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CIA Admits to Covering Up JFK Info: Castro Assassination Plan

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CIA Admits to Covering Up JFK Info: Castro Assassination Plan
Half a century following the assassination of John F Kennedy, a former top secret report, written in 2013 by the leading in-house historian at the CIA was declassified (1). The report discloses what many have been insisting for over 50 years, that John McCone, director of the CIA during the Cold War, and other CIA officials, were “complicit” in keeping “incendiary” information from the Warren Commission, the official President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy.

In October 2015, Politico published a report explicitly revealing the CIA’s involvement with covering up information about the John F. Kennedy assassination (2).

Politico’s article cites the now unclassified report by CIA historian Robert Robarge. Robarge claims that McCone was at the crux of a “benign cover-up” made by the CIA as an attempt to keep the Warren Commission focused on “what the Agency believed at the time was the ‘best truth’.”

According to Robarge’s report, the most important piece of information that McCone kept hidden from the Warren Commission as it was making its investigation into the JFK assassination (3) in 1964, was the lengthy existence of CIA plots to assassinate Fidel Castro, some of which, according to the report, “put the CIA in cahoots with the Mafia.”

Potential Cuban Ties

Without having knowledge of the CIA’s ties with covert operations against Fidel Castro’s Cuban government, which had been authorized by President Kennedy, the Commission never knew to question Lee Harvey Oswald, the American sniper who assassinated President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, whether he had contacts in Cuba or anywhere else who may have wanted Kennedy dead in retaliation for the plots against Fidel Castro.

As Politico writes, the 2013 report is important due to the fact that half a century later it comes close to an official CIA acknowledgment of “impropriety in the agency’s dealings with the commission.”

While McCone’s cover-up may have been benign, as described by the 2013 report, it was still a cover-up and prevented the Commission from having information related to Oswald being a gunman in Dallas, which could have led to a “more aggressive investigation of Oswald’s potential Cuba ties.”

The report was initially stamped as “Secret” and that it was forbidden to be shared with foreign governments or with anyone outside the agency. However, in September 2013, marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, the report was published in Studies of Intelligence, the CIA’s classified internal magazine.

When asked by Politico why it had decided to declassify the report, the CIA said it was to “highlight misconceptions about the CIA’s connection to JFK’s assassination.”

kennedy shot

Was There a Cover-Up

The Robarge report states that following the assassination, McCone had been quick to convince that Oswald had acted alone in murdering President Kennedy and there had been no foreign participation involving the Soviet Union or Cuba.

Though the report fails to provide any real conclusions about McCone’s motivations, including his reasons for going to lengths to cover-up activities carried out by the CIA prior to McCone’s tenure as director of the agency. David Slawson, chief investigator of the Warren Commission, said he wasn’t surprised to learn of MccCone’s involvement in the cover-up.

“I always assumed McCone must have known, because I always believed that loyalty and discipline in the CIA made any large-scale operation without the consent of the director is impossible.”

Slawson added that he is regretful it has taken the CIA so long to effectively “own up” and acknowledge the Agency’s cover-up in order to mislead the Warren Commission.

While the fact the CIA has decided to declassify information and release the 2013 report could be seen as a progressive step forward towards openness by the intelligence agency, we cannot ignore the fact that there are parts of the report redacted out, often concealing individual names and whole sentences.

Furthermore, despite admitting a cover-up, the truth about the JFK assassination remains fuzzy and we still don’t have concrete evidence that external forces other than a crazed gunman, had been involved with the murder of President Kennedy.

References & Image Credits:
(1) Fox News
(2) Politico
(3) TSW: Debating the Conspiracy Theories about the JFK Assassination

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  • Dan W

    Kennedy was killed from the front not the back.

  • fred lapides

    I dislike conspiracy theories. However, there is a lot of new info on the assassination since the earliest report. Worth exploring, for sure.

