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FBI Uses Intelligence Based Model to Dismantle Boston Mafia

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boston mafio

According to a press release issued last month, the DoJ dealt a major blow to the New England mafia when it charged crime boss Anthony Dinunzio with racketeering and extortion.

It is the ninth time that a member of the crime family has been arrested, and it is obviously the most significant arrest of them all.

The indictment against Dinunzio, 53, describes how Dinunzio and his organization extorted money from adult entertainment businesses in Rhode Island, using “fear and intimidation to control the corrupt activities of his criminal enterprise.”

What makes the arrest so significant is the fact that it included information from inside sources. Up until this year, the New England organized crime family of La Cosa Nostra (NELCN) has enjoyed a solid “code of silence” that maintained the security and protection of the entire organization for years.

According to the FBI, a “persistent, methodical and unyielding” effort resulted in the infiltration of the LCN, and the uncovering of evidence showing criminal activities including racketeering and extortion. The FBI explained that the success in this case came primarily from the “intelligence based model” utilized by its task force.

The Intelligence Model that Dismantled the LCN

Up until this year, the LCN benefited from tight security and silence within the crime family. The entire family amassed a fortune through its enterprise that included extracting payments from $2,000 to $6,000 from adult entertainment businesses throughout Rhode Island. The family also conducted its criminal enterprise across state borders, including New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Up until 2009, Luigi Manocchio of Rhode Island was the standing NELCN mob boss. At that point, Dinunzio took the chair at the head of the crime family.

At one meeting on June 22, 2010, the indictment describes how Dinunzio told everyone present:

“As soon as I took over I changed everything. One guy…’What if nobody wants to listen to you?’ ‘I said you’re shelved.’ He said ‘What if they don’t wanna get shelved?’ ‘Well then you and I get to watch you die in the ground…I’ll bury you right in the [expletive] ground puts all the dirt. You’re alive. They stay there. I’ll stay there [expletive] 10 hours until you’re dead. And I’ll dig you back up and make sure you’re dead.”

FBI SAC DesLauriers explained in the DoJ press release how the FBI utilized an “intelligence-based” model to infiltrate and dismantle the crime family from the inside. By establishing insiders at the various meetings, the FBI was finally able to gather evidence showing the LCN’s activities extorting business owners, and Dinunzio’s efforts at threatening and intimidating not only Rhode Island business owners, but also his own “insubordinates” within the organization.

“The FBI and its law enforcement partners have shattered Omerta, the New England LCN’s code of silence. In doing so, we have severely disrupted their criminal activity. Our persistent, methodical, and unyielding investigation of those who are part of the LCN and other groups will not stop. Looking forward, organized crime groups and transnational criminal enterprises are emerging from every corner of the globe. Through our task-force and intelligence based model, our joint efforts will continue to disrupt and dismantle emerging organized crime syndicates to prevent their entrenchment in our communities.”

The successful conclusion of this investigation, with the arrest of the NELCN boss, proves that the FBI’s intelligence efforts are effective enough to infiltrate any organization – including that of a tight-knit, well protected New England crime family.

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