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Is it Necessary to Stage a Global Bilderberg Protest?

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Is it Necessary to Stage a Global Bilderberg Protest?

The Bilderberg Conference – You may or may not have heard of it.

If you haven’t, it is an annual, invitation-only, “unofficial” conference consisting of between 120 and 140 guests – people of influence and from the world’s leading multinational corporations – to consider the immediate and long-term problems facing the West.

Its name was formed since the original conference took place in the Hotel de Bilderberg, in the Netherlands, in 1954.

The inaccessibility and secrecy surrounding the Bilderberg Conference, which is completely blocked from any other guests, and patrolled by the secret services, provides the group of wealthy individuals a great deal of protection and privacy.

Why So Much Security?

This protection, they claim, is so that they may say what they really think, without, as Etienne Davignon said in an article in the Economist earlier this year, “…the risk of off-the-cut comments becoming fodder for controversy in the media.”

That attitude among this wealthy niche has left many critics to regard the entire gathering as nothing more than a “corporate-globalist scheme” – a view that provides fertile fodder for conspiracy theorists.

There are many that believe the Bilderberg “corporate-globalist scheme” – attended by the world’s most powerful elite – including banking elites, CEOs and politicians – is simply to move the world forward into a “new world order”.

Bilderberg is, as Politico journalist Kenneth P. Vogel reported in 2009 in an article titled “Bilderbergers Excite Conspiracists”:

“…exclusive roster of globally influential figures that has captured the interest of an international network of conspiracists.”


Resentment Toward the Bilderberg Elite

So intense is the resentment of Bilderberg, that fringe conspiracy-theorist U.S. Radio Host Alex Jones called upon activists world-wide to descend on this year’s Bilderberg conference that was held in a luxury hotel in Switzerland in June, and stage a huge protest.

Reporting on the American radio show host’s public appeal to descend on this year’s secretive global confab, wrote:

“The criminal global elite that have wrecked the global economy, plunged the United States into another unaffordable war in Libya and are now scheming to start yet another war and hike oil prices to levels where Americans will be paying $7 dollars a gallon for gas.”

While Alex Jones is most known for his off-the-wall conspiracy theories and absurd, unproven claims – in regards to Bilderberg, Jones strikes a chord with his call for action.

Every week, more “Occupy” protests continue to snowball across the world, in objection to extensive corporate greed and in opposition of “fat cat” bankers.

Just looking at the evidence, it is clear to see why people are so upset – with corporate leadership still getting huge bonuses, while much of the world can barely afford to pay bills and put food on the table.

Then there are the politicians – the people that citizens are supposed to “trust” – showering themselves with expenses and perks of the job.

Given all of that documented greed and elitism, it is difficult not to jump on board with Alex Jones’ call to oppose the Bilderberg group – one of the most potent symbols of corporate agenda, greed and power.

bilderberg group

Is a Bilderberg Protest Realistic?

However, looking at it rationally, is it really necessary to stage a global Bilderberg protest? Or is that something that’s only for those crazy “conspiracy theorists”?

And… would such a protest even deter the world’s most powerful from discussing – as the conspiracy theorists believe – ways to manipulate the public and finally install a “world government”?

I am among the millions of others that are complaining bitterly about state of the world’s economy, about financial institutions and the governments of the world giving more power to the wealthy.

Those are all policies that are manifestly demonstrated by the annual Bilderberg conference, where the world’s wealthiest can talk candidly about “what’s best” for the rest of the world.

It is easy just to moan and plod on as usual, without taking any action. I have to say that I admire those protesters that are willing to pack a rucksack, sleep next to a roundabout and risk being arrested to actively protest against what essentially boils down to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.


Many Bilderberg Conspiracies Are Too “Out There”

Although, that said, like most conspiracy theories, the “theory” is often a little too far-fetched and exaggerated, and this is especially the case with the Bilderberg conspiracy.

Some proponents of Bilderberg conspiracy theories believe that the meetings are set up as a means of conspiring to impose capitalist domination.

Others have accused the Bilderberg group of conspiring to impose a world government and a planned economy.

It is the latter New World Order conspiracies that I believe to be especially far-fetched and exaggerated.

Sharing my view is Denis Healey, a Bilderberg group founder and steering committee member, who said in book written by Jon Ronson, titled “Who Pulls the Stings”:

“To say we are striving for a one-world government is exaggerated”.

Exaggerated. Notice, he did not say “false.”

While I do feel that Bilderberg motives and agendas are vastly exaggerated, I am more inclined to agree with Guardian journalist Charlie Skelton, who followed the Bilderberg conference of 2010 that was held in Sitges, Spain

In an article for The Guardian titled, “Bilderberg 2010: Why the protestors are your very best friends”, he wrote:

“Bilderberg is an absurdity. The secrecy is absurd. The lack of a relationship between the event and the mainstream media is absurd. The paranoia of the participants is more than absurd – it’s pathetic.”

As I open a letter from the bank informing me that I have incurred yet another £30 charge for going £1.50 overdrawn, a charge that will disrupt my extremely tight monthly budget, my mind is filled with anger at the “fat cat” bankers, whose bonuses may run into billions in 2011.

I cannot help but feel admiration towards the Bilderberg protestors. At least they are putting their money – or maybe the lack of it – where their mouth is.

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  • Good article and it asks a very good question. Why bother?

    As said in my Icke article part II there’s over 500 different Think Tanks in and around the planet. The BBG group is one of the more illustrious but still one of them. But to put the ills of the world down too one group is as some do is a little naive of the theorists.

  • Izael

    Well, this is not our strength, not to riot by this system of m ****. Dominated system was born, that we should be free without the New World Order!

  • If you really think the Bilderberg Group conspiracy theories are so exaggerated, then you simply have not been studying them thoroughly enough. I was a World Bank Staff Member back in the early 1980’s for many years. I had access to the entire facility (18+ buildings) and their computers (Including the IMF). It was then I latched onto the world domination scheme long before the arrival of the Internet and the mainstream conspiracy theories. I have spent the better part of my waking days since then investigating the entirety of their influence and power and I can ensure you that hardly a word of what Alex Jones suggests is not true. These people are ruthless, heartless, and will kill millions of people without any remorse. It will not take you long to figure this out if you really are sincere and open to the possibility.

  • Williamdeberger

    Yes there certainly are plenty of think tanks but few have secrecy with the mix that BB has.To see nothing wrong is so utterly ridiculous.Because if you were a rich banker or business magnate and you were not looking to shape policy then why would you want to spend time out of what is always cited as an incredibly busy schedule to be with George Osbourn or Peter Mandelson? the only reason would be to influence / induce them in some way.So if people protest this clandestine cabal then politicians at least will feel uncomfortable about what they are doing as it is without a doubt undemocratic and not representative of the so called 99percent. Etienne Davignon actually admits that Bilderberg was instrumental in the creation of the Euro….Do you want democracy or an elitopoly?

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