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DARPA Wants to Bring Light-Weight Hi-Tech to Dismounted Infantry

DARPA Wants to Bring Light-Weight Hi-Tech to Dismounted Infantry  0

Warships, fighter planes and large ground army vehicles are heavily laden with technology these days.It means that those controlling them have access to real time information, helping them to make educated decisions quickly, and with precision weapons, so [...]


China is Studying the Use of Nano-Tech in Their Farming Practices

China is Studying the Use of Nano-Tech in Their Farming Practices  0

The journal Agronomy for Sustainable Development recently surveyed the use of nanotechnology in Chinese agriculture (1). The Chinese are exploring ways to use nanotechnology for everything from increasing crop yields to increasing the efficiency of pesticide and fertilizer.The [...]

Religion and Cults

The Secret Builders of Colonial America

The Secret Builders of Colonial America  2

In 2012, I visited Philadelphia and took some time to explore the various buildings and locations where the United States was essentially built. Philadelphia was once the capitol city of America, and even today you [...]

Secret Military Bases

5 Abandoned Military Bases Across the Globe

5 Abandoned Military Bases Across the Globe  1

When a government decides that a military base is obsolete, it sometimes tries to update the structure. However, government officials often find [...]

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