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How Illuminati Symbols Connect to MJ-12

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How Illuminati Symbols Connect to MJ-12

When you’re dealing with an underworld of lies, deceit and manipulation, things are bound to get somewhat murky and confusing. For anyone who has ever investigated particular conspiracies such as MJ-12, the Illuminati, or other major conspiracy theories – the entire draw of the investigation is the fact that every now and then you find elements of truth buried withing piles and piles of erroneous nonsense.

In this update I’d like to discuss one way that the various "accepted" Illuminati symbols of the conspiracy theory community are actually integrated tightly with the mythology surrounding MJ-12 and other Ufology myths.

Illuminati Symbols and Philosophy Peppered Through MJ-12 Myths

Anyone that knows about my own particular brush with the whole Serpo affair may already know about my own perspective on the principles outlines in those releases, as well as the identical principles outlined in the MJ-12 releases.

The specific elements that investigators should concentrate on, because it relates so closely to other similar conspiracy theories, are as follows.

(1) A secret book containing information about ?EBE?, multiple alien races
(2) Early history from 10,000 years ago to the time of Christ
(3) Captured Alien Craft and Bodies/Prisoners (Genetic Engineering)

The particular core philosophy that relates to the illuminati symbols I’d like to point out are mentioned in a November 9, 2005 release from the folks who were trying to redistribute this MJ-12 myth throughout ufological circles again:

The Eben civilization was estimated to be about 10,000 years old . They evolved from another planet, not on Serpo. The original home planet of the Ebens was threatened with extreme volcanic activity. [snip]

The Ebens have been space travelers for the past 2,000 years. The Ebens first visited Earth about 2,000 years ago.

There are two parts to these sentences. The first is that the aliens, or “Ebens” are far more advanced or evolved than the human race. Secondly, the suggestion is planted that Christ was one of those advanced beings – implying that his message (Christ’s message) is identical to the alien message.

Other Investigators Don’t Know What to Make of The Strange Philosophy

illuminati symbols

In May 2006, Mark Pilkington writes in the Fortean Times on the topic of these MJ-12 based releases:

“A key element is the Ebens’ own involvement in developing humankind here on Earth, both through genetic seeding and ‘teachers’ who visited our planet, notably one who dropped by some 2,000 years ago. This extraterrestrial re-weaving of religious myth dates back to the very earliest days of ufology, but was also revived in the early 1980s. It is a key theme of ‘The Yellow Book’, an ET history of the Earth, contained in a holographic device allegedly seen by Richard Doty, Bob Lazar and others; it also figures prominently in the SERPO material.”

Yet, many ufology investigators cringe at the sight or sound of religious context. However, these religious messages also provide us with great insight into the mind of the creators of this particular meme which appears to have originated around the late 1970s and from individuals like Rick Doty, Ernie Kellerstrass, Hal Puthoff and others.

Channeled Alien Messages Provide Further Clues

What’s the difference between remote viewing, clairvoyance, a seance, and channeling “alien” messages? Not much.

Setting aside the fact that most skeptics believe all of these people are simply nuts, the humans involved believe that the thoughts that enter their minds are put there by external forces, like messages arriving in a neurological Inbox.

Whether they come from aliens, spirits or a unifying cosmological force that connects us all – the messages that these people believe are entering their minds from those external forces could provide clues to the source of those thoughts or images. The following is one example of one such “alien channeling” session.

Remember, beleivers are convinced that the following messages recorded by Barbara Marciniak come from alien mind transmissions.

From – Pleidian messages channeled through Barbara Marciniak

“Much is kept from you and held in secret as higher knowledge: your ability to heal, to use your mind to create what you want, to send and receive messages, to see pictures or read energy fields – these these are your innate abilities. If you claim these powers, then the few who live in wealth and are in charge will have a very difficult time managing you. How could they if you were free, unencumbered by shoulds, sins, and limitations.

Your world is marketed for separation, for meaningless living; with all the sins, heavens, and hells, it is a wonder anyone wants to be born any more.

The idea of invisible vampires is not unknown. Remember the Gods take all forms, and they come in to teach you and to fulfill their own destiny, which is to learn. How you learn and what lessons you attract in living will be determined by how quickly you learn the lessons in front of you right now. If the energy of the cosmos treats you to a great opportunity to love and forgive, and you do not take it, then you can be certain that you will have the opportunity to face that one again until you get it. And sometimes you will find yourself flat on your back, or perhaps flat broke, deflated, with no fizz in your mineral water, until you get it.

The dark side of power has many secrets: hiding your inheritance as beings of biological magnificence, as well as knowledge concerning the power of your mind, the power to regenerate and replicate yourself, and to truly understand the processes of sexuality, birth, living, and death. You must learn to stop fearing the darkness, and to understand the wide variety of sexual expressions that create power, a power that rests at the core of your inheritance as human beings.”

Illuminati Symbols Connected to the MJ-12 Alien Message

The core MJ-12 message that matches the message above is this – as humans we must embrace the dark side of power, or as the MJ-12 distributors would call it, our natural genetic evolution – and then humanity will advance to the next level and be set free, offered knowledge regarding the power of your mind.

illuminati symbols

Clairvoyance. Psychic ability. Remote viewing.

A commonly recognized Illuminati symbol by most researchers is the “all seeing eye,” a reference to the ability to see at all locations and at all times throughout the universe. The Hindus also refer to the "third eye" in terms of clairvoyance, and of course Egyptians have the eye of Osiris and Freemasonry uses this Illuminati symbol as well. (Scarlet and the Beast, John Daniel, pgs 6-7)

Final Words

So then, what is the relevance that all of these myths relate to clairvoyance and the alleged latent psychic abilities of the mind? The relevance is, setting aside your personal religious beliefs, who are the people who are most interested in distributing these beliefs to humanity?

Who are the ones who believe that by making a choice to embrace these "dark energies" one can make that next evolutionary jump along with the rest of humanity? You will find the source of these stories when you identify those who most tightly hold to the same philosophy distributed in those stories.

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  • I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!! Their are other psychics getting messages.

  • Mic

    So with that kind of subject matter being pushed at the public are you trying to say that the Legends of Rock n Roll are behind it all, Ryan? Jus’ kiddin’.

    Trying to identify one group that holds moral dualism in high esteem can be hard. Having said that, and taking your points about the MJ-12 “meme within the meme” into account does provide a broad scope that I find interesting.

    Let’s leave metaphysical freemasonry out of the picture for a moment, and forget that L. Ron Hubbard proffered a connection between Jesus with his Space Opera-esque extra-planetary drama,

    What occurs to me is just how far-ranging the basic philosophy penetrates and turns up in many esoteric arenas.

    There was, it seems, a “quiet time” between Theosophy’s heyday and the early Contactees. In that time technology came into full-bloom and then, voila, the “higher intelligences” of Theosophy become the Space Brothers. The “old religion” becomes the New Age and is reborn with a nifty high-tech paint job.

    Next thing you know we’ve Esalen, EST, SRI, Remote Viewing, the Human Potential Movement. Now we can bring the quiet one back into the picture: Metaphysical Freemasonry.

    So many children, half-brothers and sisters. Different Mama, same Daddy.

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