country.

Early this year, the CEO of American Shingle Roofing Company, was arrested in Georgia for scamming homeowners across 10 states of millions of dollars. According to the Better Business Bureau, the company reportedly bilked 300 consumers in North and South Carolina out of over $2 million. This is just one example of a plague throughout the roofing industry.

Skyline Roofing Aids Colorado Mother

This month, Skyline Roofing, a Colorado based roofing company, issued a public statement that the company was launching a new website called to help battle against fraud throughout the industry.

The website represents a non-profit organization that owner Jeff Posey decided to start when he heard about a particular single mother in his community that had been scammed by a local contractor.

Cecily Citrino was defrauded out of thousands of dollars that she couldn’t afford to lose. After battling with the roofing company, she managed to receive a shipment of the roofing supplies, but having expended all of her money already, she could not afford to hire a contractor to repair her roof.

Skyline moved in and, in an effort to recover the failing reputation of the roofing industry, completed the entire roofing project for Cecily. They didn’t charge her a dime.

Rallying the Troops

Jeff is drawing the battle lines by calling out to all insurance companies and contractors within the industry to join with the non-profit in helping to stamp out the fraud and corruption throughout the roofing industry. Jeff is calling for immediate action, including:

–> All roofers must complete all contracts from start to finish.
–> Insurance companies need to help homeowners that get scammed.

The goal of the non-profit is the elevate the entire industry by taking out the few that continue to drag it down. Posey stated in the company release:

“I want to see the roofing industry disappear off the top ten list of biggest industry scams and is the first step towards doing so.”

Jeff’s company is one of those roofing contractors in Colarado and the region that actually does have a A-rating from the Better Business Bureau.

There’s no doubt that one goal of the non-profit is to eradicate competition from unscrupulous, low-quality contractors. However, ultimately by wiping out greed and corruption throughout the roofing industry, Jeff’s non-profit will send a message to scammers in other parts of the country that enough is enough.

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  • The decision taken by Skyline Roofing Company is a great decision. I think it slap the fraud roofing company

  • The decision taken by Skyline Roofing Company is a great decision. I think it slap the fraud roofing company

  • Yes your post really nice. Some information I got about roof usage.

  • The roofing scam is a poison to this industry. The government should act according to its laws and eliminate this kind of agenda. This is a good step by Skyline Roofing. Show the world that you’re passionate about your profession and that it is not all about the money.

  • Dcosinas

    u r a scam

  • This is a good post. This post gives truly quality information. I’m definitely going to look into it. Really very useful tips are provided here. thank you so much. Keep up the good works…

  • Hello..
    Your post is a great resource on the roofing industry and I enjoyed being on your post. I am glad I visited here and come to know about such facts.

  • Nice step taken by skyline roofing against frauds. Scam is bad for the sake of people whether it is roofing scam or other.

  • Nice step taken by skyline roofing against frauds. Scam is bad for the sake of people whether it is roofing scam or other.

  • Great decision by Skyline Roofing. All scam companies should be removed from the market.

  • Yeah, such kind of scams are very common, people think that the company they are paying is reliable and end up facing many problems, i am sure this website will help to bring down those companies who just want to scam citizens, really appreciate the effort of Skyline Roofing.

  • Anonymous

    This Vancouver roofing company seems like it is really the real deal. Keep up the good work you guys!

  • Well that is a nice step.

  • Nice..

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