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RealityUncovered Positioned to Take on the Roswell Myth

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RealityUncovered Positioned to Take on the Roswell Myth

Have you ever seen “It’s a Wonderful Life,” where Mr. Potter captures significant cash meant for deposit from the Savings & Loan of George Bailey? Mr. Potter – the large, dark figure, symbolic of the corporate banks that were taking over America and driving out all of the private S&L institutions that offered folks more affordable savings. Mr. Potter was the all-powerful man in the suit who had all the money, was more conniving and manipulative, and he held all of the cards.

Well imagine what would have happened if the little guy, George Bailey, decided he’d had enough? What if George Bailey, instead of panicking and racing to the bridge in order to “off” himself, decided he would get to the bottom of where the money went? What if George Bailey uncovered the true culprit in the whole mess? My, how the audiences would have cheered to watch the unraveling of Mr. Potters cruel plan.

To watch the large and arrogant man who so happily bathed in his elitism, get handcuffed and stuffed into a police cruiser. What a happy ending that would have been. What does this have to do with Ufology? More than you might think.

In May of 2009, RU investigator who goes by the screen name “Access Denied,” published a preliminary post that sets the stage for what is planned next – the unraveling of a long-running plot to use and manipulate the world of Ufology.

Why do investigators there and here at TopSecretWriters believe that they have the ability to finally reveal the truth behind the MJ-12 mystery? Because, fortunately, these are investigators that lack the weaknesses that the culprits in Ufology have fed on for so many years in order to manipulate the UFO masses.

Our investigators are not:

1. Well entrenched into the UFO subculture
2. Believers in any of the far-reaching and ridiculous MJ-12 conspiracies
3. Beholden to any outside group or organization that could influence it’s work
4. Biased by years of working with delusional and illogical believers
5. Looking to profit financially from UFO believers
6. Ignorant about how to properly track down “anonymous” sources
7. Unaware of the many technological tools available to investigators today

Because our investigators do not fit the profile that the hoaxers behind the MJ-12 scam are used to working with, their efforts to manipulate, intimidate, or attack have fallen short. In fact, those activities only served to embolden and further strengthen the resolve of investigators to forge ahead.

In his May 2009 update, Access Denied laid it out cleanly and simply.

“Consequently, the incident rapidly faded into obscurity, sans a few (most likely completely unrelated) rumors over the years. That is, until one of those individuals, Jesse Marcel, came forward (according to professional UFOlogist and proven charlatan Stanton Friedman) over 30 years later with a slightly different tale to tell in 1978. All of a sudden, several more “witnesses” with even more fantastic stories to tell about what happened in 1947 started to appear, seemingly out of nowhere.”

With that, Access Denies set the stage for all that came next. Explore the TopSecretWriters archives to read more about the truth behind the MJ-12 myth.

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