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Laying the Alien Moon Base Conspiracies to Rest Once and For All

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Laying the Alien Moon Base Conspiracies to Rest Once and For All

In the early 1960s, U.S. President John F. Kennedy set NASA a challenge: to land a man on the moon before the decade was over.

On July 20, 1969, the world watched as astronaut Neil Armstrong slowly climbed down the lunar lander ladder and set foot on the moon, muttering the now famous words, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Despite achieving the greatest technological challenge the world had ever seen, NASA’s accomplishment has been the breeding ground for a slew of conspiracy theories, with many suggesting that the moon landing itself was staged.

In 2001, Fox TV network aired a program titled “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?” The hour-long program was hosted by X-Files actor Mitch Pileggi, and featured interviews with people who believe that NASA’s moon landings in the 1960s and 70s were actually faked.

The program concluded that without the technical capability of going to the moon, but with pressure due to the Cold War with the Soviet Union, NASA was forced to fake the whole thing.

The Alien Moon Base

As absurd as it might be, another theory involving incidents on the moon is the alien moon base conspiracy.

With no concrete evidence to back up the premise, there have been numerous versions of the Alien moon base theory. One component of the alien base idea suggests that after World War II, German astronauts traveled to the moon and established a top secret facility there.

According to Moon Conspiracy, speculations surmounted that Adolf Hitler faked his own death, fled the planet and lived the rest of his days in an underground hideout on the moon. (1)

Similar to how all conspiracy theorists are adept in embedding thought-provoking and provocative questions in our minds, alien moon base conspirators enjoy circulating questions such as why the moon landings stopped and why NASA has never tried to build a moon base itself on the moon? (2)

Unfortunately, this theory also completely disparages Neil Armstrong’s momentous and now legendary accomplishment and words as he first stepped foot on the moon.

alien moon base

Why Humans Never Returned to the Moon

The logical explanation as to why man has never returned to the moon since 1972 is that not only does each mission cost a significant amount of money but, as computers and remote sensing equipment became more advanced and better developed, there was less need for manned missions and not a lot could be gained from continuing to send humans to the moon.

However, this logical explanation is not good enough for the alien moon base conspirators, who say that according to hitherto unconfirmed reports, both Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, saw UFO’s on their historic time spent on the moon and that according to the NASA astronauts, aliens have a base on the moon and as a consequence man should stay off! (2)

In fact, claims of secret and mysterious lunar bases began well before Armstrong and Aldrin made their legendary achievement.

These theories began when Polish-born American George Adamski became widely known throughout ufology circles after claiming that he was recruited by the UFO military to photograph UFOs on the moon with his telescopes.

Adamski quickly concluded that the UFOs came from a secret base on the moon. (3)

Giving the modern-day moon conspirators greater ammunition to make their claims was the recent release of NASA’s alleged first ever video clip of the dark side of the moon. On February 3, 2012, NASA released the video that was filmed by the GRAIL spacecraft.

Immediately, one conspiracy theorist posted an article on Hub Pages, asking the question:

“If the U.S. government are to be believed that our first manned mission to the moon happened as early as 1969, why has it taken so long to reveal images of the dark side of the moon to the public?”

alien moon base

GRAIL Dark Side of the Moon Images

The video, according moon landing skeptics, is just another cover-up in an attempt to debunk the conspiracy theories regarding the moon.

According to Carl Wolfe and Donna Hare, who both testified as part of Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project – a research project aimed at disclosing the facts about UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence – NASA founded a base on the dark side of the moon, but regularly airbrush the evidence out of their images.

Wolfe goes even further, claiming that he was told about the base on the dark side of the moon while he worked for NASA, but the member of staff who told him had breached national security. (3)

The report goes on to say that the images of the GRAIL spacecraft’s newly released video shows signs of tampering, and that the entire image looks like it has been copied and pasted. (3)

Such claims about image tampering and NASA airbrushing are pure speculation, and are never backed up by any evidence.

Likewise, Carl Wolfe’s claim that he was actually told about a base on the dark side of the moon by a NASA official was never proved – it’s only heresay. Surely, if someone at NASA had seriously breached national security by making such a claim, they would have been prosecuted?

The truth is that for the past 40 years, the rumour mill regarding NASA suppressing evidence of the alien presence on the moon has spun out of control.

Without any evidence, the alien moon base conspiracy theory still remains, as described by Bad Astronomy’s appraisal of the 2001 program, “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon”:

“…loaded with bad thinking, ridiculous suppositions and utterly wrong science.” (4)

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  • J I M

    why did the moon ring out like a bell for hours when the chinese hit it with a rocket? and when the US did too?

    because it is hollow and reinforced internally with forged metal.

    so, you are wrong.

    how’s that kool-aid taste by the way?

  • J I M

    why did the moon ring out like a bell for hours when the chinese hit it with a rocket? and when the US did too?

    because it is hollow and reinforced internally with forged metal.

    so, you are wrong.

    how’s that kool-aid taste by the way?

