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8 Worst Nazi Human Experiments You Never Knew About

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8 Worst Nazi Human Experiments You Never Knew About

nazi human experimentsDespite the obvious evils that Nazis inflicted on the world, behind closed doors doctors and scientists were conducting some of the most abhorrent and disturbing experiments on human subjects.

According to NOVA, there were 30 such Nazi human experiments performed on concentration camp prisoners.

The result was unimaginable pain, mutilation, disability and ultimately death.

During the Nuremberg doctor trials, 15 of 23 defendants were found guilty of unthinkable war crimes.

Here is a list of the most shocking and evil experiments that you may not have ever heard about.

1. Freezing

Nazi doctors submerged victims in vats of icy water for periods of up to five hours in an attempt to find ways to treat German pilots forced to eject into icy ocean water. The victims were either naked or dressed in aviator suits and submerged in water. Others were taken outside into the freezing cold and strapped down naked.

2. Twins

The infamous Dr. Josef Mengele experimented on twins in an effort to learn the secrets of multiple births and to find a way to quickly multiply the German race. Mengele’s experiments were performed on prisoners at Auschwitz. He experimented on 1,000 pairs of twins. Roughly 200 survived those experiments. When twins were of no more use to Mengele, he’d dispatch subjects with an injection of chloroform straight to the heart.

3. Tuberculosis

Other Nazi doctors wanted to see if some people had a natural immunity to tuberculosis in order to develop a vaccine. Dr. Kurt Heissmeyer injected the tuberculosis bacteria directly into the lungs of his victims at the Neungamme concentration camp. He was responsible for the deaths of at least 200 people.

4. Phosgene Gas

nazi human experimentsNazis subjected 52 concentration camp prisoners to Phosgene gas in an attempt to find an antidote to the compound. Phosgene was used as a biological weapon during WWI. The Nazis intentionally exposed victims to the gas, causing unbearable irritation in the lungs. Many prisoners, already malnourished and weak, suffered further complications after the experimental exposure, and four died.

5. Transplant Experiments

The Nazis wanted to know if a person’s joints and limbs could be removed and transplanted into someone else. These cruel experiments led to scores of concentration camp prisoners having limbs needlessly amputated. Every attempt to transplant a limb or joint was a failure. Many were killed, mutilated and exposed to excruciating pain. Sections of muscle, bone and nerves were also removed in fruitless attempts to regenerate those body parts.

6. Sea Water

Infamous Nazi doctor Hans Eppinger tried to make seawater drinkable, but failed. Scientists forced about 90 Gypsies to drink only seawater, and deprived them of all food or fresh water. The victims reportedly licked a freshly mopped floor just to get a small amount of fresh water. Serious bodily injury resulted from these horrible experiments.

7. Poison

The Nazis also used poison to torture and kill inmates. At the Buchenwald concentration camp, Russian prisoners were injected with experimental poisons as scientists worked to develop new methods of execution. One was a combination of phenol and cyanide.
nazi human experimentsOther experiments included adding toxic chemicals to food or shooting prisoners with poison bullets. Those who didn’t die during the experiments were murdered so that an autopsy could determine what impact the poison actually had.

8. Artificial Insemination

The notorious Heinrich Himmler himself ordered a Nazi doctor to artificially inseminate concentration camp prisoners though various experimental methods. Dr. Carl Clauberg artificially inseminated about 300 women at Auschwitz, who were strapped down and taunted mercilessly. Clauberg told his victims that he had used animal sperm to create a monster inside of them.

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  • Anonymous

    Paul – thanks for the comment. I’ll have to check out your book and maybe write up a review.

  • Tophervein


  • Maggertaustin

    though that all may be true, you missed one and possibly the worst one of all. They would tie down women and bring apes in to rape them. They did this to try to make the make the strongest soldiers. It didn’t work but it would wreck women mentaly and vaginaly

  • Djbob7414

    alas while these experiments were horrible sadly alot of our advanced medical knowledge stems from these madmens experiments i gguess that goes to show you that that there is two sides to each sword

  • Sept274

    I will never forgive the German people. I will hate the Germans until I take my last breath.

  • Sept274

    I will never forgive the German people. I will hate the Germans until I take my last breath.

  • Subbuatme

    what this ????????????????

  • lunalovegood

    You know that other races have performed things just as bad right? The Russians, Japanese and Americans have completed just as disgusting experiments as the Germans have, as well as other countries and civilisations. And just because a few disturbed scientists did them during the 1930s-1950s, doesn’t mean that good old Frank over there is just as evil as them.

