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Just Say No to Chinese Internet Censors – Sign ‘No Visa’ Petition

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google censored china

I live in China and due to the Great Firewall of China I cannot use Youtube, Twitter, G+. I cannot search for terms related to the Falun Gong, human rights groups and issues, anything that speaks to democracy in China, the Tianenman Massacres and the list goes on and on. (1)

The reason for this is that China uses the Great Firewall of China (GFW), one of the world’s most notorious forms of oppression. Interestingly enough, the Chinese men who are responsible for building the Great Firewall of China and stomping on Internet rights would like to visit America, the land of “free speech”. Their mission is to learn more about the Internet and technology controlling it.

Fortunately for us we have the opportunity to show China what we think of those architects of oppression by signing a petition saying that “no” we do not want them coming to our country.

We can show Beijing that there are consequences for their actions and we do not support their keeping the people of China in the dark. Why should we allow those charged with keeping the Chinese ill-informed to partake in open forums about technology, the same technology that they use to stifle dissent?

An online petition has been generated to tell the White House and China that the creators of such a tool are not welcome in the US. Signing the petition is a way of showing China that we do not approve of their politics and those who seek to stifle freedom of information.

This is a call urging all to sign the petition to keep those who created China’s Internet firewall from visiting the USA and learning from the fruits of our labor.

Great Firewall of China

“The regime’s curb on the Internet today ranges from filtering out large numbers of “sensitive” terms to simply unplugging the Web in an entire region for weeks on end… China constantly strives to exert its control over the Internet, blocking content it deems politically sensitive as part of a vast censorship system.

A special 30,000-member police unit checks chat lines, looks for spikes in Internet traffic, monitors and screens websites and blogs for sensitive material and blocks access to violators.

Advanced technology is deployed to block access to overseas websites regarded as threatening.

The Public Security Ministry has even introduced a male and female pair of characters in police uniforms that can pop up on person’s screen when a sensitive website is sought out to remind them their activities can be monitored.” (2)

China’s firewall is so invasive that it filters out any and everything the communist regime deems inappropriate. What is worse is that although Beijing claims that they use the Great Firewall to purify the net from pornography and such, the truth is its use is almost totally political.

Take for example the fact that the New York Times was blocked after reporting that the family of Wen Jiabao had amassed almost $33 billion dollars since he became Premier.

Likewise, Bloomberg was blocked after proving that the family of China’s new leader Xi Jinping had also cashed in on his guanxi or connections.

It has also been reported that the China Google spat was due to the fact that one of China’s censors bigwigs found unflattering information about himself. Armed with this he lead an attack against Google. And all of this is made possible by those same architects of the Great Firewall who would now like to visit America.

cartoon about chinese internet

Control Far Reaching

The bad thing is that China’s control of the net is getting even worse. For a long time people could avoid the GFW by accessing a virtual private network – VPN. VPN’s are internet portals that fool the GFW into thinking one is accessing a benign site.

When one accesses a VPN, the great firewall assumes one is visiting a normal site in the US or Europe.

The difference is that when using a VPN one can access prohibited websites from China or at least they could. The Chinese have now come out with a far more invasive form of Internet control which is cutting off access to VPN’s which is a new thing even for China. Such a level of oversight is alarming to many. (4)

On a personal level, I have been told that even when “hiding behind” a VPN, certain searches will be blocked or cut off. What this means is that if one searches for forbidden terms from the sanctity of a VPN, the Chinese must be aware of it.

One can search for hours on end with a VPN with no problem. As soon as one attempts to search for terms like “Tibet” or “Tienanmen massacre”, their VPN will suddenly be disconnected.

The problem with this is two-fold, once the connection has been cut off, the search term is visible to the Chinese censors. Aside from this, it could mean that China is using deep packet inspection, an aggressive and intrusive form of Internet control, to break through VPN’s operating in China.

If this is true, then safe searching is no longer possible here. In a word, it is very frightening.

Aside from holding back the people of China, Beijing has been exporting oppression as well.

Not only are they muzzling their own but China has been selling the GFW tech so that other dictatorial regimes can keep their people in the dark as well. All of this was made possible by those same people who would like to visit the US and check out the latest in tech.

chinese internet users

Communists Restrict Travel of Tibetans and Other Minorities

What is truly ironic is that while communist party members freely travel abroad, they restrict that right to the common citizens or worse yet to the Chinese minorities. The people of Xinjiang, for example, find it difficult to travel, especially during the holy season.

Isn’t it ironic that the US would allow the creators of such an oppressive tool as the Great Firewall to travel freely to the US while the people from Tibet (5) cannot even obtain a passport? (6)

Yes it is true, not only are the people from Xinjiang restricted from travel, but Tibetans as well.

China has chipped its newest passports and subsequently told Tibetans that they must turn in their old ones for the newer version. Unfortunately for the people of Tibet, no new passports are forthcoming.

How can we justify allowing the people who have developed one of the most oppressive tools of the 20th century to travel freely to the US when the government that they represent will not even allow Tibetans to leave their country?

In a country where absolute power has caused widespread corruption, the communist leaders are used to having their way. Signing the petition is a way to show Beijing their power does not extend beyond their own borders. While they can run roughshod over the Chinese, we will hold them to higher standards.

Get Involved

To get involved, visit the White House website. All that is required is for 100,000 people to sign the virtual petition and the government will be forced to consider action. The petition calls for the US to refuse visas for China’s computer scientists who built the Great Firewall.

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  • Martin

    i vote for full censore or cut off .. any one see server logs ? its chinese hackers party !

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