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Dan Smith – Who’s That?

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Dan Smith – Who’s That?

If you’ve been following UFOlogy for years, you’ve probably heard of the likes of Bruce Maccabee, J. Allen Hynek, or Jacques Vallee, but you’ve probably never heard of Mr. Dan Smith.

The story of this man actually starts back in the 1970s and 1980s when he started out as a researcher of crop circles. In a parallel story, around the same time, Bruce Maccabee was busy researching New Zealand UFO sightings and was subsequently contacted first by Dr. Christopher Green of the CIA, and then later by Dr. Ronald Pandolfi, Dr. Green’s successor.

The short story is that they each invited Maccabee to the CIA to provide some background, not only regarding his New Zealand research, but also regarding UFOlogy overall. Maccabee was also the UFOlogist who Pandolfi tasked with writing up a brief for Clinton’s scientific advisor on the current state of UFOlogy.

Given these activities, it’s little surprise to learn that Pandolfi also contacted crop circle researcher, Dan Smith, around the same time.

The Impact of Official Contact on UFOlogists

Throughout the decades, the psychological impact that these “official” contacts have had on researchers has been tremendous. The CIA is tasked, in part, with a number of goals and directives.

A few of these include:

  1. Identifying emergent foreign technologies which may impact U.S. national security.
  2. Develop technologies to assist the National Clandestine Service in it’s data collection and analysis capabilities.
  3. Identify and neutralize efforts of foreign intelligence agents to initiate active measures against U.S. scientists and Institutions.
  4. Collect information about the intentions and capabilities of foreign enemies.
  5. Conduct covert activities to thwart potential U.S. threats or accomplish other objectives.

From the CIA Vision, Mission & Values page, you’ll find the following statement:

“We are the nation’s first line of defense. We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go.”

inside the cia

Why the CIA Follows Ufology

Given these objectives and goals, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that CIA officials actively monitor, and even sometimes contact, Ufologists who are most active within such a field of research. Because of it’s nature, Ufology is filled with current and former military personnel who may have seen or heard strange things in the course of their covert service for the country. These experiences ultimately lead them down the road of UFO and Alien research.

Because of this phenomenon, the field of Ufology is also an area ripe for foreign intelligence agents who have an interest in making contact with, and extracting information from, United States military personnel who may have classified knowledge or information.

This makes Ufology an ideal source of information for the CIA regarding the threat, capabilities, and activities presented by foreign intelligence. This is why it should come as no surprise when government officials make contact with Ufologists. Of course, this doesn’t prevent countless Ufologists, already suffering from numerous delusions regarding the subject matter they research, to jump to extravagant conclusions regarding those contacts.

If U.S. mainstream news reporters reacted so strongly to official contact, the New York Times and CNN would degrade into endless tabloid conspiracy theories and useless nonsense.

dan smith cia

So What’s This About Dan Smith?

Dan Smith was yet another researcher contacted by Dr. Pandolfi regarding his crop circle research. Dan was originally a quantum physics student, who dropped out to pursue his dreams regarding philosophy and writing. His blog is an odd and disturbing collection of partially brilliant, partially nonsensical babbling of a man with a very tenuous grasp on reality. Since the 1980s, he has maintained that contact, as well as gaining new contact with Dr. Green. Here’s one sample of the madness from his website:

“If no one else, Ron has invested a lot of effort in this little project. I can surely attest to that. If he were going to blow this off, he certainly should have done it a year ago. You know what they say about carrying a joke too far. Given that we have finally reached a jump-off point, here is my little prognostication.

But first, let us review the end game. There should be a bunch of internal links here, but I can’t think of a good handle. The UFOs portend the Millennium. Their appearance was triggered by the advent of nuclear weapons. This forced their hand, and brought on this minimalist abrogation of the Prime Directive. Ok, ‘Herod’ was the word I was looking for: Here, and don’t ignore here. I know I have said more than this, but maybe not here.

The ufos came to neutralize the bomb and modern Herod. They needed a clandestine base on earth to work behind the scenes. The CIA was a likely spot. They would co-opt the agency into being their collaborator. The Millennium plot would be hatched there. Thus could the violation of the PD be minimuzed and hidden. All of this came at the inception of the new agency, as now comes this new phase with the DNI/MASINT.”

Elsewhere on his page, you’ll find volumes of acronyms that change with the seasons. Don’t attempt to understand them – in order to follow the plot or discern the cryptic musings, you need to spend at least a year neck deep in drama that isn’t anywhere near worth the effort.

Ufologists, The Joke is On You

Meanwhile, the two folks who have actively kept tabs on Ufology and fringe technology for the government for decades find this sort of breakdown humorous. I have an email exchange where both Dr. Green and Dr. Pandolfi placed a bet regarding how long either of them could avoid interacting with Dan, and how that lack of contact would impact his psyche. The wager? A beer.

If you are disgusted by the insensitivity of this – try spending just a single year in the company of Ufologists. Just like the field of amateur ghost hunting, Ufologists have no training, come from every walk of life, and suffer from countless delusions and a pandemic inability to reason or use critical thinking skills of any kind.

But I digress. Luckily, there are a few folks who suffer fools gladly and remain in the field, less for entertainment and more for authentic scientific research regarding a real phenomenon. They are the quiet ones who you rarely hear from. Hopefully that can change.

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