  • Ghost

    Image tampering by NASA is very obvious in numerous photos and videos, the strange smudgy bits that don’t correspond to the rest of the picture, heavy handed smudges that when scaled to the pictures specs, equate to miles high objects and very large structures.
    Your assumption that all the people are ignorant in invalid and insulting.
    Do your research properly and stop disseminating dis-information.

  • There’s no legitimate evidence from reputable sites that prove any sort of tampering from NASA whatsoever. Prison Planet or InfoWars doesn’t count as reputable, by the way.

  • Please provide a reference for the claim that the moon rang out “like a bell” when struck with a rocket. The moon is not reinforced with forged metal – please use some common sense people. Speaking of kool-aid.

  • How exactly did it “ring like a bell”, when there is no air to transmit sound?

  • Justice98

    Reputable sites don’t take the claims seriously enough to even attempt an investigation to begin with.

    That’s usually what happens, mainstream science wants no part of it, so skeptics will easily use the “there’s no evidence” response.

  • Dean Winter

    Good god how stupid. we all know they used carbon fibre to build the moon, now, pass the kool aid.

  • WhiteWolf

    Before you start questioning my competence, know that I am a researcher in astrophysics. Photoshopping astrophysical images is pretty common – it’s not news. It is done to ENHANCE details, not to suppress them. Do your own research first. Oh, I forgot, if you actually knew how to research, you wouldn’t have been making stupid claims.

  • WhiteWolf

    I don’t know about reluctance of NASA. But I can tell you this – if NASA is being reluctant in sharing everything with the general public, it has every right to do so. Not every bit of information received from space missions is meant for everyone. NASA gives it to the right people, and tells the general public as much as they need to know.

  • niassa

    I am actually very worried about the human race when I read these comments…if adult people like you guys have time for crap instead of doing something productive with your time then I fear for the worst.

  • Adam Wersky

    Actually it doesnt. The Military, FBI, CIA etc are funded by US tax payers. Does that mean we have access to all their records. Absolutely not, classified is classified.

  • Adam Wersky

    “Moon rang like a bell.” – Neil Armstrong. As according to Nasa. There are actually 7 such incidents on official record, but you’ll need to start researching this for yourself instead of demanding others do your work for you. Stick to govt space program data and web sites to save yourself time. Dipshits who stick their heads in the sand then demand we do their research for them.. keep drinking the cool aid idiots. The moon is a satellite, placed there, changing our (now lunar) tidal structure & causing the great flood that has been documented by all ancient civilizations.
    The bible says Noah saw “the first ever rainbow” after the flood, this is because this was also the “first rain”, there was no evaporation pre-flood because the ozone was thicker pre-flood. When the moon was set in place it apbruptly began the lunar tides, causing the flood.. the flood then ate through most of the ozone layer (as nasa simulations suggest it would have) thus letting more sun rays through the ozone and causing the first ever evaporation.. (Bible says earth was “irrigated from below as a dew spring” before the flood) Thus, the flood was the first rain, therefor the first rainbow. Also, biblically & according to the Epic of Gelgamesh”, humans lived up to 500yrs average before the flood. So when the flood diminished the ozone layer and more radiation began to get through.. This enhanced exposure to radiation caused humans to die faster and only live 100years if we’re lucky.

  • Simon Turton

    so current thinking is the great flood was approx. 13K years ago this is from geological record (Geological records I always have issues with that but it is what it is) and emerging theories are claiming that we got hit by asteroids or tail of a comet blah blah which melted the ice caps. So your saying the moon got parked there presumably to watch a movie and eat all the ozone causing moon tides and evaporation. Its a new one on me do you have any links I can look up on? I do have several issues with your theory but Id like to read up on it before I attempt to debunk. Always very wary of using biblical and gelgamesh stories for the pure contamination of the years. let me know.

  • Simon Turton

    To clarify on the moon rang like a bell Mr Wersky link to reports from Armstrong seem to be being misinterpreted

    On Earth, vibrations from quakes usually die away in only half a minute. The reason has to do with chemical weathering, Neal explains: “Water weakens stone, expanding the structure of different minerals. When energy propagates across such a compressible structure, it acts like a foam sponge—it deadens the vibrations.” Even the biggest earthquakes stop shaking in less than 2 minutes.

    The moon, however, is dry, cool and mostly rigid, like a chunk of stone or iron. So moonquakes set it vibrating like a tuning fork. Even if a moonquake isn’t intense, “it just keeps going and going,” Neal says. And for a lunar habitat, that persistence could be more significant than a moonquake’s magnitude.

  • Neil Geddes Ward

    If Nasa was covering up a base and someone blew the whistle on them about it, they they are hardly likely to prosocute them cos it would bring the whole thing into the public arena! Surely a better way is to get writers on line to discredit them like this article does?

