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Crazy Conspiracy – Shape-Shifting Alien Lizards In Government

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shape shifting alien lizards in government

If there is one conspiracy theory that dominates the top wackiest conspiracies of all time, it’s the claim that lizard-like reptile people are ruling the world.

When you’ve finally swallowed the ludicrousness of such a thought, you’ll be almost as disbelieving that this highly imaginative and creative conspiracy theory did in fact originate from the BBC, Britain’s famously conservative and traditionalist broadcasting corporation.

It was David Icke, a British writer, former goalkeeper, public speaker and BBC reporter, who triggered a conspiracy that humanity is actually under the control of alien reptile-humans who must consume human blood in order to maintain their human appearance.

The somewhat eccentric British reporter claims that these alien reptiles came to Earth from the constellation Draco. According to

“’Evidence’ for his conspiracy theory goes from Sumerian tablets describing the ‘Anunnaki’ (which he translates as ‘those who from heaven to earth came’), to the serpent in the Biblical Garden of Eden, to cause child abuse, fluoridation, and the genealogical connections between the Bush family and the House of Windsor. (1)

It is the latter part of the “evidence” for shape-shifting alien lizards in government, which is particularly amusing. The most notable reptilians, according to Icke, are George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., Richard Cheney, Al Gore, Colin Powell, Queen Elizabeth and all four sons, including Prince Charles and Prince Andrew.

Controlling the Masses

According to David Icke’s theory, the “Illuminati” – the world’ super rich elite – and all their connected secret groups, including the Pope, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and the Fords, are controlling and manipulating the world’s masses of over 6 billion people.

Icke explains how the “Illuminati” have created organized governments, militaries, religions, science, schools and other education systems in order to control human minds. The highly inventive author claims that what is “one of the greatest scams and cons of all times” controls more than 80% of the world’s wealth.

These humanoid reptiles, also control every aspect of the media, by owning 12 major multinational media conglomerates, states the conspiracy theorist. The “Illuminati” even choose all key government officials, including presidents, prime ministers, congressmen, and senators in every nation, with David Icke stating, “Democracy is imprisonment disguised as freedom.” (2)

Similar to most conspiracy theories, falsification of Icke’s theory is almost impossible. Despite the obvious ludicrousness of the conspiracy theory, Icke continues to engage listeners about his hypothesis by speaking conventions and selling books. Whilst the prospect of George W. Bush and Prince Charles really being crazed humanoid reptilians that are the incarnation of evil and are trying to control the planet to the detriment of the human race, may be hysterically entertaining, Icke has actually managed to lure in a faithful assembly of followers.

Filling Arenas with Followers

In September of this year, David Icke spent a total of 11 hours lecturing 6,000 fellow conspiracy theorists at London’s Wembley Arena. The Independent newspaper referred to these people as “Icke-ites”. They came from all over the world to hear the “wisdom of the messiah”.

Tickets for what was Icke’s biggest gathering to date cost between £39 and £62. Talking to the Independent, 26-year-old Robbie Peake, who had travelled from New Zealand to attend the lecture, said that Icke’s theories are pretty “convincing”.

“Someone is controlling us. It runs right up to the top,” said Mr Peake. When asked about who was doing the controlling, the ‘Icke-ist’ continued:

“Reptilian aliens. You see it with TV. They are zoning you out, trying to make you into dumbos while the elite sit on their thrones and run the world. But people are starting to wake up to what is happening. (3)

Not only does the fact that the one-off gathering was a sold-out event prove that people are indeed digging Icke’s theory about shape-shifting, interbreeding reptiles disguising themselves as some of the world’s leading elite figures, but the fact that Wembley Arena, London’s most iconic concert and events venue, agreed to put on the event proves that the BBC reporter’s far-fetched theory holds greater credibility than merely being shrugged off as pure lunacy.

Icke’s True Talent

The clearly conceived plausibility of the shape shifting alien lizard government can also be seen in the number of books David Icke has sold. More than 140,000 copies of Icke’s “humanoid reptile” books have been sold, with his latest book, Remember Who You Are, selling for £20 a pop. Icke’s books are translated into 11 different languages and are said to be worth over £2 million. (4)

Though David Icke’s shape-shifting reptilian alien merchandise doesn’t stop at books. Through his highly advertorial-like website, you can buy T-shirts, DVDs of his performances for £29.99 and even a phone app for £1.99.

In 1991, David Icke appeared on the highly respected Terry Wogan chat show. The conspiracy theorist made claims that he was the son of God. Wogan comented that people were laughing at Ick. Wogan said, “Not with you, but at you.”

Icke continues to sell-out leading venues and merchandise in the tens of thousands, proving that there is indeed a niche for his crazy assertions that the “world is an illusion” and the super rich elite are manipulating world events for their benefit.

Having become a multi-millionaire through his presentations and books, the self-named “messiah” is certainly talented in one domain – prizing money out of his loyal ‘Icke-ites’.

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  • Yak

    Stories (alleged sightings and in the form of entertainment) centering on Reptilian Aliens have been around longer than Icke. I realize that you know this – just want to clarify one aspect of the article that was a little unclear.

    The most surprising part of this story is how a man like Icke (apparently stable, good job, solid citizen, yada, yada…) would throw everything away based on his visit to the psychic healer, Betty Shine. Even the early (and failed) prediction in 1990 that we would see a new type of ‘flying vehicle; where time would have no meaning would surely cause Icke to backtrack a bit. The apocalyptic scenarios have come and gone many years ago.

    It’s still very easy to dismiss him because of so many erroneous predictions, the voices he says he hears in his head that started all of this and the medical problems (mostly arthritis at an early age) that propelled him into the dying “new age” movement. A movement, I might add, that that has always leaned heavily in the direction of charlatans and get-rich schemers.

    One thing is clear to me about David Icke – he has always had a huge ego. If you review his history, you’ll note how often he’s been a speaker, a leader and a voice. The last decade must be a dream come true to anyone demanding so much personal attention.

  • Sadly, years later, Wogan felt guilty about the incident and had Icke on again. Icke was allowed to rant and rave unchallenged. Sickening.

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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