  • Mark Hornak

    Just another bunch of bullxxxx ! You can say all you want..Oswald killed the president and then he killed a cop and THEN tried to shoot another one when he was arrested…oh, and he tried to shoot Gen. Walker 7 mos before that. There’s nothing but evidence against this man and there’s not one shred that points to ANY other shooters. Period.

  • vietvet1968

    No evidence…Mark you live in a dream world. No evidence he was on the 6th floor…he was on 2nd floor eating lunch..the Office Secretary saw him a 12:15. Victoria Adams left the 4th floor within seconds after the last show…walked down the stairs that LHO should have been on…she heard and saw nothing. Witnesses outside saw two people on the 6th floor within minutes of the motorcade arriving none fit the description of LHO. Descriptions of the cop killer do not match LHO. It would be impossible for LHO to leave his apt and walk to the location of the cop killing in the time given. Far too many people had better motivation to kill the president…the Dallas oilmen…CIA esp Dulles…LBJ….Mafia…Some on the Joint Chiefs of Staff (LeMay)…just to name a few. No one has come up with a motivation for LHO…just speculation..Joseph Milteer told an FBI informant just a few week before that JFK would be shot with rifle from a tall building…the SS foiled two attempts in tampa and Chicago just a few weeks before Dallas. Someone was out to get JFK and it wasn’t LHO. .LHO was as he said…a pasty.

  • vietvet1968

    Shots from the grassy knoll…Dal Tex Building…it was an ambush…

  • Bluesdude

    I want you to think about something “Real World” here for a moment. Have you ever been anywhere near the muzzle of a high-powered rifle when it was fired ? I’ll assume you haven’t because when that bullet leaves the barrel of that gun the muzzle blast is SO LOUD that it would make your ears ring. It would be DEAFENING. You might actually feel concussed but one thing, for sure, there would be no mistake, no uncertainty that a rifle had been fired from the Grassy Knoll where you were standing. Abraham Zapruder and his secretary would’ve hit the deck, cowering with their arms over their heads. Look at the “Moorman” photo. Look at how nice and calm those men are standing on the steps. If there was a shooter there you don’t see this picture. You see a picture of those men on the GROUND, cowering and looking back behind them. Plus, if there was a shooter from the G Knoll..Jackie Kennedy would’ve, in all likely hood, been killed or blinded from all of the fragmentation coming off of her husband’s skull. There were two workers who testified at the Warren Comm. that they, and you can see this in some photos, were right under Oswald’s window on the 5th fl. They could hear the bullets hitting the fl as they were ejected !

  • Bluesdude

    AND you’re a Beatle fan…How could I not like you !

  • Bluesdude

    No Evidence ? How about his fu**ing rifle with a live round in the chamber ? Oswald was picked out of a lineup. His description went out WM 30-35 yrs old short, w/slender build..Oswald was 5’8″ 150 lbs and even though he was only 24 he easily looked over 30. So, the president of the USA is murdered in front of your place of work and you LEAVE to go to a movie ? Oh, and you stop and get your gun first right ?
    And they man who sneaked into the theater (because he was followed by a man named Johnny Brewer..who had an uncomfortable incident with Oswald once over shoes) wasn’t the same man who murdered JD Tippet 4 blks away ? WOW..Lord almighty..we has us a MIRACLE of coincidence here. OH and so this innocent “Patsy” pulls his revolver on the arresting police and tries to shoot one of them…but it’s NOT the same man who murdered JD Tippet 20 mins ago, 4 blks away…DOUBLE WOW ! And OH AGAIN lets not forget how this poor innocent “Patsy” attempted to murder Gen. Edwin Walker 7 months before. Not only did he tell his wife about it that night but left her a long note telling her what to do if he was caught or killed. That poor woman must’ve been so scared of this crazy little bastard. Here she is, pregnant, with a toddler, doesn’t speak a word of english and scared to death to say anything and you want to defend that murderous nut ? It’s a disgrace !

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