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BREAKING NEWS: Gunfire in Beijing – The Shot Not Heard Around the World

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gunshots in beijing

Gunfire erupted in the streets of beijing last night, or did it? No one is really sure.

According to Chinese microblogs, there was something of a skirmish in Beijing Monday night, which led the Chinese military to cordon off of at least one of China’s major thoroughfares.

The word on the streets is that the Bo Xilai ‘Mao’ist’ faction is warring with the the more liberal Communist crew, and the result was a show of power at gunpoint.

But then again, this is speculation as well.

The facts are that late Monday night, police had cordoned off Bejinng’s major streets and journalists were not allowed near the scene. Some say the reason for the closure of Beijing’s main drag was a midnight meeting with a north Korean contingent, but local observers say that isn’t likely.

What we do know is that Bo Xilai, the charismatic son of one of China’s founding fathers, is at the eye of a storm of revolutionary proportions.

But first, let me back up and provide some context to this developing story.

China’s Leaders

China’s leaders are not elected, thus they base their legitimacy to rule on creating economic growth. Instead of being voted into office, leaders typically purchase their positions, or they are the sons of former leaders.

Bo Xilai is the latter.

Mr Bo got his chops by taking on difficult problems, the most recent of which was rooting out the corruptive soul of Chongqing, one of China’s auntonomous zones.

Before his arrival, Chongqing resembled Chicago of the twenties. Corruption was so rampant that it ran up to the highest reaches of the Communist party food chain. And then came Bo.

Within a few years of his arrival, Mr. Bo had cleansed Chongqing of its dirty past. Colleagues from Chongqing hailed him as the second coming, a man who was not afraid to take on the system, and perhaps that was the problem.

“Mr. Bo will never reach the upper echelon of the communist party,” Deng, a colleague of mine told me six months ago. Perplexed by his response, I asked the Tshinghua grad and Communist party member why this was so.

Mr Bo had proven his mettle, had cleaned up Chongqing, what more could you ask?

In the truly eliptical fashion of Chinese speech, he continued. “Yes, he cleared out the corruption. But you know how big the problem was right?”

I nodded.

“Chongqing is an autonomous region, that means it has the power of a province. And the leaders of China’s provinces all report to the Communist party leaders in Beijing. They are the most powerful of all local leaders.”

I nodded, but did not get it.

“If corruption was so rampant in Chongqing, then do you think Beijing was unaware of it? Do you really think that it all happened in a vacuum?”

I shook my head no.

“The reason that Bo Xilai will never garner a top position is that he scares the party. They are afraid of what he knows. During his time in Chongqing, he undoubtedly uncovered secrets at the highest levels. And Bo is pushing the Mao’ist line. The current leaders fear this type of talk, it smacks of Mao’ist tomes.”

gunshots in beijing

Bo Xilai May be Dangerous to the Party

What Deng was explaining is that Bo was dangerous.

The problem is that the party is at a crossroads. Bo represents the old Reds. During his time in Chongqing, he mandated the singing of Mao’ist songs, even in the mental health wards. He spoke about the days of old and appealed to the commoner.

The problem is that Chairman Mao had done the same thing. By stirring passion within the disenfranchised, he ruled the largest nation on the planet. Beijing was nervious that Bo would pull a page from Mao’s playbook and assume power.

On February 6th of this year, Wang Lijun, Bo’s right hand man and vice-mayor of Chongqing allegedly attempted to defect to the USA in one of the most bizarre tales of Chinese intrigue.

Acccording to Chinese sources, Wang supposedly was ousted by Bo for investigating Bo’s family for corruption. But therein lies the rub. When the Communists want to take down one of their own, corruption is the reason frequently used.

Thus, was Wang Lijun nothing more than a pawn used to take down the Bo Xilao contingent?

Some sources have said that Bo and three other powerful Communist members stand between the status quo in China, and reform. My sources have told me that the last thing the current leaders want is change, or a step back.

They contend that a man like Bo patterns himself after Mao, and with so many Communist party officials getting filthy rich, why upset the apple cart? The fear is that Bo would root out corruption at the upper levels of the Communist party just like he did in Chongqing.

gunfire in beijing

Beijing Gunfire Related to Bo’s Purge?

Which brings us back to the gunfire in Beijing.

The split within the Communist party stems from the question of who is going to lead and in which direction they will go.

According to some, the current leaders state that after ten years, Chinese citizens will be electing their officials, and Mr. Bo stands in the way of progress. To those loyal to Bo, its just the same tired old line.

The notion that Chinese will be voting in ten years is is implausable. The timeframe merely allows the ruling members to continue their illicit practices and pocket billions while dangling a stick of hope in the faces of the masses.

But Bo was not buying it.

The result was something akin to a Mexican standoff. Sources say that Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabo is at odds with Mr. Bo and three others who sit atop the apex of the communist power structure.
According to them, the gunshots last Monday are the result of this conflict.

Most people here are either afraid or unwilling to talk about the incident, but one thing is for certain. The level of security, police patrols and pro-harmony rhetoric shows that the Communists are afraid.

A black-out of such news is par for the course. After all, China would hate to rattle the nerves of all the foreign firms that have invested billions here. The last thing the party wants is visions of a Castro-like event to erupt, ruining the good times for all.

The truth is that at present, no one knows who shot at whom and why, but what we do know is that the Communists are nervous. Over 60 percent of all party members will be replaced in 2012.

Bo Xilai was purged from power last week, and there is speculation that the possible eruption of violence may be related.

The problem is that new power bases are being formed, fought for and won. And in a country where every leader for the past two thousand years assumed office through violent means, China fears times such as this.

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