  • bongtheRipper

    Think about it though, nazi scientist developed the first rocket, helicopter, and some of the best machinery. Imagine if they did find a way to make sea water drinkable or found a vaccine for
    tuberculosis, i think it would’ve made it worth it

  • Ryan Dube

    Are you saying the ends justify the means? In this case the means involved torturing/murdering fellow human beings – so that’s quite a statement to make…

  • Bebo

    People tend to forget that the Nazis were socialists, They were originally a workers union & they were not just in Germany. The Nationalist Socialist Workers Party for Germany came to power from a workers movement. History tends to repeat it’s self & it can happen anywhere (America & much of Europe is very close to travelling this horrific path again) The current President of France is a Nationalist Socialist & while he sat at the closing of the Olympics a massive octopus (popular image used in Nazi propaganda) stretched across the stadium was part of the show. The experiments above were meant to support national healthcare.

  • Haen33

    It is not the Germans. It was the Nazis. There were many Germans who did not believe what was going on was right.
    Germany was never the only places either. America and other places have done the exact same thing. You should really think before you hate.

  • Haen33

    It is not the Germans. It was the Nazis. There were many Germans who did not believe what was going on was right.
    Germany was never the only places either. America and other places have done the exact same thing. You should really think before you hate.

  • Steve

    There is a right and wrong way to experiment. These procedures were done by hacks playing guessing games with human lives. They simply enjoyed torturing people. Refrain from making idiotic comments. Not one of these experiments amounted to anything at all.

  • TheDeliverer

    It isn’t worth 6 million deaths of an innocent religous group, man cannot cure anything, only the healing powers from god himself.

  • Rich NoDeal Garner

    I’m fairly certain that if these hacks just enjoyed torturing people for the fun of it then the Americans wouldn’t have snatched them all up at the end of the war to continue their work ;-)

  • weila smith

    my mother was a russian child survivor of nazi human experimentation. she talked of getting a kind of saccharine and margarine that killed 75% of the russian villagers it was given to. i have never heard of those experiments documented anywhere. she was also experimented on with sulfa. i have heard of that happening at ravensbruck. she got several thousand dollars from the german government in reparations after submitting her detailed story. i will be putting up a short interview i did with her on youtube. i’m not sure what the title will be yet. her name ludmila will be in it, though. she will be dying soon of cancer, unfortunately. but what she saw will be on the internet for whoever wants to see it.

  • theresmore

    the japanese were more vicious…look them up.

  • Y

    Thank you and may God bless your mother and please tell her story. We must never forget the past or we are doomed to repeat it.

  • ThatGuy

    yea god doesnt give us vaccines for illnesses man does if the black plage infected you god doesnt cure you he didint cure the people from long ago now doctors cure that shiz

  • FBGM

    bangbang hooplah

  • FuNBoY

    Do people really still believe this bullshit? Please refer to a David Irving video on youtube of his speeches, to see how the FACTUAL evidence supports there were no gas chambers or atrocities at any of the labor camps. Even the Red Cross has the body count at 200k, not millions. And thank the allies for bombing supple routes for that.

  • FuNBoY

    6 million jews weren’t killed. It’s a lie. Watch a David Irving speech on youtube to hear the truth. Or just beleive the Red cross, who has the body count at 200k and inspected all of the labor camps frequently and thoroughly and there were no gas chambers of horrors. Why do you think it’s illegal to just question it in Germany and other countries? If the official story was bulletproof wouldn’t you invite any and all questions if you had nothing to hide?

  • FuNBoY

    You do know the Bulshevik jews killed 200 million russians, right? Maybe you should youtube a David Irving presentation.

  • Baller

    Who is David Irving? It’s the guy that’s banned from Germany and many other countries for trying to fabricate history based on his neo-nazi right-winged forged evidence. What makes his evidence factual? Because he says so?

  • Anonymous

    Correct! Irving has been thoroughly discredited as a historian. A year or two ago, he was on the internet trying to sell “authentic” fragments of Hitler’s bones and other forensic goodies. Ironically, Irving wrote about the Holocaust in intricate detail in his early works, before being converted (i.e. paid) by Holocaust deniers to become their spokesman. Of course, the utter idiocy of Holocaust denial is that the Nazis documented the crimes themselves. One might just as well claim that World War II never happened. FuNBoy may not know that, but Irving certainly does.

