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Domestic Chicken to be Processed in China – Why We Should be Concerned Part I

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Domestic Chicken to be Processed in China – Why We Should be Concerned Part I

raw chicken

“WASHINGTON — Despite China’s disgusting food-safety record, the feds for the first time are allowing American chickens to be sent to China for processing — and then imported back to the United States.” (1)

Major US firms have been rushing to China, the world’s “new economic power”. Setting aside concerns over Beijing’s horrendous record on everything from human rights to product safety, America’s finest cannot wait to outsource.

First, it was manual labor, quickly followed by everything from product development to R&D, and now things have gotten worse. The brain-trust in Washington has had their ears bent by American food manufacturers and China has been cleared to process the chicken we Americans eat. I guess it makes more sense to ship chicken tenders 7200 miles and then return them to our dinner plates.



Well, you should be. China has mastered the art of poisoning foodstuffs. One of Beijing’s darlings -Sanlu was hailed as a proud 2008 Olympic sponsor even though it was widely known in China that Sanlu’s melamine tainted milk had been killing children months before the games.

Issues with Chinese Food

Since then, not much has changed. Mela-milk versions two, three and four have followed and that is just the start of China’s toxic food problems. The Chinese have mastered the art of adulterating everything from produce to baby protein, all in the name of getting richer.

The list of Chinese food treachery reads like something from a poorly written pulp crime novel.

–> Chinese pork glows in the dark (2)
–> Chinese dye pork and sell it as beef (3)
–> Chinese dye beef and sell it as pork (4)
–> Chinese “soy sauce” made from human hair (5)
–> China makes and sells fake (6) rice (7)
–> China makes fake eggs (8)
–> Steamed buns made of cardboard (9)

Another problem is that when they are not faking food, many in China are selling rat meat (10) as mutton to unsuspecting customers. As vile as that may seem, it pales in comparison to the fact that Chinese recently were selling chicken feet that were 46 years beyond the expiration date. (11)

One would think that in a dictatorial country like China, the government would have a better handle on things, but that is obviously untrue. (12)

fried chicken

Pollution Causing Contamination

Of course, mother nature has something to do with their food problems as well. In China’s rice belt, at least 20% of the crops (13) contain more cadmium (14) than the battery of your cell phone. (15)

Worse yet, in one southern Chinese province, tests showed that over 40% of rice on store shelves (16) were laced with the cancer causing metal.

In this case, contamination (17) was caused by pollutants being dumped or spilled (18) into the soil. Cadmium is then leached into the crops, making them toxic. Once again, the communist party knew about this problem and did nothing about it for years. This epitomizes how the communists in Beijing treat food safety issues.

Based on all of the facts above, I sarcastically claim I am elated that China will now be in charge of processing American poultry.

Perhaps I am being melodramatic, right? Surely things cannot be all that bad, after all, China has 1.3 billion people who consume the food daily.

The fact is that those same Chinese people are the very one’s flocking to foreign shores and gobbling (19) up everything (20) from baby formula (21) to rice. Why do you suppose that in places like Germany, New Zealand (22) and cities in the USA (23) they are limiting (24) purchases on such things?

The Chinese know that due to corruption and a dysfunctional legal system, almost anything goes in China. The game is to make a buck and leave (25), by any means possible. In the wash of such greed is a country intimidated by the food they eat (26), the water they drink and the air they breathe. Things are so bad that cancer is the leading cause of death in China (27), with stomach cancer (28) winning out in many areas. China’s problems are now our own, unless we move to change things.

Pollution Contaminating Chinese Citizens

After learning that China would be processing our chicken, I grew a little worried. After all, yearly exams show how living in China has ravaged the system of those of us working here. Lead and cadmium poisoning, for example, is commonplace. It is so prevalent that Chinese immigrants (29) are for more likely to suffer from overexposure than Americans. (30)

While this does not directly impact how China will be handling our chicken meat, it is a good indicator of the lay of the land. After all, if Beijing allows its own people to be poisoned, do you really think they will try to protect us?

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