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The Christopher Dorner Conspiracy Theories Begin

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christopher dorner

The Dorner shootings and resulting manhunt unfolded right before our eyes via the media. The entire event seemed surreal, as if it was the plot of a Hollywood thriller.

At the center of it all was Christopher Dorner, an ex-cop accused of the deaths of four people. However, the entire scene hit its climatic end when the cabin Dorner was attempting to hideout in burst into flames. Explosions occurred.

Finally, the charred remains of a body were identified as the suspect and the entire case was wrapped up with a nice little bow.

However, there are some who believe that everything is just a little too neat. Many contend that the story reported across the country is not the real story. There are conspiracy theories about every facet of the Christopher Dorner case, but the big question is . . . do they hold water?

The conspiracy theories began as quickly as the manhunt for Dorner.

One such theorist claimed that the entire shooting was a hoax and never happened. (1)

The YouTube poster, Dave J, claimed that the hoax was a cooperative effort by the media and police. What did the two get out of the joint effort? Well, according to that particular theorist, the media gets a ratings boost and the police could use the ruse to tighten their control over the public.

Nevertheless, as the Dorner case raged on, most people dismissed this particular theory as rubbish. Nevertheless, the theories still flowed in, even more so when police claimed to have identified his body.

How Did They Know the Body was Dorner’s?

Once police stated they had identified that the burned corpse found in the cabin was Dorner and that he was identified by dental records and the contents of his wallet, theorists claimed the pieces did not add up.

For starters, there was the wallet, a convenient piece of evidence that survived the blaze. It was that convenience that sparked much of the speculation. Not only was the convenience an issue, but according to the media, the wallet appeared to have showed up at three different locations.

Once again, shoddy journalism is fuel for the conspiracy fire. However, who was it convenient for? There are theorists who believe the wallet was a police plant. Yet there are others who contend that it was just another piece of evidence planted by the highly trained Christopher Dorner.

The conspiracy theory revolves around the idea that Christopher Dorner was able to perpetrate an exit strategy right out of Chuck Russell’s Eraser.

Basically, the theory is that Dorner was somehow able to plant a body along with his dental impressions to fool the police into calling off the manhunt. Though a creative and interesting scenario (Hollywood has been cashing in on the idea of faking a death for years) there is no real proof that Dorner executed such an exit strategy. Yet, believers of the theory would argue that his military training is proof enough.

One of the theories gaining a tremendous amount of steam is the idea that the LAPD was out to silence Dorner. (2)

Dorner testified on allegations that he witnessed the use of excessive force by an LAPD officer. Shortly after he reported the alleged abuse, he was terminated from the LAPD.

Many of the witnesses who came in contact with Dorner stated that he told them that he only wanted to “clear” his name. Moreover, there are conflicting reports that either the police intentionally set the cabin on fire to flush Dorner out or that pyrotechnic tear gas canisters fired by the police accidently set the cabin on fire. At least how the media portrayed the LAPD, it did not appear that law enforcement had any plans in bringing Dorner in alive.

dorner hideaway

Is There Any Hard Evidence?

A quick rundown of the conspiracy theories could allow us to make some safe assumptions. The idea that the entire case was a hoax is total bunk.

Dorner was fired from his job, those victims did die, and there was a standoff at that cabin in the woods.

The police planting the wallet on someone other than Dorner in that burnt out cabin; harder to disprove, but highly unlikely. Accordingly to reports, Dorner was not going to stop the shootings. The police needed him either in jail or dead.

The idea that Dorner could pull off a Hollywood style escape is a fascinating idea, but again, highly unlikely. For all intents and purposes, Dorner was trapped with nowhere to go. Furthermore, such an escape leaves more questions than answers.

–> Where did he get the body he left behind?
–> Did he shoot a corpse?
–> Did he shoot a person in the head?
–> How did he fake the dental impressions?
–> How did he get out unseen?

Finally, the last theory, that the LAPD was out to get Dorner, holds more water than any of the others. The police appeared to have a shoot first ask questions second philosophy when pursuing him. Also, the case wrapped up a little too clean. And it seemed to have begun with Dorner’s allegations of police brutality.

However, like with any good conspiracy theory, the hard evidence is just not there to prove any of these. Until more information comes to light, the official story will have to do. Yet, be sure that the conspiracy theorists will not accept it.

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  • It’s noted that you don’t mention officer, Teresa ” chupacabre” Evans, or any of the other names involved in the handcuffed man kicked in the face incident that was mentioned in Dorner’s manifesto. I don’t see any rigorous examination of the official story concerning the unlikely discovery of the wallet in a cabin burned to the foundation, to ashes, or to the assertion Dorner is responsible for the shooting of two officers in Riverside as was claimed by the mass media. If your intent of publishing this article was simply to talk shit about anyone who doubts the official story on Dorner, you have succeeded. Other than that, I don’t see anything of value.

  • I am concerned with the wallet discovered in a cabin that has been burnt down as well – unfortunately, and I think this is the point Dennis is making – the one oddity in the story does not make for a conclusive argument that Chris escaped. There’s no way he could have gotten out of that cabin. However the idea that the entire intent was to get him killed, and planting the wallet was just a way to make the case a clean “close”, seems more likely. At least something to pursue further.

    The case described in Dorner’s manifesto is outside the scope of this article, but certainly something that warrants further study – and something we’ll absolutely be pursuing. While I think Dennis is 100% accurate in saying the evidence currently doesn’t prove that any conspiracy theory is true right now, I think we all agree that the case is most certainly NOT closed yet. Not by a long shot. Thanks for your comment.

  • Dennis

    Thanks for the comment Mitchell, but you do not see any value because you missed the point of the article. As Ryan mentioned, this is a complicated case and will have to be tackled from a series of angles through a series of articles. The main point of this article was to touch on some of the more popular and current theories concerning the Dorner Case not to rehash the same information (such as the manifesto or the police brutality claims made by Dorner) played by the 24-hour mainstream news media.

    The next point was to narrow the number of theories down so to allow us to focus on the most plausible and dismiss the outlandish. For example, as mentioned in the article, the theory that the entire event was a hoax is easily dismissed. With that being said, we can turn our attention to Dorner’s escape or lack thereof.

    The wallet is a major element to many of the conspiracy theories. So to focus on the wallet is to examine several theories at once. The idea of Dorner planting the wallet and making an escape is pretty unlikely for the same reasons outlined in the article. The idea that the police planted the wallet to cover-up Dorner’s esacape just as unlikely.

    However, the theory that the police was not going to allow Dorner going to trial is much more plausible. Furthermore a police plant of the the wallet to assure the media, and the masses, that they go their man is even more plausible. Unfortunately, plausibility is not proof. And much of what we know is from the LAPD and the media, both of which major players in many of the theories. However, we are now able to focus on the most plausible theory (the LAPD was out to get Dorner).

    In the coming weeks, we are going to explore the wallet and what it could mean for Dorner’s escape and, more likely, his demise. And if this piece of evidence was a plant by the LAPD. As Ryan mentioned these theories are built around the wallet; however, this small piece of evidence is not enough to make a case for or against Dorner’s escape. It will take further investigation.

    As for your comment, “If your intent of publishing this article was simply to talk [edited] about
    anyone who doubts the official story on Dorner, you have succeeded;” once again you missed the point. The point was not to cast doubt on those who do not believe the official story, but to cast doubt on the least likely theories and to ask questions about those not easily dismissed. My intent was to dicuss the conspricy theories surrounding the Dorner case to determine which ones hold water.

    Hopes ths helped to clarify your misunderstanding.

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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