  • zack

    People who are telling that these things are ok should be taken to continue these Nazi experiments…These things are disgusting…

  • Imperator

    The Nazis were very bad! And none of these terrible experiments were in any way justified! But lets not be naïve about the means and motives of anyone in power! In other words – USA and USSR/Russia have done and probably to an extent still do similar things, they just never lost such a war that they were exposed!

  • quietly waiting vengence

    A bad thing to say, and much worse to contemplate or do. This would be the quickest way to lose one’s soul (provided you have on intact to lose.)

  • Adam

    False, even the nazi’s knew that would never work. Besides, what would they want with a highly ineffectual ape?

  • Adam

    Melodramatic much?

  • Adam

    You only mentioned one race. Besides, The naz’s were racists, not just your average killers, they tried to eradicate an entire religion because “god” willed it.

  • Adam

    Then let’s go burn their homes! No? Then shut up.

  • Adam

    Noone is saying that it’s okay, but the fact of the matter is, if we, as a species, got the chance to take it back, not a single person would.

    And it’s a waste of time arguing armed with flakey morals.

  • Adam

    Sweden = Socialist. We have done quite alright.

    Don’t blame politics, blame the politician.

    You can’t have a flawed system without a flawed creator.

  • Adam

    The suffering and deaths were the side-effect here. The progress was purely intentional.

  • Adam

    I call bullshit. No one speaks of such a thing in such a way. “she will be dying soon of cancer, unfortunately. ” ‘Unfortunately’ ?!?!?

    Either bullshitting, or has torturing small animals as a hobby.

  • Adam

    Dude, I have seen the gaschambers. And no, not fake, not built recently, Da Real Shit.
    The human race is not capable of a cover-up of this scale. not even if we wanted to. Somewhere along the line, someone always fxxks up. Human error 101.

  • Adam

    Nah, no government commits a crime unless they know they can get away with it. Nazi’s did it because, win or lose, they were all-in.

  • Adam

    Nah, no government commits a crime unless they know they can get away with it. Nazi’s did it because, win or lose, they were all-in.

  • Ryan Dube

    I agree with Adam – I’m always shocked to hear of anyone even attempting to claim that this stuff didn’t happen.

  • Ryan Dube

    I agree with Adam – I’m always shocked to hear of anyone even attempting to claim that this stuff didn’t happen.

  • Jack

    Mate the world is run by the corrupt and the greedy, we are all expendable and those poor people succumb to these experiments where the same…expendable, no one cared about them it was a race for the best and most powerful In weapons and in human advancement. That’s war for you it pushes people to do the unthinkable in the name of their beliefs or religion. The world will always be ruled by the corrupt, the greedy and the religious…why can’t we all just get along? Oh wait that’s not another question of life it it?
    Pathetic, humanity lives on war we’re a violent race by nature and with each change to our lives there are sacrifices and nobody seem to care or even realise their wrongs until the deeds are done. I don’t believe in all this religious bollocks but I do hope there is a nice place for the good and helpless to go and a bad place for the ignorant and evil to go to.

  • AC

    The Nazis were racist? The Japanese were racist too, if not more so and they still are. They killed far more Chinese than the Nazis killed Jews. And that’s just the Chinese i’m talking about. The Japanese were not only non-average but they were indiscriminate on who they killed and how. Unit 731 is the best example with their habit of “playing god” and calling humans “Maruta” (logs). This isn’t the only place the Japanese did medical experiments. The British committed crimes to it’s own people, untruthfully gathering soldiers as volunteers to drop Sarin on their skin. The U.S. did a lot of this kind of stuff too. unknowingly exposing people to chemicals such as LSD and studying the effects of radiation without their knowledge of exposure etc.

  • Sim2013

    Bong, volunteer for some fatal human experiments yourself, now that would be be worth it.

  • Sim2013

    Bong, volunteer for some fatal human experiments yourself, now that would be be worth it.

  • Calypso

    Okay, will you shut up about David Irving? Because it seems as though you are one of the very few who would actually believe his claims. By the way, 200 million would be one in every 35 people on the planet. Get your facts right.

  • Calypso

    Okay, will you shut up about David Irving? Because it seems as though you are one of the very few who would actually believe his claims. By the way, 200 million would be one in every 35 people on the planet. Get your facts right.

  • csmit186

    Actually, whoever said it was crap… there is the link to the video.

