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The Murder of Sun-Ming Sheu and US Judicial Corruption

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sun ming sheu

About a week ago, I was forwarded a story covering an interesting case in New York about a fraud activist that was allegedly assassinated when he uncovered evidence about NY State Supreme Court Judge Joseph Golia.

According to the story, Sun Ming Sheu told friends that if he were ever murdered or harmed, it would most likely be at the hands of Judge Golia. On June 26th, 2010 in Flushing, NY, “Sunny” Sheu was found with his head “mortally wounded”. He died after being taken to New York Hospital of Queens. The medical examiner report confirmed that there was blunt force trauma to the head. The police claimed there was a witness stating that Sheu fell and hit his head, but are unwilling to release the police report to the public.

While we are often contacted by people claiming that they were the victims of fraud, Sun Ming Shu’s case is particularly compelling, because there is such an overabundance of evidence detailing a laundry list of fraud and cover-up committed by the Justice Department. It is a disturbing case that suggests that there are people within the Justice Department that feel they are above the law.

However, what the supporters of Sheu will not tell you is that there is an equally long list of misrepresentation and efforts to contact federal judges – including committing the felony of tampering with a Judge’s mailbox – on the part of Sheu. I believe it was Sheu’s own naivety and mistakes that keep the mainstream press from covering this confusing and disturbing case.

However, if the cover-up continues on the part of the police and the Justice Department, it will require nothing short of a semi-revolution by the people of New York to bring the truth about Sunny’s death to light.

In reviewing the evidence surrounding this story, I would say there is overwhelming proof to show that at the very least there should be an independent, federal investigation of Judge Golia’s financial dealings, and more importantly discussions at a public level regarding to what degree federal agents should be allowed to go when executing their duties to protect the safety of Judges. These agents appear to be under the erroneous belief that they are not required to observe the U.S. Constitution, and the protections that it affords private citizens.

The Confusing Case of Sun Ming Sheu

In every case we research here at Top Secret Writers, we try to explore each side of the coin in excruciating detail, as our regular readers know. In most cases, one or the other side of the coin is clearly in the wrong – it’s an open shut case to quickly expose the fraudulent activity and move on.

This case is far more complicated. Those investigating the alleged murder of Sheu share only a very limited subset of evidence in the case – mostly that of the documents post-2009, involving Sunny Sheu’s discovery of financial impropriety on the part of NY State Supreme Court Judge Golia, his letter to the FBI asking for witness protection from the Judge’s minions (federal agents), and the examiner’s report following the death.

What supporters of the murder conspiracy won’t share with you are the court cases prior to 2009, detailing a laundry list of Sheu’s efforts to keep a hold of property that there is little evidence to show he truly owned. This is what I believe keeps the mainstream media – which tends to avoid such confusing cases that require excessive investigation to sort through – from covering. Unless it’s spelled out in black and white, the case will forever remain fodder for the underground or “new” media.

However, there is enough evidence to support the contention that there was foul play surrounding Sheu’s death. The fact that he was the one that uncovered and reported Justice Golia’s documented financial impropriety, the fact that he was clearly in fear for his life leading up to his death, and the fact that the police remain completely uncooperative in sharing documents that are normally open to reporters and to the public surrounding any death that they maintain was “accidental.”

The official story doesn’t add up. Unfortunately, neither does that of the Sheu supporters.

sun-ming sheu

The Case Against Sunny Sheu

The folks at Black Star News have investigated this case like no one else. The series by Milton Allimadi is an interesting case of a reporter doing his best to get to the truth surrounding Sheu’s death.

Of course, in a number of areas, Allimadi seriously slipped up his investigation.

Then there is the article written by William Galison, another amateur reporter covering the “Murder of Sunny Sheu” alongside Allimadi, where he tells a story about starting to believe he is being followed by a silver van, so starts taking photos of the license plates and even the police parking badge on the dash. He then acts confused as to why the driver of the van – who threatens him in typical New York City style and language – is angry (2).

It is the behavior that I’ve come to expect from conspiracy theorists, but not from journalists that are hot on the trail of a corruption case. It appears that they failed to do some of the background homework that such a case requires.

