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Researchers Dig into Findings of Unexplained Sounds Heard Around the World

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list of unexplained sounds

Across the country, entire communities have been reporting that a list of unexplained sounds have been heard in and around their areas.

These various sounds appear to fall into two categories: living and non-living. Though the two categories of sounds appear to be unrelated, the reports keep rolling in.

The living sounds appear to be originating from the ground-level and are often blamed creatures not yet known to science; such as Sasquatch, alien beings, or something else.

The non-living sounds appear to come from the sky and are contributed to UFOs, solar flares, and even the mysterious skyquakes. Below is a list of the most recent reports of mysterious sounds that fall into each category.

A List of Unexplained Sounds Around the World

Umatilla Reservation

Recently, TSW reported on the bone chilling screams heard in and around the Umatilla Reservation during the night. Locals and experts are at odds as to the sound’s origin, but can agree that it seems to be biologic.

Many who have heard the sound believe it is either a female or adolescent Sasquatch. On the other hand, many wildlife experts contend that these are the late night calls of foxes and/or barn owls.

Canadian Howls

Similarly, The Huffington Post recently reported on strange howls being heard day and night throughout Canada.

The sounds fill the air and in the video clip appear to startle birds and cause dogs to bark. The thunderous howls are so loud that some witnesses even claimed to have been woken up by the noise.

Theories abound as to what the howls could be; contributing them, once again, to Bigfoot or even aliens. Several people even brought up the idea of dragons or some other creature unrecognized by science.

Experts have not officially weighed in one these sounds, but tend to lean away from something biologic and more towards something geologic or even mechanical.


However, the sounds being investigated by Mysterious Universe have been ruled out as being biologic altogether. The sounds are described as explosions, sonic booms, and even tonal in nature.

Unlike the previous two sounds, these sounds appear to originate from the sky, causing many witnesses to call these strange noises “Skyquakes”.

Nevertheless, the so-called skyquakes have yet to be identified as originating from any known natural causes. Some witnesses claimed to have heard the sounds right before or right after UFO sightings.

However, many researchers dismiss this theory and contend that if the videos and eyewitness accounts are not actually hoaxes, that it is more than likely that the sounds are the result of something geologic.

Result of Solar Flares?

Yet, the debate rages on because Elchin Khalilov told the GeoChange Journal that his research seems to indicate that the sounds actually originated from space.

His conclusion was that the sounds were the result of “solar flares and huge energy flows generated by them, rushing towards Earth’s surface and destabilizing the magnetosphere, ionosphere and upper atmosphere”. However, no one else has substantiated Khalilov’s claims.

list of unexplained sounds

What Is Causing the Sounds?

What are these sounds?

Where do they come from?

Are they all related somehow?

Or, does each individual mysterious sound have its own answer?

Is the entire idea of the mysterious sound phenomenon nothing more than an elaborate hoax?

No one really has the answers to any of these questions. Furthermore, the theories that some are willing to provide are quickly contested by those who have claimed to have heard the sounds.

The entire phenomenon portrayed by the list of unexplained sounds above, appears to be a hotly debated subject. In the References section below, you’ll find links to hear the various sounds for yourself.

Do you think they are real or a hoax? If you think they are real, then what do you believe is causing them? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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  • Chris Thomas Wakefield

    I’ve heard of these sounds (non-living) and listened to them on Youtube for years now and I believe I know what is causing them. The Earths crust is under increased pressure than is otherwise noted, this is due to a lateral hammering that Earth’s patchwork of continents is receiving from the Mid-Atlantic ridge. The Mid-Atlantic ridge is an underwater mountain range extending from the antarctic to Iceland in “S” shape that is known as Earth’s third magnet. It is magnetic because it is mainly composed of iron rich magma. But how does this mountain range cause a world-wide hammer-compression force to Earth’s crust? This is caused by an extremely powerful magnetic presence in our solar system since 20004: Planet X. Planet X is situated on the ecliptic, Earth is stopped in orbit, so a static line-up has formed (since 2004) between Earth, Planet X an the Sun.
    The hammering. Each day as Earth rotates the Mid-Atlantic ridge (high noon over the mid Atlantic) under the magnetic gaze of Planet X (poised sun ward in Earth’s view) the ridge is “grabbed” by Planet X’s magnet field, both at the high noon and the opposite midnight position and strikes the entire longitudinal mid-Atlantic ridge westward like an anvil being magnetically struck by a Planet X hammer. Twice daily this happens. This has driven the continents closer together (9 years of this) and now with hardly any play in the fault lines, this constant stress is manifesting in a kind of rock friction as skyward-heard noise, when it actually originates from the crust. The sound will resonate from any possible ground mass: a dam, a body of water (Keiv-2011). This has been written about in writings of old as the Earth groaning that preceeds the Earth’s Crustal shift.
    I realize this explanation begs many questions and I’d be happy to answer them.
    **Removed personal blog link**

  • Interesting theory, but do take issue with some of the concepts. However, before we delve any further into this. Do you have any sources to cite to support your theory (besides youtube videos of sounds)?

  • john

    I got to go with the guy down there. We in wisconsin have been having underground sounds such as shaking and a loud bang and windows shaking but coming from deep in the earth

  • Ajax

    The Preamble to The Great Tribulation/Time of GOD’S Wrath Against “Wickedness”/Time of Great Deception: “The Revelation of Jesus Christ which GOD gave Him to show…” ch. 8:5 – “And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire from the altar of incense, and cast
    it into the earth: and there were voices (some versions say “sounds or noises”), and thunderings, and
    lightnings, and an earthquake.”

  • Ajax

    The Preamble to The Great Tribulation/Time of GOD’S Wrath Against “Wickedness”/Time of Great Deception: “The Revelation of Jesus Christ which GOD gave Him to show…” ch. 8:5 – “And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire from the altar of incense, and cast
    it into the earth: and there were voices (some versions say “sounds or noises”), and thunderings, and
    lightnings, and an earthquake.”

  • Ajax

    I see you don’t practice the First Amendment.

  • Ajax

    I see you don’t practice the First Amendment.

  • Too many spammers trying to promote their personal websites – and Disqus doesn’t filter them. So, unfortunately I’m forced to manually filter out the garbage. As you can see your comment was posted in under 35 minutes. 🙂

  • Interesting. Has anyone officially made a statement about the sounds? How long have the sounds been heard? What part(s) of Wisconsin?

  • So are you saying that these noises are sounds of an upcoming apocalypse?

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