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Canada Flight Evades Object Officially Classified as UFO

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Canada Flight Evades Object Officially Classified as UFO
On November 14, 2016 at 7:30 am, a Porter Airlines plane nearly collided with an unidentified flying object about 34 miles out from the Toronto airport. At the time, it was believed the object was some type of drone.

That assumption was quickly shot down by the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) since the plane was flying over 9,000 feet above the ground. City News reported that according to the TSB, the incident happened too far from the shoreline and was too high an altitude to be any known drone (1).

Passenger Plane Nearly Collides with UFO

The Porter flight, carrying 54 passengers, was traveling from Ottawa to Toronto when the pilot took evasive actions to miss the oncoming object. At the time, two flight attendants were still moving about the cabin seeing to landing preparations when the plane “ducked under the object in the air” in order to avoid colliding with the UFO.

With the plane diving to avoid a collision, the attendants were tossed about the cabin. Fortunately, they only suffered minor injuries. They were able to finish securing the cabin for landing. There were no reported injuries among the passengers.

Object First Spotted by Pilots

The incident began when the pilots noticed an object in their flight path. The object was on a collision course. According to City News, the pilots said the object looked like a balloon. Soon after they were debriefed, the pilots changed their description to that of a possible drone.

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The website states that the TSB spokesperson, Karine Eyamie, said the pilots’ description and the size of the object “does not match any known commercial or consumer available unmanned aerial vehicle.”

Subsequently, the TSB officially closed the investigation. Eyamie was quoted as saying, “The incident will remain identified as a near collision with an unidentified airborne object.”

The incident occurred as the plane flew over Lake Ontario. UFOs are often sighted over large bodies of water, such as Lake Michigan, known for numerous sightings and many legends and disappearances in what’s known as the Michigan Triangle (2).

As for the November 14 encounter, the City News reported that the TSB announced it would not be filing a full public report. Instead, they added a summary of the facts to their own database. This was to be used for “statistical internal analysis”. (3)


Air Safety Board Can’t Identify Object

The Canadian Press reported that Canada’s TSB Senior Regional Air Safety Board Investigator Peter Rowntree said it wasn’t possible to know at that point in the investigation exactly what the unidentified object was. Rowntree told the newspaper that, “It happened so quick, they have no idea what it was. It’s just something that they [pilots] knew they were going to hit unless they took evasive action. It happened that quickly.”

Investigators are reviewing the flight-data recorder and cockpit voice recorder. Their analysis will attempt to determine how far the plane had to descend in order to miss the UFO.

The Star reported that Rowntree said, “It definitely wasn’t a bird. It was a fairly large object.” In fact, the pilots said the object was nearly 10 feet wide (4).

Great Lake UFOs Reported Over Years

This isn’t the first UFO encountered over one of the Great Lakes. At her website, Linda Moulton Howe described the November 23, 1953 sighting that occurred over Lake Superior. Howe’s website EarthFiles features the story about that fated evening when a Kinross AFB radar controller had an unidentified target come across the radar (5).


The object was flying over Lake Superior and the base scrambled an F-89C Scorpion jet to investigate. The radar controllers watched as the F89 manned by a pilot and radar operator approached the UFO. Howe describes how the jet and UFO radar blips “merged” on the radar screen and then disappeared. Surprisingly, there was never any wreckage found of the jet and the bodies of the crew were never recovered.

With a history of UFO sightings over the Great Lakes, it’s no wonder that the UFO community is buzzing about this latest encounter. The object has yet to be identified and remains only a UFO over Lake Ontario. In fact, Rowntree warned that what the pilots saw may never be determined.

References & Image Credits:
(6) photo credit: ra1000 The View From the Scott’s Cottage via photopin (license)

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