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JASON Physicists Discredit Baker and His HFGW Research

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JASON Physicists Discredit Baker and His HFGW Research

Recent news demands a follow-up to the previous article covering Robert Baker, his company Gravwave and it’s collaboration with foreign scientists, as well as the support that Hal Puthoff offered him in helping to host one of the HFGW conferences.

In October of 2008, the JASON group of the MITRE Corporation released the results of a several-month study covering Robert Baker’s alleged HFGW technology. The report outlined the reason for the study as follows (emphasis is mine):

“The JASON study was motivated by proposals to the US government by a group centered around the company GravWave LLC, the CEO of which is Dr. Robert M.L. Baker, Jr. An important proposal is a concept for a detector of HFGW, by Baker and Dr. Fangyu Li of Chongqing University, China; see [10, 11, 12] and references cited therein.”

In other words the group (the members of which remained unnamed) presented proposals to the U.S. government regarding, most likely, potential funding of the research. As shown in the previous update – after failing to obtain funding from the U.S. government, the group apparently thought that that foreign investors may be more willing and able.

The JASON Group – The Hoax Busters of Physics

The heart of the Li-Baker proposal comes down to the detector sensitivity. If their proposal was factual, there would certainly be concern for National Security considering the implications of what could be possible to accomplish with such a detector, in particular in the field of communications.

The JASON groups conclusions regarding the GravWave group make the hoax-busting team at look gentle.

They wrote:

“It is extremely unlikely that there would be any economic benefit, or any useful applications of HFGW, even if HFGW could be produced and detected in the laboratory as claimed. These benefits and applications are so far from realization that “unlikely” (in the intelligence analyst’s lexicon) is a totally inappropriate exaggeration.”

The conclusion of the report left no stone untouched regarding Baker’s claims, not to mention a heart-warming attack against pseudo-science.

“Similar errors occur throughout the analyses that we have seen in this study. Notably, this error does not concern gravitaton physics directly; it is an error of electrical engineering of the proposed detector. None of the proposed applications that were briefed to us, or which we have read about, are remotely possible in the foreseeable future. Therefore these proposals belong to the realm of pseudo-science, not science.

Our main conclusions are that the proposed applications of the science of HFGW are fundamentally wrong, and that there can be no security threat.”

In other words…game over. Elvis has left the building. Someone please alert the Chinese.

jason physicists

Follow Up Emails With a JASON Physicist

During the course of the study being conducted by the JASON group, I had the pleasure of having several discussions with one of the researchers. After my recent blog update regarding Baker’s HFGW research and Chinese funding or support of the research (before I’d heard about the JASON report on the matter), he contacted me and, in part, wrote the following:

“Perhaps China is not funding HFGW resarch, or at least the type of HFGW research being promoted by Baker, Davis, and Puthoff. By the way, not all HGFW research is bad science. You should review the work by Ray Chow at the University of California at Merced.”

In other words, the JASON group’s ultimate goal is, apparently, the same as that of the small investigative team at The scientists of JASON seek to keep legitimate science free from the scourge of pseudo-science and scam artists, just as RU investigators work to keep Ufology and Paranormal research free from the same.

If only they’d been around in the 1970s, before the government wasted millions on Remote Viewing research.

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