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Six Strange Creature Sightings Throughout 2012

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strange creature sightings

The world didn’t come to an end in 2012, but it certainly brought some strange discoveries and claims of the unusual. Two types of strangeness were clearly divided into witness accounts of strange creature sightings and scientific confirmations of the unusual never seen before.

In 2012, the state of Pennsylvania seemed to be a hotbed for reporting mysterious encounters with frightening creatures. According to researcher, Stan Gordon, who investigated three such encounters, one of those encounters occurred on April 23, 2012 in Washington County. (1)

The witnesses of this strange creature sighting, a man and woman, stated that they heard a noise outside their home between 12:30 and 1:00 am. “The sound was a level growl or screeching sound that he listened to for about five minutes.” The man’s wife saw what she believed to be a deer standing in the middle of a creek that was about 20 feet from the house.

The husband reported that he saw a “dark brown” creature that may have been “larger than a deer” since it was “peering over the retaining wall”. The animal had golf ball sized eyes that were amber glowing.

“He didn’t think that they were reflecting as a result of some street lights some distance away. The witness commented that the freaky part was it was staring right at their house towards them.”

As the man started to go outside for further investigation, he reported that “the creature took one step, and took off into the sky at a 45 degree angle and was gone. The witness stated, ‘the speed was insane. I never saw anything move that fast.’ He also stated that he never saw a bird that big and that he saw no signs of wings flapping.”

Gordon continues his investigation on the incident. Could it have been a flying reindeer? Anything is possible.

Pterodactyls Sighted

Live Pterosaur website reported that a woman in Lakewood, California saw a pterodactyl in her backyard in June 2012. The witness stated that the tail was a “horizontal tail-flange orientation”.

A similar strange creature sighting in Georgia was reported in December 2012. The witness described more than one “featherless bird” with wingspans between 15 to 20 feet. The eyewitness claimed to have been seen these long tailed birds on several occasions for a total of three birds. In addition, the last sighting was with two other witnesses who also saw the large “birds” flying.

Another sighting in Georgia occurred in July 2012, when a woman and her two sons were traveling on “Highway 27, in Franklin, Georgia, around 8:15 a.m., when they saw what she called a ‘flying dinosaur’.” (2)

strange creature sightings

East River Monster Similar to Montauk Monster

The 2008 Montauk Monster discovered off the coast of New York created a lot of speculation as to what it was. (3)

Bloated and subjected to sea urchins nibbling on it, many conjectured what the creature was. Some claimed it was the remains of a raccoon, although there was no body hair on the creature, and others believed it was a dog. In 2011, a similar creature washed up in Northville, New York and yet another in 2012 washed up underneath the Brooklyn Bridge and was dubbed the ‘East River Monster’. (4)

The East River Monster was declared a roasted pig by the parks department and quickly disposed, but Denise Ginley, who found the creature, had taken photos of it. These pictures clearly reveal phalanges instead of cloven hooves.

This led many to speculate that it was yet another raccoon, once more hairless. Some thought it might be the carcass of a dog, but with the remains quickly removed, no one was able to do any DNA testing to determine exactly what it was.

strange creature sightings

Confirmed Mysterious Creatures Are Real

While they probably aren’t truly new species, until now they remained undiscovered. There were quite a few such discoveries in 2012 and three of those were truly profound.

The National Geographic reported that a “leaf-nosed bat” had been discovered in Vietnam.

The snout and face of the bat resembles more of a blistery melted piece of plastic than a crumbled leaf.

At first, scientists thought it might be the “great leaf-nosed bat” found in South America, but, the scientists determined that:

“The bat issues calls at a different frequency from the great leaf-nosed bat, which hinted that the newfound specimen is a new species. Genetic results confirmed the species—named Hipposideros griffini—is genetically distinct”. (5)

Probably one of the oddest new species documented in 2012 is the Rhinopithecus strykeri monkey found in Burma and parts of China.

This monkey is odd looking with its white beard set against an all black head and body. Its face is pinkish, but the most unique physical characteristic is an oddly upturned nose that is so prevalent that it poses a threat during rainstorms.

A small mist or drizzle sends the poor primate into a sneezing fit. As you might imagine, having such a snout presents a real danger of the animal inhaling water through its upturned open nostrils.

Witnesses claim that the monkeys avoid self-drowning by positioning their heads between their legs until the downpour is over. (6)

Another newly discovered creepy thing is the “walking cactus”. Well, it’s not truly a plant, instead it’s a “worm-like arthropod with a hard exoskeleton and multiple pairs of legs, and may even be an ancient ancestor of modern spiders and crustaceans,” Diania cactiformis.

According to the International Institute for Species Exploration at the Arizona State University, the walking cactus belongs to “an extinct group called the armored Lobopodia”. (7)

Every year there are over 18,000 new species discovered. (8) Many strange and mysterious creatures are often something very common, but for various reasons such as decay or predator feeding, they no longer resemble their natural form. Many sightings of unusual creatures will continue to remain a mystery until irrefutable evidence is produced.

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