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Ryan Dube

Ryan is the founder of Top Secret Writers. He is also the Managing Editor of the popular technology website, and an independent investigative journalist.

Ryan has been featured as an expert on the History Channel, on the I Prophesy TV show on Canada’s Vision TV, Internet Podcast Dark Matters Radio, and even on the popular Washington DC radio talk broadcast Voice of Russia. Ryan has been a guest on numerous radio broadcasts, quoted and cited on countless news websites, newspapers and blogs across the world.

Hoax Investigations and Research

top secret writer

Ryan became interested in the strange world of the U.S. intelligence community when he interviewed several members of that community during an intriguing Internet hoax investigation in 2006.

Since then, Ryan continued to dig deeper into the strange world of Intelligence, filing numerous FOIA requests with government agencies to uncover the deeper, buried stories hidden within thousands of now-declassified documents.

Over the years, Ryan’s research into declassified government documents expanded into the area of Corporate ethics and espionage, as well as the fringes of advanced scientific research both inside and outside the government. It was Ryan’s hope that this website could serve as an outlet for that research, and for those findings.

Ultimately, the goal of TSW is to enlighten and inform the public.

Ryan’s Writing Career

Ryan has an electrical engineering degree, and currently works as an Information Systems Analyst in the Life Sciences industry. Additionally, Ryan began his writing career in 2006, conducting a 2 year online hoax investigation. Then, he expanded into writing on a broad range of topics for additional private clients. Over time, larger website owners noticed his writing and Ryan was hired by a major informational portal and a large technology website. In 2013, Ryan was promoted as a co-managing editor there and in 2014 was made sole Managing Editor.

Today, he continues his Information Systems work, as well as writing professionally and offering SEO consulting services for websites, blogs, and private clients across the world.

"The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks."
― Christopher Hitchens

Top Secret Editors

Ryan is the founder of Top Secret Writers. He is an IT analyst, blogger, journalist, and a researcher for the truth behind strange stories.
Lori is TSW's editor. Freelance writer and editor for over 17 years, she loves to read and loves fringe science and conspiracy theory.
Dennis Dufrene is resident historian and tech writer. He brings insight and accuracy to the unusual stories published here at TSW.

Top Secret Writers

Gabrielle is a journalist who finds strange stories the media misses, and enlightens readers about news they never knew existed.
Sally is TSW's health/environmental expert. As a blogger/organic gardener, she's investigates critical environmental issues.
Seamus Coogan from New Zealand has been writing for over a decade, and his focus is contemporary conspiracy theory.
Mark Dorr grew up the son of a treasure hunter. His experiences led to working internationally in some surprising situations!
WC is an American citizen living and working in China. He brings readers a wealth of knowledge in international affairs, culture and business.
Allen Taylor is an award-winning journalist, an Iraq War veteran, and a keen observer of humanity's dark side.
Jenny is a fantasy and paranormal writer from the UK with a passion for the strangeness of humans and the world.
Mark R. Whittington, from Houston, Texas, frequently writes on space, science, political commentary and political culture.
Octavia Drughi is a traveler, rock climber and freelance writer who always keeps her backpack close and ready for her next adventure.
Jeri Simpson is an American writer living in Baja, Mexico interested in gathering information and sharing it with TSW readers.

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