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UFO Core Story Revealed By RealityUncovered.net

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UFO Core Story Revealed By RealityUncovered.net

After several years of digging, fact-checking, collecting and analyzing data, and observing social networks within the UFO community – the hoax-busting researchers at RealityUncovered.net (which in fairness, I must disclose that I co-founded with Stephen Broadbent) is finally moving forward with releasing all information and data collected over the course of those years.

This data collection started with an analysis of a story called Serpo – a hoaxed story about a 1950’s alien/human exchange program first released in 2005. Researchers quickly ascertained Rick Doty as the source, and from that point on the data and evidence gathered painted a disturbing picture of an elaborate scam stretching back several decades, and touching on age-old Ufology tales such as MJ12, Roswell, and more.

One central element to this several-year study is a “Core Story” created by three individual scientists, many years ago in the early 1980s, during a late-night philosophical discussion at a Denny’s Restaurant. Those three scientists were Jacques Vallee, Christopher “Kit” Green, and Harold Puthoff.

What’s the UFO Core Story?

The definition of the elusive UFO core story changes depending on who you ask and who’s doing the asking. A January 2, 2009 update on RealityUncovered.net marks the official publication start of uncovered data, facts and background regarding this and many other issues. The first, opening post is titled “Rotten to The Core – A Brief Explanation.” Originally intended as a very large, single document when published – RU researchers quickly realized that the story would be better told sooner rather than later, in a series spanning several websites with analysis and commentary by several researchers along the way.

Regarding that specific core story, the version changes depending on which researcher is doing the asking, and which scientist you ask. The following are a few quotes spanning the last few years. These come from published notes of several researchers, including RU’s own as well.

Caryn Anscomb Questions Dr. Christopher Green

ufo core story

UK researcher Caryn Anscomb reported the following response in her fifth “Trickster Tales” article from 2006. Caryn wrote:

“The term ‘Core Story’ was allegedly invented in a Denny’s Restaurant shop in the fall of 1982, during an exchange of information between three people.”

One of the three participants at that meeting [Dr. Christopher Green] writes:

“It is the smallest set of elements for which the three of us at that time agreed had scientifically sound evidence. Since that time, we have briefed it dozens of times, and in the past six months the term has been expropriated by Bob Collins and Bill Ryan. Their version of Core Story bears little resemblance to our original, but of course, anyone is welcome to misuse any words, or even to exaggerate, or whatever they choose. Since I know that Bill and Bob have been briefed, I take the ‘New Core Story’ to also be their considered judgment…and that is their right. But I do not stand behind the current usage and content.”

Caryn further asked Kit: “Do you believe that some form of contact has been made between humans and non-human intelligence?”

Dr. Green replied:

“Yes I most assuredly do. And I do not believe that contact has been metaphysical, or ethereal, or n-dimensional in the context of the ‘Core Story.’ I am silent as to those possibilities, also, however…but leave to the metaphysicians to say if that ALSO had been a form of contact. The ‘contact’ of which I speak I believe has been real in a traditional sensory, physics, and time & space sense. In short, what you may have seen in the original writings in 1987 of what the three inventors of the ‘Core Story’ said the three of us, at that time believed…We three have never changed our minds.'”

Gus Russo Interviews Dr. Christopher Green

ufology core story

In his well-written 2007 article titled “The Real X-Files,” journalist Gus Russo reports on his discussion with “Jim,” a cover name for Dr. Green. In Green’s response to Gus, he repeats the Core Story explanation. Gus writes:

“‘I believe there’s a ‘core story’,’ Jim explained, ‘but I don’t know what it is. I have been told by people more senior than me that there is some truth to it, but they told me time and time again to stop pursuing it with CIA people and other intel types. Two very senior officials told me they saw briefing books, [however] the only ones who would be cleared to know the story are the most senior Pentagon career officers.”

The following “evidence” used to support and bolster that core story amounts to nothing more than claims without any support. The following comment was made not only to Gus but also to a number of other researchers, including myself, over the years. Gus continues:

“He also notes that over the years he has received thousands of UFO-related government documents in unmarked envelopes. Although some are obvious fakes, others, according to Jim, contain information that correlates with known, but still classified, scientific studies. In an intriguing footnote, Jim adds, ‘I have spoken to three former Presidents and the subject always comes up, not as a briefing, but they also want to know the truth. But apparently they aren’t cleared for it.”

My Own Discussion Excerpts Related to the Core Story

In one of the first email’s I received from Kit in 2006, he wrote:

“I have never received an ‘official’ briefing that gives me a scintilla of evidence that the Core Story is true. From time to time when I have been shown documents that appear to be real…or which have been sent to me anonymously…and which I believe are real…they are NOT currently officially classified, but released on FOIA, or simply put…documents that I was never shown nor briefed on while in Government Service. My belief in the core story is based on, therefore a few threads of circumstantial evidence and information”

Dr. Green made the following statement in a public post on the RU Forum on December 3, 2007:

“I support Privacy (for sourcing) , and am agnostic on whether the Public could handle the story, if it were made known, and if what I think the story is, is even the story. There is actually more evidence the public would not deal well with it…and I think the ‘it’ is rather trivial compared to what most on the Internet are discussing. But I am an optimist that proper staging could work, and keep most of us relatively sane. Not that there is much evidence for that by reading Blogs!”

During a November 2006 phone conversation with Kit Green, he told us:

“I’ve seen dozen of cases of individuals who get sick after getting so involved and spending so much time on it, instead of stuff they should be doing in their real lives and in the real world. They have a fixed notion in their minds that any evidence to the contrary could not shaped. If you look at the various sites like at ATS [AboveTopSecret.com] concerning medical issues on abductees – they are delusional.”

Ryan: “Yes but which parts of the ‘core story’ do you consider to be the ‘sick parts’?”

Kit: “The parts of the story that have to do with genetic manipulation of the individuals who are alleged to be working with the aliens. Anybody who gets involved in that part of it ends up being sick – they spend a disproportionate amount of time on the topic. When they can’t warmly embrace people outside this sphere of interest, and they simply no longer have time to even exist.”

Ron Pandolfi Weighs In on the Core Story in 2006

In a private 2006 email, passed on to Gary Bekkum who promptly posted it publicly on his blog, Ron Pandolfi made the following comment related to the “Core Story” on October 7th, 2006.

“I did not intend to imply that the core story was originated in Remote Viewing , but that it was transferred into government records via that process.”

Caryn Anscomb promptly forwarded that comment above to Hal Puthoff, who responded with the quoted email published previously at TopSecretWriters.

Obviously, a clear explanation of what was discussed among those three scientists will never be forthcoming, because the answers change depending on who asks the question, and to what degree of a “believer” they may be. One thing that may finally get clarified regarding that story are the activities that followed that conversation and the result of that collaboration.

RealityUncovered Steps Up to The Plate

In the latest update on the RU investigation, researcher Steve Broadbent of RealityUncovered.net writes:

“The Core Story was created by a small group of people, intent on perpetuating a belief in the alien contact myth in order to achieve their own, distinctly human, objectives.

This small group have used their previous employment by various government and military agencies to cement and enhance their standing within the so-called believer crowd. This larger group have done an excellent job in further spreading the myth, passing along stories and tales that they believe have come from those ‘in the know’.”

If you’ve been following along with this Aviary drama, either since the days of MJ12, or even if only starting in 2005 with Serpo – fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a fascinating adventure. The ride has only started.

Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com

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