  • Why did NASA wait 40 years to release the Mars “Stonehenge” Voyager photos? You being a researcher in astrophysics has absolutely nothing to do with whether NASA cleans their images before dissimenating them.. which they absolutely DO.. others including former NASA Lunar Module trainer and Apollo photo expert Ken Johnston, in addition to Donna Hare and Karl Wolfe, have confirmed this. There are graphics experts who have reverse-photoshopped Mars images to show the structures NASA is hiding. When your only research is science you’ve been taught, your brain won’t allow you to look outside the box, whitewolf. I’ve been there.

  • Thank you for making sense. Nobody would be prosecuted for making the claim as it would then validate the claim.

  • The mere fact that the people running this site need to be pointed to the evidence that this did occur doesn’t help their credibility, but anyhow- the sound occurred after Von Braun intentionally sent 2 Apollo modules to crash into the moon’s surface. (See here: The first one, Apollo 12, produced a ringing sound that was rumored to be 30 seconds or so- so Von Braun decided to send the heavier Apollo 13 crashing to the surface, which produced a ringing sound that went on for at least 3 solid minutes. You have to dig to find this, as NASA doesn’t shout it from the rooftops. NASA wants to explain it as the solidness of the moon causes the lingering ringing sound, whereas on earth water dissipates that type of sound from happening. But it could also be caused by a layer of metal under the surface or a “hollow moon.” So it did occur, the reason for that occurrence is up for speculation. Based on my own research, and the testimony from William Tompkins, and researchers who have studied this in depth- I do believe the moon is some sort of earth-observation station, and that NASA either blew up or hides knowledge of the structures that were seen in early NASA photos.

  • By tying together many different moon conspiracies into one, the author of this article succeeds in obfuscating the claims of structures on the moon and “image-cleaning” made by former NASA employees. Like many articles by skeptics there is also a fair amount of disinformation here. Wolfe never claimed that NASA “founded a base” on the moon- only that he had seen photos of structures and was told that NASA knew of them. Ken Johnston also claimed to have seen similar photos. Donna Hare claimed the airbrushing happens regularly. If NASA has “nothing to hide,” why did they wait 40 years to release the Mars “Stonehenge” Voyager photo? Why do they employ Jim Oberg as their head debunker to proactively go and discredit those who speak out?

    The “moon-landing doubters” are usually non-science backed nutcases and should NOT be confused with the 5-600 Ham radio operators who heard Armstrong talk about the UFOs they saw when they got to the moon. The public heard a blank space for those 2 minutes. Other whistleblowers like William Tompkins also was watching the uncensored feed and says he actually saw the crafts. Let me ask you guys who demand the physical evidence from them: how are they going to get that when they can’t even take photos or any property away from work? Why would they suddenly risk their legacies and careers to all come out and say the same thing, if there wasn’t truth to it? (Tompkins does provide much documentation to validate himself.) Is the 6th man on the moon Edgar Mitchell a nutcase for saying he knows aliens were or are on the moon?

    Lastly, the weakest argument that many skeptics make is “Surely, if someone at NASA had seriously breached national security by making such a claim, they would have been prosecuted?” The prosecution of someone for revealing a “national security” secret to do with UFOs/aliens, only helps validate their claim! They probably received a huge fine or dock in pay. I had to respond to this article- there’s enough confusion and bad conspiracies that only obfuscate the real ones.

  • As usual, tinfoil hatter’s take scientific descriptions they don’t understand, out of context. You brush aside the facts by dismissing NASA’s description of the event. They weren’t saying it rang out like a metal object being hit, they only meant it as a metaphor – sound waves bouncing back and fourth through stone unimpeded by water. That scientific explanation makes sense. Your baseless metal-explanation does not.

    ” But the Moon is dry, cool, and rigid, more like a solid rock than a sponge. So even if a moonquake is less intense, there’s nothing to deaden the vibrations. They just go back and forth through the body until the solid stone eventually stops them. The “ringing bell” is the shock waves reverberating through that stone.”

  • Huh? A ringing sound is a ringing sound. ANY lingering sound is cause for further investigation, not a one-and-done explanation that NASA force feeds us. Also odd is the fact that over 80% of all craters on the moon are roughly the same depth and majority-wise don’t go further down than they do. I’m actually well-versed in science we’ve been taught, studied astronomy, and have further researched into science that schools don’t teach- after seeing multiple high-level testimonies confirming we aren’t shown the whole story. Having an open mind helps. So because I question the agency whose very own insiders and astronauts have said is hiding truths from us, I’m a “tinfoil hatter?” Cool! I’ve always wanted to be one ? I would also say that Richard Hoagland’s photo analysis of the Tower and Shard is quite informative. The bottom line is, we aren’t the first beings to the moon as your site wants us to believe.

  • Hoagland. That’s funny. You should look to Oberg instead. He’s a regular reader and sometimes-commentator on our site. Smart guy.

  • I’m very familiar with Head Troll Discreditor Oberg. He will attempt to discredit everything he can even when he knows he is wrong. I mean, it’s his job- I get it. But his testimonies are pretty much worthless to anyone in the ufology field.

  • I completely disagree — he is one of the most intelligent debunkers of ridiculous, pseudoscientific claims. But we can agree to disagree.

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