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The Strange Underground World Below Moscow – How Deep Is It?

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The Strange Underground World Below Moscow – How Deep Is It?

underground poker room

Top Secret Writers publishes many reports based on strange and mysterious occurrences going on in the world. A secret underground city full of subways, a sewing factory, living quarters, a café, cinema and even a chicken coop, certainly takes some beating in the most mysterious existences. This almost implausible situation is occurring today, deep underneath the city of Moscow.

In May this year, Moscow police raided the capital’s underground “city”, which lies beneath Moscow’s market. When police made their raid, they discovered a vast complex that included 122 sewing machines. Reports described how those living in the subterranean town were producing needles and blades for sewing machines.

As well as a sewing factory providing round-the-clock work for illegal immigrants, police found a cinema, a poker room and another room designed like a Turkish café, together with an oven and a brazier. (1)

The discovery was made by police and agents from the FSB security agency and Federal Migration Service. The “underground town” was built in a bomb shelter from the Soviet-era in the west of the city of Moscow.

Andrei Mishel, Russia’s ministry of the interior said that the area was shielded by a four-meter high concrete wall with barbed wire on the top. Mishel added that the entrance to the subversive world was found in the grounds of a closed-off factory.

More than 200 illegal immigrants from Central Asia were found living in the secret living quarters.

“The living areas were fitted with bathrooms, bedrooms and even prayer rooms,” Andrei Mishal told reporters. (2)

Issue of Illegal Immigrants

This is not the first time subterranean housing has been uncovered in the Russian capital. In February this year, illegal immigrants were found living in an underground room in Moscow’s Kievsky train station.

This shocking story highlights the startling truth about the severity of illegal immigrants in Moscow. According to estimates, the Russian capital has ten illegal migrants for every one that is registered. This puts the number of illegal foreign workers in Moscow at well over two million. (3)

The story also questions the pervasiveness of underground human inhabitants. In short, if there’s an underground city under Moscow, could there be one under other cities? And exactly how deep does Moscow’s subterranean town go?

The question about what lies under an urban metropolis intrigued Vadim Mikhailov so much as a child that he has spent his life researching Moscow’s hidden world. When Vadim was a child in the 1970s, his father, a train driver for the Moscow subway, gave him a ride in the driver’s cabin. The young boy was fascinated by the network of subterranean tunnels. By the time he was 12 Vadim and his friends embarked on determined explorations beneath the city.

The young explorers’ missions became more serious and they began to draw maps, studying history books and talking to elderly residents of the capital about former uses of the underground. Their journeys took them to deserted shafts that were built in the eighteenth century during the reign of Catherine the Great.

In 1990, the underground explorers formed a group known as “Diggers of the Underground Planet”. The group aspired to probe further underground and to study the “historical, ecological, and social aspects of the Moscow underground”.

“Ten to 15 years later we realised that we had investigated the entire level closet to the surface, comprising municipal public service tunnels. It was time to go down to deeper floors,” Vadim Mikhailov reminisced.

moscow bomb shelter

Just What Is Under Moscow?

During their covert explorations, the Diggers of the Underground Planet discovered that the hidden world beneath Moscow provides a refuge for former prisoners to reside. As it is against Russian law for former convicts to live in the city of Moscow, this low-key accommodation enables the convicted to reside in the Russian capital.

The image many will be forming of rats, damp, rubbish and stench is not true. As Vadim and his fellow explorers have witnessed, many of the settlements have good air conditioning units and are equipped with radio, heat and television. The ex-prisoners, gypsies, professional hermits, immigrants and political refugees that typically reside here, bring up families. Many of the commune’s breadwinners go to work during the day, leaving through underground manholes.

“There are also so-called ‘advantageous’ closed accommodations, like boiler rooms that are from time to time visited by plumbers to check water mains – and to gather payment from the squatters. Some rather well-off people are among them,” Vadim added. (4)

Squalor, deprivation and crime do go on in this “reverse world”. Several years ago, the Diggers group found its first corpse.

Dismembered and decayed bodies can be found in sewers and drains. Vadim also notes how the Russian government has been paying more attention to the residents of the underground world in recent years. According to the group, police have reinforced their control over the underground system. They are detaining scruffy-looking individuals who they suspect of being tunnel dwellers and checking their registration documents.

So exactly how deep does this covert underground network extend?

According to Vadim Mikhailov there are approximately six levels under Moscow. In some places, there are as many as 12. This reclusive fraternity continue digging into the city’s old sewer systems, fountain foundations and “sloping drainage tunnels entangled in the depths.” (4)

So why Moscow? The Diggers of the Underground Planet surmise that Moscow is especially vulnerable to subterranean residency due to the easy underground access via the Metro platforms. The so-called “Escalator Park”, where the mechanisms that drive the Metro’s huge escalators, is unprotected. The group says that there is even access to the Kremlin from the main Metro lines. (4)

With such mysterious, unknown and dangerous human activities going on beneath the old Russian capital, it certainly makes you wonder what secrets lie under your own city.

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