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Bruce Maccabee – A Case Study of a Regular Ufologist

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Bruce Maccabee – A Case Study of a Regular Ufologist

Bruce Maccabee is an interesting figure within the history of Ufology. He unknowingly played a pivotal role in the distribution of Ufology?s ?Core Story,? related to the MJ-12 storyline.

In the latest Rotten to The Core update at RealityUncovered.net, the folks at RU have revealed another significant piece of the puzzle related to the earliest days of the CIA’s interest in Ufology. In particular, his interactions with the CIA during the late 1970s provide insight into the thought process and activities of CIA officials who were also interested at the same time in the field of parapsychology, as evidenced in the later declassified “Stargate” documents.

Maccabee obtained a bachelor?s degree at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and then a Masters and a Doctorate in Physics at The American University in Washington, D.C. He’s certainly no fool. His reports on UFO sightings are filled with valuable and informative, yet somewhat dry, data and analysis of UFO events.

Bruce Maccabee’s Background

Bruce Maccabee became active before he every joined the Navy. Throughout the late 1960?s, he joined the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), and for the next 40 years, he?s been actively researching some of the most interesting cases of the UFO phenomenon. His time with NICAP ended in 1980 when the organization folded, but his interest and research continued.

According to his website, Maccabee started his career at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlren, Virginia in 1972, and worked on a number of high tech laser and optical technology projects during his time there. In 1975, Bruce also joined MUFON, and became the state Director for Maryland. In 1979, Bruce Maccabee established the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR), and served as chairman with the organization for about 13 years, and currently serves on its board.

Important Events in 1979 – Meeting Ron Pandolfi

bruce maccabee ufology

Also, in 1979, Bruce Maccabee:

  • Traveled to New Zealand to research the sightings there from December 1978.
  • Started meeting with Dr. Christopher ?Kit? Green of the CIA regarding the topic of UFOs.
  • Provided several CIA briefings, including the New Zealand case and details about the MJ-12 story.

Meanwhile, once Ronald Pandolfi joined the Directorate of Science and Technology with the CIA, and working briefly alongside, and for, Dr. Green, Pandolfi started communicating with Maccabee as well. After 1985, when Dr. Kit Green retired, the “point man” for CIA’s research of weirdness was Ronald Pandolfi.

Today, most Ufologists (the sort that belief in a vast government conspiracy to cover up information about UFOs) consider Ron Pandolfi to be one of the CIA’s masters of disinformation.

Other Ufologists Attack Maccabee for CIA Connections

Richard Hall, Chairman of FUFOR at the time of his interview with UFO Magazine, stated, “Making some inquiries of my own, I found that he (Pandolfi) is notorious for dealing with a whole bunch of people in the (UFO) field. He is probably dealing disinformation in the field.”

In 1993, researcher Todd Zechel claimed that he learned that Maccabee had also briefed the CIA at Langley, on May 28th, 1993, about “residual magnetic effects found in the Gulf Breeze incident.” Todd Zechel was a member of the investigative group who “outed” Maccabee as having many years of contact with CIA associates, implying that Maccabee was potentially a disinformation agent.

Bruce Maccabee is nothing of the sort. His UFO investigations, most of them offered for free within the archives of his web page, contain exhaustively detailed descriptions of UFO sightings, including detailed descriptions of scientific measurements and analysis. The list of his studies include the Japan Airlines (JAL1628) sighting in 1986, the Gulf Breeze sightings of 1987 through 1988, the Phoenix lights of 1997, and even the Mexican Air Force case of 2004.

Bruce Maccabee also played a central part in indirectly helping RU investigators discover an important lead and breakthrough in the “Core Story” Ufology fraud case. Please feel free to share your comments and feedback about Bruce Maccabee’s UFO research and his interactions with the CIA throughout the last 40 years.

Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com

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