  • Lindsay Sandoval

    Wow, FuNBoy, have you never gone to school, watched TV, read anything about the Holocaust? This has to be one of the most idiotic things that I have heard in a while!!! First of all, it’s not illegal to ask questions in those countries, it’s only illegal to deny that the Holocaust ever happened. So if you lived in Germany or some of those other countries, you could be arrested for you statement. Second of all, not only did the Holocaust survivors all tell similar personal stories, but American troops have also told personal stories about when they freed the concentration camps, and the horrors that they saw. Are you saying that they are all lying too? You are even allowed to visit Auschwitz, and how can you deny that? There are also live videos of the when they freed the concentration camps, and there were videos of the poor people in them. Have you ever seen those, the men needing people to help them walk because they are literally just bones? Are you saying that those are all lies too? Maybe you should do some research before you post something so idiotic!

  • Lisa Polsler

    Ridiculousness. Do you have a clue as to the torture people endured? Ever been tortured or raped? I bet not.

  • Lisa Polsler

    They didn’t just persecute and kill Jews. They killed Orthodox Catholics, Christians, Jews, anyone who defied them, anyone who wasn’t useful, the weak and “feeble” minded, etc. and it does a great dishonor to the dead when people forget this.

  • Gene

    You Should listen to funboy.
    The 6 million was revised many times. the history we were taught was a LIE.
    as far as the evil nazis… our former president Bush had a father that was a banker who financed the nazi’s. and then after the war the US government
    brought them all over here in project paperclip, and let them run universities and large companies. I have jewish blood in my viens, so I am not against the jews. but the truth is the truth.. do some research people have gone to prison for questioning the holocaust.

  • john

    Josef mengele was never caught and tried. For having said what you did, you need to be taken and have your balls fried, just to see what fried balls look like

  • ANNO

    The horror of these experiments is far greater than I thought possible but nevertheless if the results are can save human lives in the future than that principle justifies access to the medical records even if it doesn’t justify the research itself, because not doing so would result in more deaths. That is my belief and I will defend against anyone who challenges it.


    True, very true, indeed. But I must disagree, as I do this every weekend…

  • Joe

    Really guys all this is, is the3 worst experiments to the Jews during the holocaust nothing more nothing less. Yes they are very disturbing and yes all this happened but there is no need for a huge argument about how other countries did other things this site is about one thing and one thing only about the worst 8 Nazi experiments on the Jews.

  • Katherine

    are you saying that this justifies the humiliation, pain they put innocent lives through, not to mention the millions they killed? sounds like you need to reread the last point at least, do some more studying on the effects that had on people who deserved no less than anyone else.. that’s quite a xxxxxx statement.

  • Katy K.

    there is a right and a wrong to these experiments, the wrong thing was that they didn’t have a choice to do it and they knew they were going to die if the said yes or no to it and even than they did not have a chioce to say yes or no. The good thing about it is that they had a chance to upgrade medical science to discover what the body could withstand and not and ways to cure diseases that befor than didn’t have a cure and people died.

  • Keiyalra

    I wouldn’t give a damn if they found a way to end world hunger or find a cure to cancer. That is just inhumane, and are crimes against humanity. The people who did these experiments are monsters in human flesh, that should have been shot in the head without any trial.

  • Ian

    the United States government today experiment on blacks but dont ask President Obama he”ll say its a lie. Nazi experiments are alive and going strong, Tell President Obama to end the sufferage, end the brutality. MR. President please end this painful experiment and intimidation thank you Sir.

  • Mike Majewski

    These comments I’m reading are unbelievable…. smfh

  • Jeff Scott

    The reason Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany is because it happened in Germany. As a country, they are determined to own it because if given the opportunity groups very guilty individuals would say and do anything to conspire to make themselves look as innocent as possible. It SHOULD be a crime in Germany. Any remaining Nazi sympathizers left over from the war years denying what happened would destroy any chance for Germany to truly confront it and move on.

  • Jeff Scott

    Right on brother.

  • marcus

    what i feel truly sorry for, is all the victims that have perished during this past century, at the hands of the jews, and those palestinians that even today, are at the mercy of this vile and vicious race. why is it that jews should be compensated to this day, by germans that werent born during ww2, and americans that were an innocent party, yet gypsies, other minorities and other supposedly persecuted peoples receive nothing, no pity. no acknowledgment. why did the jews recieve a state, but everybody else had to put up with their dire circumstances. the jews should be thankful, yet they hold out their hands and expect handouts. the richest and most successful race on this planet. instead of gratitude, peace and understanding, they choose violence, persecution, and annihilation. we are gentiles, cattle, fit to lick the feet of these superior peoples, a people chosen by god. it is inevitable, fate, that the jew should rule the goyim with an iron fist. we see it today, clearly, with the ethnic cleansing in israel, the eradication of the muslim from the holy land. international jewry and the printing press at its disposal is causing animosity, between the white race and the middle east, is it beneficial to us? no.. just israel. was iraq beneficial to us? no.. just israel. afghanistan? israel. libya. israel. syria. israel. iran. israel. there are 3 countries in the world left without the jewish rothschild having a central bank. cuba. north korea. iran. says it all. rant over

  • ralucagymnast

    Pretty obvious that English isnt his/her first language; dont be so close-minded ok?

