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Does Healthgrades Truly Rate the Worst Hospitals in America?

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Does Healthgrades Truly Rate the Worst Hospitals in America?

On October 17, 2011, HealthGrades issued a press release indicating that the site offers assessments on the nation’s hospitals.

According to the press release, “Patients are increasingly demanding objective clinical quality measures on which to base their healthcare decisions.”

The site states that it offers those measures to the public, and that it considers itself to be one of the most trusted sources for information about the quality of service provided by physicians and hospitals.

HealthGrades has been around since 1999. It’s most recent release stated that quality ratings are available for American hospitals.

After browsing the site a bit, I quickly learned that the information present on the site was somewhat lacking. That is not to say that the site is devoid of any information at all, but the information that is contained was not very useful.

Most of this information can be ascertained simply by reading a phone book!

Customers Call Healthgrades a Scam

Unfortunately, any truly helpful information must be purchased. However, after reading a couple of other reviews about the site, it turns out that the information you pay for is not much more helpful than the free information is.

I am also not alone in my judgment of the site.

Out of nine reviews on, all reviews of the site were negative except for one.

The other eight reviews use some very strong words when describing HealthGrades. Some of those words included “scam,” fraud,” and “unethical.”

Most of the users felt as though the site took their money and offered nothing of value in return. One reviewer stated:

“The overall quality of these physician background reports, at best, has been inconsistent and at worst, completely devoid of vital information.”

The reviewer went one to warn potential visitors against buying a report on any physician at the site.

It also seems that when a report a purchased, the purchaser is automatically enrolled into a service that will cost around $10 per month. Unfortunately, the purchaser is unaware of this transaction until they see it on the credit card bill.

doctor chart

Providers Report False Information at HealthGrades

It is not just consumers that are complaining about HealthGrades, providers are complaining as well.

It seems that the site has a bad habit of publishing information, and misinformation, about a practice without the knowledge of the provider.

The site often sets up dummy profiles in order to steal Internet traffic from respected providers’ websites in order to sell ads. One provider stated on that, “…the website listed my dental office without my knowledge, in order to steal my online traffic by letting others advertise on my so-called bogus page.”

So if you cannot trust HealthGrades, and other sites like it, to offer trustworthy information; how do you find a good doctor or hospital?

The answer is the old-fashioned way.

us news

Researching Doctors and Providers

To find the best doctor or hospital for your needs, you must do the research.

Talk to friends and family to get a feel for a doctor’s bedside manner. Browse their website yourself if one is available. Also, visit legitimate sites such as the and

These two sites, or non-profit or other government websites, are more reputable and more reliable than HealthGrades.

Even though the site boasts some pretty impressive references, it seems that more complaints about the site are readily distributed across the web.

Rarely would we buy a new car, computer, and even a pair of shoes without doing some degree of personal research before the purchasing those items. So, shouldn’t we afford our bodies and our health the same effort that we give to our cars and computers?

Never go on blind faith when looking for a new doctor. Research is an important part of finding medical care; however, just be sure that the places you are getting your information from is a reliable source.

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