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Dream Psychic Brian Ladd Predicts Bruce Willis Will Die in Water

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Dream Psychic Brian Ladd Predicts Bruce Willis Will Die in Water

Can dreams really come true?

According to dream psychic Brian Ladd they can. Brian has posted more than 8,000 dream drawings on his website, some of which have been validated by numerous major media outlets.

But will Brian’s latest dream predicting that Bruce Willis will die in water come true?

Brian Ladd does not delve deeper into how exactly the Die Hard star will die in water, just that water will be the cause of his death.

Other Bruce Willis Psychic Predictions

Whether or not dreams are connected to reality has long been the subject of debate, and continues to baffle scientists who have yet to come up with a definite answer regarding the psychic nature of dreams.

Whilst they make perfect sense when we are having them, dreams can leave you completely perplexed the following morning when you try to understand where your dream ‘came from’.

Dream predictions about famous people are highly common, and Bruce Willis has certainly had his fair share of dream predictions.

In 2007, J.L. Navarro predicted that Bruce Willis would marry a 19-20 year old model, a dream which did bare a degree of truth. In 2009, Bruce Willis married Malta-born actress Emma Heming, 24 years his junior.

Previous Brian Ladd Predictions that Came True

Whilst Brian Ladd admits that he posts his dreams, but makes no claim as to whether or not they will come true, there have been times when Brian’s dreams appear to come spookily true.

Brian’s most famous dream prediction which bore some truth was his vision about a young girl going missing, which he posted on his site on May 3, 2007.

The drawing of his dream even contained the words Madeleine and McCann. The psychic stated on his website, “I was not aware that Madeleine was about to go missing, nor was I informed of this until May 5th, 2007.”

Brian Ladd’s dream predictions are often associated with missing people, and the psychic claims that he has had “great success in helping to locate missing people, and has been the topic of many missing person organizations and media outlets.”

Brian also insists that he has helped solve many popular missing person cases, including the case of Shawn Hornbeck from Missouri, who vanished whilst riding his bike in 2002, and was found alive and well in 2007 in the apartment of a pedophile, together with another missing boy named Ben Ownby.

Whilst a boy being kidnapped and reunited with his family almost four and a half years later can be considered a true miracle, whether Brian Ladd can ‘miraculously’ help save missing person cases is still debatable. The only explanation Brian offers for his efforts is, “for some reason missing people just seem to show up after I do a reading” – an explanation that is a little more dubious than miraculous.

Other Brian Ladd Predictions

In July 2005, Brian Ladd predicted that 1,000 people would die when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

Little more than a month later, Hurricane Katrina did hit the United States, and killed at least 1,836 people, becoming one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States.

In reference to Hurricane Katrina, Brian Ladd wrote on his site, “I warned everyone to get out for almost a month, yet no one seemed to take me seriously.”

Should we start taking Brian Ladd a bit more seriously?

It has to been said my many supporters that Brian Ladd does have an uncanny ability to predict the future in his dreams, because the amount of dreams bearing truth and significance seems too consistent to be mere coincidence.

In March 2005, Brian posted a dream predicting that a bomb would explode on a bus and on the subway in London, four months before the “7/7” attacks happed in London, in which 56 people were killed and 700 injured.

One question remains regarding Brian Ladd’s dream predictions; Does this guy have the potential to save lives?

When it comes to psychics, fortune tellers, spiritualists, or whatever they want to call themselves, there will always been a large portion of the population that is skeptical of how ‘genuine’ these predictions actually are.

One such disbeliever is ‘Nigella’, who wrote the following post on titled “Brian Ladd is a fraud”.

“I made the mistake of believing that Brian Ladd was genuinely concerned about missing children and spent a lot of time helping them. All the way from the start I felt that something was a bit strange, but tried to keep an open mind both ways. I regret that now I think it is completely obvious that he is a fake and phoney and that he is consciously faking his predictions but also his personality. He is playing a role (the nice, modest, a bit stupid, and caring father and husband…) that obviously works well to get middle aged women all over the world to trust him and put time, energy and sometimes… sadly…. money into helping him.”

One thing is for sure; the man who claims “not to be a psychic” has definitely found a way of getting people to hand over their money.

But then again he does have some crazy, seemingly truth-bearing dreams, or does he…?

Should Bruce Willis be nervous near water?

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  • Guest

    His site has been down since February 2010

  • Anonymous

     No it hasn’t – I’ve fixed the link. Shouldn’t have had an “s”.

  • Karen

    I don’t Brian Ladd is a fraud…because for over a month I had seen him write his dream about the plane crash in the hudson river in New York…but it was the way in which he drew his airplane like a bird and a plane…and it was a flock of birds which brought the aircraft down into the river. Incredible. This dream was accurate of the crash in every way.

  • Lindalouhenson

    i just don’t know

  • Lindalouhenson

    i just don’t know

  • deborah eklund

    Brain ladd website posted something about my missing so. Missed since october 2003..I have never heard of him before this was a very serious post. And it basically shocked me. For our family has been heartbroken for years. Has he really worked with the police? Just asking for some information because this is a very serious matter.

  • lady of light

    Here is what I believe is going on with Brian Ladd. I think he is in fact gifted and probably has a few problems as a result of coping with that gift in a superficial society like the one we live in here on earth. I believe he has a very genuine heart. I have noticed some of his predictions have come true although I really haven’t closely examined all of them. I think some people are so vain and boxed in it’s hard for them to imagine that we’re not all having the exact same experience on this planet. However, I have always thought Brian has gifts he hasn’t even tapped into yet. I for one do not believe he is only psychic while sleeping, because I happen to know he is one of the most psychic people living right now.

  • lady of light

    And I really think he is a saint of an angel. We’re lucky to have him. Note- I do not work for him and have never given him a penny. I truly believe he is a kind and generous soul living with something most can not even begin to grasp.

  • FOL

    Credible people have investigated Brain Ladd and have concluded that he is a fraud and scam artist.

  • Leo

    Hi. Both my friend and I paid for dreams separately, of course brian did not know this and we both received exactly the same information. I wrote asking (without telling) if he sent me the correct dream his reply was that he was sorry, a mistake had been made and I could have a $400 (or whatever the top dollar was for the next day reading) at $49 the real mark of a scam. Offer to sell you something you don’t want that costs more than the original when you complain. If you want a reading have you have friend who wants one too maybe you want to do what we did – then you have evidence to take to your equivalent of “Trading standards”? The fact that he plays on his illness and also asks for “donations” really does single him out as a fraud.

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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