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4 Recent Bigfoot Sightings That Will Make You Stay Awake At Night

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4 Recent Bigfoot Sightings That Will Make You Stay Awake At Night
Whether you are a believer or not, you have to admit that the Bigfoot myth is alive and well across North America. Recent bigfoot sightings of the large human-like creature are made every day.

Bigfoot-mania is so prevalent that Animal Planet has a series dedicated to finding the animal. Even though the show gets terrible reviews, is plagued with pseudoscience, and lacks any real research or investigative techniques, the subject matter alone draws an audience.

Nevertheless, reports of the creature keep rolling in. Some of these reports, whether you believe if they are real or not, are at least worth a retelling around a campfire.

Below are some of the creepiest recent Bigfoot sightings reported.

Recent Bigfoot Sightings

The Michigan Screamer

Even though this sighting occurred in 2011, it is worth a mention here. According to a hunter, he heard blood-curdling screams in the woods while field dressing a deer he killed during a hunt.

As the hunter tried to finish, the screams became louder and louder, which indicated that who or whatever was making those chilling screams was getting closer and closer.

The hunter claimed to have finished dressing the deer and headed back to his vehicle. However, there was one final scream. The hunter believes that it was an indication the creature had found the remains from the field dressing and stopped; allowing him to escape.

The Louisiana Hog Scarer

Another recent Bigfoot sighting involved two hunters in east Felicia Parish, Lousianna who reported that they had an encounter with “something” when they were out calling hogs at about 8 p.m.

The encounter began with bricked-sized rocks being hurled at them through the darkness. Thinking it was people, the two hunters called out.

However, the action must have allowed the assailant to hone in on their location because the bricks were landing closer to the two men.

The men decided to mimic “a recent bigfoot show” and scream. The result was a large grunt, which frightened them and caused them to vacate the area. They also reported that it is a common occurrence throughout that area that hogs often act like they are frightened for some unknown reason.

The Mill Creek Watcher

In March 2012, two avid outdoorsmen reported an incident they experienced in Anderson County, Tennessee. The report states that the two men were headed to a clearing to build a fire on a cold winter’s evening.

En route to the clearing, the two heard heavy footfalls, which they estimated to be only 60 yards away in the woods. Later that evening, after the fire was built and the two spent some time in the clearing, they noticed that the entire forest went silent.

Then, the men claim to have heard the breaking of branches and felt an overwhelming feeling of being watched. One witness stated, “I mean that feeling alone was terrifying because it just felt like pure hatred.”

Once again, the two decided to mimic the techniques seen on Finding Bigfoot. They begin make wood knocks and howls, which resulted in the getting knocks and howls back.

The Mississippi Caterwaulers

Nightly screams have been heard in Newton County, Mississippi. There are actually two distinct screams originating from two different locations according to recent Bigfoot sightings there.

However, the screams actually coincide, leaving some to believe the creatures are communicating with each other.

Screams are primarily heard at night and sometimes last throughout the night. It seems the screams began when a 60-acre tract of wooded land was recently cleared. Since the witness is a self-described hunter and has never heard anything of that nature, he attributes the sounds to Bigfoot.

Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not, one thing is for certain… Many of the recent Bigfoot sightings are creepy and scary enough to make for great campfire stories.

Share your stories and thoughts in the comments area below.

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  • Marilyn Meredith

    The Indians on the Tule River Reservation have their own version of Bigfoot called the Hairy Man. There is a pictograph of him, his wife and child in a rock cave on the rez. Many have claimed to have seen him. I wrote about him in my book Dispel the Mist.

  • Dennis Dufrene

    Hairy Man is quite the conundrum; probably more so than the “mainstream” Bigfoot. Simply because the Hairy Man pictograph has been interpreted as the depiction of a Creation Story, as the depiction of a Mourning Ceremony, and the depiction of a Bigfoot family. A very interesting tale!

  • gordon

    I heard the scream. Two summers ago. Didn’t even really remember it until I heard the same scream on that Bigfoot show. I never believed any of this until then. Whatever the show lacks, it convinced me.

  • Dennis Dufrene

    Hi Gordon. Interesting experience. Do you mind if I ask where you heard the screams. Also, check out my other post about other instances of odd screams, Often these scream are attributed to Barn Owls or Foxes. The other article has sound bytes of the mysterious screams being heard and recordings of various animals making similar screams. I am curious to know if the screams you heard match any of those.

  • Dennis Dufrene

    Hi Donna. Thanks for reading. It seems that your experience is similar to other readers here at TSW. I was curious, have you read my article on the Umatilla Screams. Many Wildlife & Fisheries authorities claim that these could be the result of owls and/or Foxes. In the article, I have some sound clips of both. I was hoping you could tell me if the sounds you heard were close to any of these. Here is the link:

    Let me know what you think.

  • Dennis Dufrene

    Interesting story, Mike. When did this take place?

  • Donna King

    Hi Dennis, the sounds I heard are identical to the 1994 Ohio moan howl, captured by Matt Moneymaker. I hear foxes & owls nightly. Live in deep woods. I stood straight up in bed when I heard this call. My big outside dogs were horrified, and ran inside when I opened door to try an get a location on the calls. I’m in the woods everyday, but now I keep my eyes open a little wider…..

  • Zihuatl

    The picture at the top is fake not Bigfoot look at his feet there shoes

  • LoriSoard

    Hi Zihuatl,

    Good eye. When images aren’t available, we just try to find something that will enhance the article and give a sense of the topic. There really aren’t any authentic images of bigfoot to share. If you find one, be sure to let us know.

  • Kevin Ochsner

    This happened in 1996 near the county line of Panola and Lafayette counties in MS. My buddy and I were out riding and it was close to midnight. I stopped the truck on this lonely 2 lane rd so we could relieve ourselves. We got back in the truck and sat talking for a few minutes. We both looked down the road about 100 yards away and a dark figure crossed the road from the north to the south. It was big and bipedal and stepped over the barbed wire fences on each side of the road. It never looked at us but we’ll never forget it. This area is just a couple miles from Sardis Lake backwaters at Clear Creek.

  • Kevin Ochsner

    Another incident occurred this time near the Sardis Dam in Panola Co MS. I only witnessed the strange behavior and impressions on his car of the person who had the actual sighting that he swears was Bigfoot. He was driving down Cold Springs Rd one night in 1999. It was a cold night and he said he had to slam on his brakes to keep from hitting something in the road. This something turned out to be what he said was Bigfoot. Bigfoot pressed down on the hood of his car as he put the car in reverse and gunned it. He never looked back as he sped home. I was staying at my buddy’s house in Batesville and this teenager lived next door. Anyways he came home and ran in the house calling for his mom. His mom said he was white as a ghost and shaking. After retelling the story to her they walked outside to the car. There in the dew on the hood were two huge handprints. We heard it from him the very next day and his mom swears he was not lying.

  • nellz72

    Please tell me you are joking……..

  • Lela

    i do my late husband and i were in hocking hills ohio and saw footprint behind our car..we were staying in a cabin where deer came then went hiking and we always felt like something was watching us

  • Lela

    it rained that night but the footprint was big


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