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Gabrielle Pickard

Gabrielle Pickard

Although she is a ‘lass from Manchester’ in the UK, Gabrielle Pickard dared to go to John Moores University in Liverpool – Manchester’s rival city – where she completed a degree in Media, Culture and Journalism.

Since her days as a student, Gabrielle’s writing career has gone from strength to strength, picking up assignments, columns and regular blogs, covering a multitude of publications and topics.

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Alternative News Reporting

Since 2007, Gabrielle has been a regular writer for RT, the first Russian 24/7 English Language news channel, which offers an ‘alternative slant’ on conventional news, suiting Gabrielle’s eye for an absorbing story down to the ground.

Recognising the magnitude of China’s rising prominence on the global stage seemingly significantly earlier than the majority of the mainstream news, Gabrielle wrote a story titled “The Magnitude of Mandarin”, exploring the importance for children of the west to learn about Chinese culture.

Since the story was published on – an English Language news site offering broad access to up-to-date news about China – Gabrielle has been a columnist for the site, writing regular opinion articles, mostly related to China’s growing influence on the west.

Although it was during her years spent roaming around Spain, writing stories of local interest with an intriguing twist for an expatriate newspaper called “The Messenger in Spain”, where Gabrielle fell in love with freelance journalism.

In addition to writing about the latest gadgets emerging from the exciting world of technology, for a UK-based technology site aptly titled, Latest Gadgets, and her weekly blogs for various lifestyle, travel and events blogs, Gabrielle has now expanded her writing commitments and is dedicated to assisting Top Secret Writers maintain its slot in bringing its readers some of the most intriguing and compelling stories from the Top Secret world around them.

"The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks."
― Christopher Hitchens

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