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Princess Diana Death Conspiracy – What Really Happened?

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Princess Diana Death Conspiracy – What Really Happened?

Recently, photographs surfaced of Princess Diana’s honeymoon with Prince Charles on the television show Antiques Roadshow, and the story was covered by ABC.

However, with the emergence of these photos, it makes one naturally think back to tragic death of Diana in 1997, when she was killed in a car crash in Paris.

Upon her death, accusations quickly emerged that her death was not an accident, but a rather elaborate plot to kill Diana.

At the time of her death she was no longer married to Prince Charles. The two were separated for some time, but the divorce was finalized in August 1996.

Some theorists point to this divorce as a motive to kill Diana. Others believe that her involvement with the Landmine Survivors Network could be a possible motive.

The Death of Diana, Princess of Wales

After the divorce, Diana traveled the world to areas devastated by landmines left behind after the battles of WWII. Normally, it was children that fell victim to these forgotten mines.

Nevertheless, her travels were seen as political meddling, and she was labeled as a “loose cannon” in some political circles.

In the aftermath of her death, her boyfriend’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, was the main proponent of the idea that her death was the result of a murder plot. His son, Dodi Fayedwas in the car that night the crash occurred. Fayed died alongside Diana.


The Mohamed Murder Theory Debunked

Officially, the cause of the crash is attributed to the couple’s driver Henri Paul.

The official findings state that Paul was driving the couple while drunk. In an effort to elude pursuing paparazzi, he lost control of the vehicle in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel. Henri Paul also died in the crash.

This official statement did not set well with many people. Including Dodi’s father, who maintained that Henri Paul was not drunk, and that the official story was all part of the conspiracy. Leaving many people to ask, what really happened to Diana Princess of Wales?

In 2007, CBS aired a 48 Hours Mystery episode in effort to answer that question.

Basically, 48 Hours agreed with the official statement of the French, that the crash was the result of a drunken Henri Paul losing control.

In the episode, CBS provided the autopsy report from Dr. Robert Forrest, who was considered to be one of England’s leading forensic toxicologists.

His conclusion was that:

“There is nothing in the trail of evidence, which suggests there is anything funny about the way in which the samples have been taken.”

According to Forrest, the autopsy samples were taken and documented according to regulation. By following protocol and due to the lack of obvious discrepancies, it is clear that the results of the autopsy are credible.

Those results show that Mohamed Al-Fayed was wrong, and that Paul was more than three times over the legal blood-alcohol limit.

Commenting on the results, Forrester stated, “If I knew that I was going to be driven by someone in that condition, I would not get into the car with them.”

diana honeymoon

Could Diana Have Lived?

It would seem that the three victims all died as the result of an accident.

However, it is plausible that Diana could have survived, at least according to

The site summarizes the autopsy notes just as the CBS report does; however, it focuses on the time it took Emergency Medical Technicians to arrive at the scene, administer emergency care, and transports the patients to the hospital.

The site chronicles the actions taken by the French paramedics and contends that more than an entire hour was lost in the field.

It certainly cannot be predicted if Diana would have lived if those 70 minutes would have been utilized more efficiently; however, her chance of survival would have definitely increased.

Though a conspiracy to murder Princess cannot be definitively ruled out, it does seem that it is far more likely that a series of unfortunate events was the culprit.

Between the drunken driver of the fleeing couple, the pursuit of the paparazzi, and the slow response time of the EMTs – all those things worked in tandem to take the life of Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, and Henri Paul.

Image Credits: ABC News

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  • Hey well done Dennis I’ll make sure Ryan links your piece to mine mate when I do a real big piece on it. Excellent and I like your analogy. Conspiracy cant be ruled out. But the utterly crack pot arguments coming from Al Fayed certainly can bud.

  • Anonymous3


    Paris – France – Bridge-of-Alma – 0.30AM – 31Th August 1997.

    Mr G******* L****** and his wife are driving, returning home after a night
    out at some friend’s. They decide to drive by the river side,
    realistically they should have met the Princess Diana – seating at the
    back of her car – driving on the other side of that road somewhere in
    the middle of the Alma-bridge. However, a bunch of badly intentioned
    persons had decided otherwise…

    First remarkable fact:

    Lady D had just hours ago announced that she would be
    giving an exclusive interview to a major London TV-channel the following
    Monday, most likely to answer questions about and announcing a
    plausible marriage with her new found fiancee, Multi-Millionaire M. Al
    Fayed Dodi.

    Determined to be the first to get this – highly lucrative – headline
    , a small group of unscrupulous paparazzi planed an aggressive way to stop the Princess’ vehicle somewhere under the bridge. ”
    I asked my wife: but what are these people – smelling car-gas under
    there – at such late hour walking as they could on this tiny pavement
    crossing the under-bridge..?” Did the the set up not go as
    planed or did another plan altogether take place instead? In any case,
    the result now is a world wide known and pathetic “news item”…

    Mr et Mrs L*******, find themselves forced to stop their car right opposite
    this terrible accident and thereafter become one of the 4 or maybe 5
    only true witnesses of an astonishing sequence of events taking place
    right under their very eyes…! Some preposterous scenes take place EXACTLY
    between the crash of Lady D’s vehicle into the concrete pylon #13 and
    the (belated?) arrival of the first ambulances or Police car…The life of M. G********* L***** just took a new and deadly turn…Highly
    disturbed by the propagation of lies all over the medias regarding the
    event, G******** tries to speak up but rapidly receives death threats!!!  G********** L****** decides to run and hide, this is the only way he thinks
    he can protect his loved ones. Going anywhere from the French Antilles
    (St Martin in the Caribbean), Marrakech (North Africa) as well as
    Hammamet, leaving his wife and children behind, his spouse will finally
    decide – out of despair – to divorce him…

    Today, the WITNESS has nothing to loose! G********* L******* lost EVERYTHING
    !!!….His goal now is to bring the truth to the light: “Some high
    magistrate are going to have to explain themselves…” The same ones
    whom refused to protect him and his family and therefore participated in
    the dismantling of his life, the one and normal life he used to have…

    The burning documents which Mr L******* managed to obtain are explosive,
    coming right from the highest position of the French juridical minister
    as well as the highest positions in England…

    I’m still alive!!! After 14 years, hidden yes, but alive… Call me
    crazy but I still surprise myself watching who can be watching me,
    always watch my back…I’m always expecting the unexpected!”

    Many a time Mr L******** thought about doing the unthinkable to
    himself…”Your real weapon – Told him Mr Paul Loup Zulitzer once (a
    well known French writer) – is to write on a computer or even using just
    a pen and paper and write for all to know, tell the whole world what
    really happened under there that night, tell them what took place, tell
    them what you saw and what you heard…”THE BOOK IS COMING SOON…

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