  • JellyBean

    I lived in Germany for nearly 10 years. I have SEEN the concentration camps. I have been INSIDE the actual gas chambers that you claim did not exist. Do not presume to tell me that the scratches on the stone walls from prisoners trying to claw their way out, the decades-old blood stains and the potent smell of gas that is still noticeable today when you walk in does not exist. Why not just call every single survivor who tells of the horrors of that time a liar? Oh, and by the way, the Auschwitz camp alone was responsible for thousands of deaths A DAY. And they BURNED the bodies afterwards, so maybe that might account for the 200K “body count”, huh? And really, I don’t think that number is right, anyway.

  • Darwin

    Why don’t you grow some respect for other people’s beliefs? You won’t change a thing in this world with your immature approach to others’ views. You are the one who needs to grow up. You speak as if your opinion is superior. Is that it? You just want to feel superior to others? Everyone around you is primitive? Worthless? A bunch of insects? Hitler had a very similar mindset …

  • reliant1864

    I agree, not only jews died, many different faiths, mentally disabled, opposition to anything the Nazi’s didn’t approve. We need to remember that any race that does this to others is unexceptable

  • Honest Lee

    We are all slaves to the invisible powers that govern us. If we weren’t exposed to immediate repercussions for our actions and were able to wander our geological locations freely without restrictions, imagine the horror we would bestow upon each other. The kind and nurturing would be outnumbered by the cold and calculating and suffer unimaginable physical and mental anguish without mercy. Good and Evil exists in all of us. There’s a force in most of us that stimulates our emotions and allows us to “feel” the difference between right and wrong. With the recent advances in social media, we are able to sensationalize our otherwise mundane existence and expose our egos and arrogance with condescending comments filled with hate and disdain These inflated mindless quibbles are directed at those we don’t agree with. We click on post comment with our chests out and our chins up feeling like we just blessed the whole world with our superior intellect. We come back again and again to re-read our words with a sense of self accomplishment and purpose. We look to see if we inspired any type of response from faceless strangers and become inspired ourselves. We are all pathetically searching for acceptance and admiration from complete strangers since we cannot get any from our families, friends and co-workers. Who’s to say that this very link isn’t an experiment as well?

  • levi

    6 million ethnic miniorities and 5 million jews. 11mil count that was marked. that wouldnt be counting all the M.I.A’s.

  • that blonde headed kid

    what the nazis did was not wrong they did not like to just torture people they loved science they loved that there fuhrer gave them permission to do these experiments without the nazis we would not be as advanced as we are today

  • helligusvart

    Atheists don’t exist. Grow up.

  • helligusvart

    This is interesting coming from someone named Darwin.

  • juiom

    Beasts in human form, thank God i wasn’t born then

  • Mandy

    These are all horrible, but that last one…ugh. It was pretty much rape. It didn’t even work. People have tried stuff like that before, and it always failed. They just didn’t have the technology.

  • Mike Tipton

    My mom was born in 1940 in what became West Berlin. My German grandmother hid Jewish girls despite being on the 1940 and ’44 Olympic swim team. She used that position to help several Jews successfully hide. One, you can’t count what was burned when it’s hot enough to eliminate remains – even the bones. Two, I’d trust the eyewitness accounts of my grandmother’s generation and the impact of that on my moms generation before I’d trust the history books of now writen by the winners who want a more euphemistic view. Finally, the Red Cross makes you pay for their “donations” that are given to them, and they have a lobby group in congress, as they are the only “non profit” orginization hat gets to have profits to pay their board and still be tax free. Chew on that for a while, if it’s not too much for you to handle.

  • Hipphurra

    In other words you think it’s ok to torture other people for your own wellbeing. Makes you and idiot to. Not only that, but evil.

  • sid

    As a human being, I still feel ashamed because as a world of human beings, we allowed it to happen and did nothing at all to stop it, especially as our governments at the time knew about it all!

  • arryck55

    hes correct our technology is much better ut it is not right

  • bobby

    correction 8 nazi experiments we’ve all already heard about

  • Viro989

    thats not true, they did however try to artificially inseminate them with varying typs of animal semen

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