Both reporters failed to seek out information about Sheu beyond what Sun Ming Sheu’s supporters have provided to the public on their free Blogspot site. Allimadi missed the earlier court case from 2007, presided over by Justice James P. Dollard at the New York Supreme Court (Case Index #27035/05 – April 3, 2007), which indicated there was an “alleged fraudulent transfer of this property on May 23, 2000” and that “Plaintiff Sun Ming Sheu did not own the premises on May 23, 2000”.

While that statement doesn’t make it clear whether this is the same fraudulent transfer that Sheu claimed was part of the fraudulent effort to illegally remove him from his home, the opposition documents in the case do show that Sheu was not above attempting to manipulate the system to suit his needs. The case document stated:

“The cross motion and opposition papers reveal that plaintiff Sun Ming Sheu holds a durable power of attorney for his brother co-plaintiff Ming Chien Hsu who resides in Tayyun City, Taiwan. As stated above, co-plaintiff Sun Ming Sheu’s claims were dismissed in the July 19, 2006 order because the documentary evidence showed that Mr. Sheu had no interest in the subject property prior to the alleged fraudulent transfer. It appears that Sun Ming Sheu is trying to represent his brother Ming Chien Hsu in this lawsuit based on this power of attorney.” (1)

The complaint, submitted by Sheu, was dismissed. This was dismissed by Justice Dollard – not Golia, so cover-up or fraud by Golia can not be claimed as part of this earlier case.

An appeal filed by Sheu with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in NY was denied by Justices Dennis Jacobs, Chester Straub and Harrington Parker for “substantially the reasons stated by the district court”. (2)

Furthermore, bankruptcy court documents show that Sheu actually filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy and that the foreclosure proceedings were related to that filing – not due to some fraudulent foreclosure sale. The result of Sheu’s attempt to fight the results of the foreclosure sale led to the court finding that stated, “…the Court finds that the debtor has failed to establish that the automatic stay should be extended to include the property. The Application is denied and the Temporary Restraining Order is dissolved.” (3)

The document showed that Sheu was not claiming to the court that the foreclosure sale was fraudulent, but that he should be immune from it because “…he resides at the Property and is the sole owner of the shares of a Delaware corporation, QQ Network Corp….in which title to the Property is vested.”

In other words, Sheu was an intelligent guy that was doing his best to work “the system” in order to avoid the foreclosure of his property during his bankruptcy proceedings.

I believe these earlier court documents reveal the truth behind the public story that Sheu was telling people prior to his death. In other words, it isn’t certain that he was really telling the whole story about the property or his actual rights to it. Supporter stories claiming a fraudulent foreclosure sale are not supported by any of those court documents or by any other evidence.

sun-ming sheu

Justice Golia’s Financial Impropriety

What I believe Sun Ming Sheu did successfully prove, prior to his death – and regardless of the real details behind his mortgage case – was the fact that he had truly uncovered solid evidence that Judge Golia had filed a “misleading” financial disclosure statement.

Sheu’s complaint, filed with the NY Office of Court Administration (OCA) in 2008, detailed facts that Sheu had impressively uncovered about Golia’s financial disclosures. His letter specifically stated that Golia failed to disclose, from 2002 through 2008:

–> A HSBC mortgage held by his wife
–> A HSBC mortgage held by both Joseph “Golia & Rosalie Golia”
–> Income and/or property of “Rosalie & Co”
–> Income of “ADC Contracting and Consulting”
–> Income/property of “Everest Development”
–> Income of “Rosalie Grecco”
–> Failure to disclose ownership of the Breeze Point beach house
–> Failure to disclose a mortgage and property worth 750,000.00 under “Donna Golla”
–> A conflict of interest, using an “inside connection” to obtain a mortgage above property value from Flushing Financial Corp
–> Failure to report properties that NYC “Award in Condemnation”
–> Failure to disclose “hidden properties under company name”.

Shortly after submitting the complaint, Sheu told supporters that he was picked up by two NYPD detectives who transported him to the D.A.’s office where he claimed that he was put in a locked room where he was intimidated and threatened – accused of “harassing” Judge Golia.

