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Is the US Becoming a Vassal State to China? – Part I

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In 1792, George Macartney traveled to ancient China determined to iron out trade inequalities with Emperor Qian Long. England was an emerging power and sought to erase a negative trade balance with the “middle kingdom”.

What Mr. Macartney failed to realize, however, is that the Chinese considered themselves to be superior and thus had no need for foreigners and their goods. At that time the Chinese considered the rest of the world filled with barbarians who merited little consideration but should subjugate themselves to the powers of Peking-Beijing.

This belief governed how China dealt with the outside world. Interestingly enough most countries seemed to agree as they “bowed to Beijing”, accepting its superiority. The English, however, were different. By refusing to accept Qian Long’s demands, England bucked the global trend to accept unequal treatment at the hands of the Chinese.

Lord Macartney was forced to endure scandalous treatment and was required to “kowtow” to Beijing, among other things. He refused to do so, for kowtowing to the emperor was required of all vassal states and tributaries. Lord Macartney considered England as an equal and refused to be subjugated to China in act and in deed. Little did he know that his failure to accept Chinese superiority would lead to rejection of England’s proposal.

After several miscues, George Macartney was finally given a meeting with the emperor and thought it had gone well. What he did not know, however, was that he had resolved precious little. The following message was sent from Emperor Qianlong to King George III:

“You, O King, should simply act in conformity with our wishes by strengthening your loyalty and swearing perpetual obedience so as to ensure that your country may share the blessings of peace.”

The emperor was saying that England should know its place and accept Chinese superiority like so many other countries had done. (1)

Apex of Civility

What had started out as a trade mission ended up in disaster, but what had happened? What could account for that Chinese behavior?

At that time the Chinese considered themselves to be the apex of civility and power and thus no foreign barbarians were entitled to trade with them on equal grounds. The Chinese believed that England was inferior and had nothing to offer them. Consequently, they thought England should subjugate itself to the superiority of the Chinese empire.

This belief led the Chinese to treat foreigners with apathy at a minimum inequality as the norm. Their leaders were the “sons of heaven” charged with fulfilling a celestial destiny of greatness. This being the case, it was only natural that they would expect foreigners to pay tribute to them in deed and or goods. Due to their perceived place in the hierarchy of mankind, the Chinese thought it reasonable to exact payment from foreign lands as a tribute to the greatness of China.

Lord Macartney’s refusal to accept Chinese “superiority” led to rejection of England’s desire for open markets. At that time England was an outlier as many countries were only too willing to accommodate the Chinese in order to facilitate trade, and so it goes today.

stolen technology

Modern Day Kowtowing

It has recently been proven that each year China steals an incredible amount of technology from the USA. Although Washington knows this is happening, they do little to prevent it.

What our government is doing is similar to what so many countries did hundreds of years ago – subjecting us to unequal Chinese treatment.

In the past, one literally had to bow to Beijing, but today we must accept that they are purloining our know-how. We treat this theft as a “China tax” which must be paid in order to enter the Chinese market. It is a tribute that all lesser states must pay the modern day emperors. The result is that our hard work and innovation is subsidizing China’s rise while compromising our economic position.

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