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Ghosts and Entities: What The Human Eye Can’t See

Ghosts and Entities: What The Human Eye Can’t See  0

We do not often think about it, but there are entire worlds around us that are totally hidden from our view. There are tiny microscopic ecosystems that thrive on our very bodies. Ones so small, we cannot see them [...]


Is the Production of GM Crops Increasing Cancer Rates Near Farms?

Is the Production of GM Crops Increasing Cancer Rates Near Farms?  0

In June 2014, the Argentina publication Página/12 published an article titled “FUMIGATIONS DOUBLE THE NATIONAL CANCER DEATH RATE - Insecurity in the field”. The article announced the findings of a cancer study for agriculture regions, specifically, the areas where [...]

Secret Military Bases

5 Abandoned Military Bases Across the Globe

5 Abandoned Military Bases Across the Globe  0

When a government decides that a military base is obsolete, it sometimes tries to update the structure. However, government officials often find [...]

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