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Greenpeace Announces Global Protests Against the Tragedy of Canada Tar Sands Oil

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Greenpeace Announces Global Protests Against the Tragedy of Canada Tar Sands Oil

In an effort to remedy the increasing oil prices and the depleting oil supply, many companies are looking at the Canadian Tar Sands as a potential solution.

However, many environmental advocates claim that the use of tar sands will only delay the inevitable and create even worse problems down the road.

Tar sands, also known as bituminous sands, is sand that contains naturally occurring mixtures of sand, clay, water, and a highly viscous form of petroleum.

It is commonly referred to as tar sands, due to its similarities in appearance, odor, and color to tar.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers describes the substance as:

“Petroleum that exists in the semi-solid or solid phase in natural deposits. Bitumen is best described as a thick, sticky form of crude oil, so heavy and viscous (thick) that it will not flow unless heated or diluted with lighter hydrocarbons. At room temperature, it is much like cold molasses.”

Tar sands occur naturally across the globe, but are found in high concentrations in Canada. In 2006, tar sand represented 47% of total Canadian petroleum production.

The Environmental Effects of Processing Tar Sands

The processing of tar sands is quickly becoming a hot button issue with many environmentalists.

Mike Hudema, Greenpeace Canada’s climate and energy campaigner had this to say in a recent press release:

“12 Canadian cities will be joining cities all over the world to state their opposition to a toxic and deadly Tar Sands industry.  Oil zombies, green job rallies, and movie screenings will be showcased as people across the country and across the planet say no to Alberta’s dirty oil and yes to a green, just energy economy.”

The reason behind the opposition is the apparent effect tar sand processing has on the environment.

According to, “One barrel of Tar Sands sludge requires the excavation of two tons of earth beneath Boreal forest. Ninety percent of the water consumed in Tar Sands mining ends up in the world’s largest lakes of toxic waste.”

Alberta Residents Are At Risk

It also seems that it is not just the environment that is in danger, but locals living near processing plants seem to be affected as well.

In 2009, Health officials in Alberta confirmed that there are more cases of a rare bile duct cancer than expected in a small village that lies downstream from massive tar sands plants.

However, it is still being investigated that the cancer is linked to the tar sands development. What is certain about these processing plants is that one of the many toxins emitted by them is arsenic.

According to the David Suzuki Foundation, “The risk of dying from cancer by drinking water containing 0.01 mg/L arsenic (the government mandated limit) is equivalent to the risk of dying by smoking 1500 cigarettes or driving 3500 miles.”
Image Credit: NRDC

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you Mr. Dufrene on your article of this unwise megaproject that will destroy a landmass the size of Great Britain and the danger it is posing not only to the local people but the world itself. This all for short term relief to our oil addiction we should have solved decades ago but ignored.
    Contact the decision makers and be heard against it!

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