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Three Popular Reasons People Think the Moon Landing Was Fake

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Three Popular Reasons People Think the Moon Landing Was Fake

Was the moon landing fake? Was it an elaborate production orchestrated by a U.S. administration set on winning the space race against the Soviet Union at all costs?

History says that on July 20, 1969, three Americans made world history when they landed on the Moon.

Two of those Americans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, took it a step further when they became the first humans to walk across the surface of the Moon.

On that day, America won the space race against the Soviet Union; a much needed win for the United States’ morale during the height of the Cold War.

When the Americans returned to Earth, they returned as heroes.

However, there are some conspiracy theorists that maintain that this historic event did not actually unfold on the moon, but rather took place in a film studio.

They claim that the entire moon landing was an elaborate government hoax.

Was the Moon Landing Fake?

These theorists offer a wide variety of “evidence” to prove the idea that the moon landing was a hoax. This evidence ranges from unbelievable to the somewhat plausible.

However, leaving out some of the most outlandish ideas, there are some points that are rather interesting, and seem worthy of further study at first glance. However, once the details of the landing are studied more closely, and the physics of space is better understood, those points can be easily dismissed as well.

For example, one fact that many proponents of the moon landing hoax often point to is that the pictures taken on the moon do not depict any stars in the background.

Conspiracy theorists contend that with no clouds in space (or any atmosphere of any kind for that matter) stars should be clearly visible in the background of the pictures.

However, scientists easily explain the lack of stars using simple physics of light and photography.

Because the moon is reflecting so much light from the sun, cameras cannot sense the tiny light being emitted by the distant stars.

According to HowStuffWorks:

“Even if you were standing on the surface of the moon yourself, you would have to block the landscape from your vision to see any notable points of light.”

moon shadow

Discrepancies in the Photographs

Another photography-based argument is the discrepancy in the shadows seen in many of the photographs.

Conspiracy theorists point to the shadow lengths of the astronauts and the inconsistencies of the shadows of the moon rocks.

These theorists contend that these inconsistencies of the shadows indicate that an external light source (such as the light rigging of a film stage) was incorrectly positioned or not working correctly.

However, this “evidence” is also easily explained using the known physics of light.

While the astronauts were on the moon, more than one light source was present. These sources of light were:

• The sun (obviously)
• Light from the sun being reflected by the moon
• Light from the sun being reflected by Earth
• Light from the sun being reflected by the astronauts and their equipment

With all of this direct light and reflective light bouncing around, shadows are easily distorted.

In his book, Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to the Moon Landing “Hoax”, Philip Plait stated:

“Light from these sources is scattered by lunar dust in many different directions, including into shadows. Shadows falling into craters and hills may appear longer, shorter and distorted.”

One of the most pointed to images as definitive proof that the moon landing was a hoax is the image of the American flag seemingly “waving” in the wind.

The reason that this is so compelling is because there is no wind in outer space.

However, scientists explain that this phenomenon occurs due to the nature of a vacuum.

The flag was hung on an L-shaped flagpole. The kinetic energy left-over from the astronaut adjusting the flag caused it to momentarily sway. Due to the lower gravitational force of the moon, that kinetic energy lasted longer than normal, and so the swaying was prolonged as well.

It was this swaying that gave the flag the appearance of waving in the photographs.

Although these explanations have science to back them up, most theorists dismiss those scientific explanations, and instead choose to believe that the landing was faked.

Was the moon landing faked? Most scientists dismiss this theory as the ramblings of crazy conspiracy theorists. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • yes- i think it was faked in some ways.  Let’s just look at  this logically. If we had gone to the moon in  July 1969,  why did we stop there?  why haven’t we advanced more rapidly in that area like we have done and are doing now with everything else?  I mean look at how quickly we have taken communications. land line phones to car phones. And those big bulky boxes in our cars were pricey but quickly caught on. In a blink of an eye these portable phones got smaller, more portable, more personal, and affordable.  Today everyone has a cell phone, even homeless people. Today they are pocket sized small personal computers with camera and web browser in them.  Think how it will be in just 15 more years? Today we have something for everyone. We have remote home network computing, high tech security systems, GPS trackers & cheap programs anyone can afford  & install themselves in under 4 minutes like “spybubble” for gaining access to another persons private stuff in their cell phone. With all this happening in last 15 years you would think we’d be a lot further then we are in the area of space travel.  That’s just my opinion. I believe our government is so power hungry it would do anything to keep it’s position as the super power of the world.  Lie to us?  LOL they do it to us everyday.

  • they stopped going becuase of the cost of getting to the moon, and just because personal technology has advanced so much, the only viable and most cost effective way of getting into space atm is still rockets cuz no other source of power has enough thrust to escape the earths gravitional pull, and they are still far to expensive.
    just because technology has adavanced for the average person, doesnt mean we can go into space willy nilly

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