While the detectives might have had an inkling of justice on their side – Sheu’s sliding his note to Judge Golia directly into Golia’s mailbox could be construed as a sort of “harassment” – they took it a step too far when they allegedly told him that if he went to the media, there’s no telling what might happen to him. “You live in a dangerous neighborhood with gangs, and anything could happen to you.”

The threat was obvious.

I tend to believe this part of the story, due to the fact that Kevin Ryan, a spokesperson from the DA’s office, told Milton Allimadi and Will Galison that Sheu was in fact picked up by detectives but that he had “cooperatively and willingly agreed” to go in for questioning. Sheu – when he was alive and working with the two reporters – denied that claim.

The lack of any sort of restraining order filed by Justice Golia suggests that the judge was far more concerned about the information Sunny Sheu had uncovered about him than he was about any sort of threat the small Taiwanese man may have posed. The only threat was that of Sheu taking his submission of Golia’s financial improprieties to the media.

On June 26th, 2010, Sheu died from what the coroner’s report clearly indicates as blunt force trauma to the head. (4) The medical examiner told one journalist that he had only determined the injury was from a “collapse” (banging his head on the pavement) due to the police report with a witness statement that the collapse took place. (5)

Oddly, the police refuse to release the police report of the accident to the public. There has yet to be a full investigation into Justice Golia’s financial dealings after the OCA findings and resulting correction to the disclosure statements revealed Sheu’s claims to be true.

At the very best, the case proved just how intelligent and effective an investigator Sun Ming Sheu was, to be able to uncover those improprieties about Justice Golia. At the very worst, Sheu’s death and the apparent cover-up that subsequently followed it proves that when it comes to the Department of Justice, there are many that feel the laws of the United States, and the U.S. Constitution itself, does not apply to them.

Regardless whether Sun-Ming Sheu was down-and-out, struggling to deal with bankruptcy and foreclosure – that does not allow a Judge, federal agents or police free reign to harass, threaten, intimidate or harm any American citizen.

I do hope that there is justice for Sunny. No one deserves his fate.

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(2) Federal Circuit Court Document
(4) Coroner’s Report
(5) Sheu’s complaint to OCA about Justice Golia
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  • Wgalison

    I am the author of the Blackstar News article regqrding Sunny’s death and the cover up. While I applaud your reporting this urgent story, there are many factual inaccuracies in the article.For a more accurate account of the case, incuding thorough documentation, please go

    ThanksWill Galison

  • Wgalison

    Milton Allimadi is not an amateur reporter or a conspiracy theorist. He is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Journalism and former writer for the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. His newspaper The BlackStar News has broken several national and international headline stories including the Bernard Kerik corruption scandal and the recent story of the affiliation between the KONY 2012 filmmakers and the Ugandan dictatorship.Milton and I were both close friends and confidents of Sunny Sheu and ALL of the research on the case comes from us exclusively.Milton did not miss anything. There is no information available regarding the Sheu case that did not originate from our personal experience or interviews and FOIL requests from us.Milton wrote two exhaustive articles in the BSN before Sunny died recouting the court case from 2001 to 2009, all based on dozens of hours of interviews with Sunny, and careful research of the court documents.Every factual statement we make is backed by publically available documentation.
    I recommnd that you contact Milton or me to check your facts and also to learn more about the legal issues involved.BTW,There is no law against leaving a note in anybody’s mailbox. At worst it can be considered ex parte communication with a judge and be rendered inadmissable.The judge’s only legal recourse if he felt threatened is to file a TRO which would have to be adjudicated by a second judge. That is the law. It applies to you and me and judges and predidents. Likewise, the owner of the van is not allowed by law to strangle me and slam my head againt a wall for photographig his illegally parked vehicle with illegal NYPD parking placards belonging to his wife. That is called assault in every state in the USA.You need to study the blogsite I authored: http://www.sunnysheu.blogspot.comIt is updated regularly and contains a tremendous amount of information.If you want to risk your life, as Milton and I have, done to investigate further, there is plenty more work to be done.

  • If you want to document another who is likely to be killed (once Mitt the pitts successfully rigs/ steals the POTUS) – all you have to do is Google my name and Bain. 

    Here’s your chance to do something apropos and timely.

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