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Another Round of Disclosures, Shall We?

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Another Round of Disclosures, Shall We?

Ahem….Is this thing on? Cool.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to apologize for that brief period of radio silence after the last busy round of disclosures and discussion. Life often takes priority over distributing these interesting tales of manipulation and mayhem. That’s just how it is.

Now back to the story at hand, shall we?

Recap and Moving Forward

For those who’ve been following along, this will be a bit of a summary. For those who are new to TopSecretWriters, this will help you understand what this thing is all about. If you’ve followed my investigations at RealityUncovered, you’ll know that a game has gone on for decades – the likes of which most people could never imagine. A game involving what, and why?

Ufology Filled With Fraud

Well…for a lot of you who are reading this, it may have started with Serpo – that initially intriguing tale of 12 astronauts who allegedly traveled to a distant planet in the 1950’s as part of a human-alien exchange program. Don’t know what I’m talking about? This was a story distributed to an email list in 2005 by Richard Doty, a former Air Force AFOSI agent who turns out to be a bit of a con artist who’s “con” career started (as far as anyone knows) during his last few years serving AFOSI. Rumors are, it actually started in Germany…but on that front, few people are willing to talk.

Back to 2005. Acting as “anonymous,” Mr. Doty and his friends (yes, there were others helping him along in this endeavor) spent months distributing this new, contemporary form of the same message originally offered to Ufology in the 1980’s as “MJ-12.” After the Ufology crowd went ga-ga over it…Doty was eventually identified as the culprit, and half the crowd went, “aaaaawwww.”

Game over. Or is it?

Creepy Crawlies Under the Rocks

hal puthoff

As our investigators began turning over rocks and uncovering more about those who were assisting Doty with these story releases, the apparent depth and scope of the scam started to take shape. Tracing back elements of the 2005 releases revealed a ‘core story’ that spans back to not only the 1980’s, but as early as the 1970’s. Finally, we are getting to the real meat – the real core of this story.

Elements – Wright Patterson AFB, former Intelligence officers, former government scientific contractors, and all of them believers in weird and wild paranormal theories…and very often the outer limits of fringe science – and I mean the outer limits. As in…standing outside the limits and doing cartwheels. Is this what true “cutting edge” science looks like? God…I really hope not.

The List

There’s a lot of history to cover, but the important thing to understand is that what people have seen on the very surface. The culprits people think they know in this story are only a few of a wider group that’s been involved in this thing from day one. What is this thing? It’s an experiment, of sorts. It’s important to take a look at what and who we’re dealing with here.

Ron Pandolfi – CIA Scientist (possibly former) who expressed an interest in the 30 year scams early on in the Doty investigation.
Kit Green – Former CIA scientist who had an obvious interest in the 30 year scams, with an intense interest in Ufology believers – the weirder the better. Found shoulder to shoulder with Doty in 2005.
Hal Puthoff – Former government contractor and former parapsychologist who has an avid interest in any form of metaphysical science that can bring lots of money. Also working with Doty in 2005.
Jacque Vallee – Former computer expert with a fascination regarding Ufology cults and beliefs, as well as the phenomenon itself.
John Alexander – Mr. Non-Lethal-Weapons himself, with a fascinating in parapsychology and just about anything else paranormal…his hands deep into everything.
C.B. Scott Jones – Ever heard of him? Sen. Claiborne Pell’s embarassment…and Prince Hans Adam’s biggest mistake. He remains a constant eyesore at UFO conferences…what’s his involvement? That’s why we’re here folks. That’s why we’re here.
Ernie Kellerstrass – Read this interview he offered Bruce Maccabee barely a year before the MJ-12 scam was released upon the UFO crowd. Need I say more? Well I will anyway.

Moving Forward
A few cryptic emails filled with metaphors hit my mailbox not long after I started TopSecretWriters. Maybe a warning that we’re getting too close. Maybe a hint that the heat is getting too much. Who knows…these guys have toyed with Ufology researchers for many years, they’re not about to stop playing their games now. One thing is obvious, the first two men on the list above are “tight.”

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  • Tonyduotony

    What a bunch of bs… This guy Ryan Dube doesn’t know.

    @Ryan If you don’t understand anything, why are you even interested in ufology?

  • Anonymous

    Well, since the first part of your comment is untrue, the question can’t be answered. But thanks for your comment.

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