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How to Join the Secret Service

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How to Join the Secret Service

One thing that I’ve noticed about people who are interested in conspiracy theories and the paranormal – ironically, they are often also people who work for military or government organizations.

It also follows that the people who are interested in conspiracy theories are also the personalities that thrive in law enforcement and Intelligence communities (not sure what that says about those communities…)

So, this month, considering it is one of the more unique intelligence agencies out there, I’d like to cover how to join the secret service.

What is the Secret Service Exactly?

It’s important to understand that the U.S. Secret Service is by and large a law enforcement organization. However, the mission of the organization is centered around national security.

This includes the security of U.S. leaders and their families, visiting dignitaries and even the protection of U.S. currency. This extends to investigating counterfitting crimes, computer and telecommunications fraud and any computer attacks against U.S. banks and other financial interests.

With a mission as broad as this, it’s easy to see that the Secret Service is much more than a group of security agents protecting the U.S. President. The wide range of skills required to accomplish this broad mission requires the agency to hire people with various backgrounds, experience and skills.

This means that if you want to work for the secret service and you have a background in forensic sciences, electronic crimes, law enforcement and of course security – you may be able to join the secret service.

join the secret service

The Process – How to Join the Secret Service

While the Special Agent is certainly the position with the agency that gets the most press in both the news media and in the movies, the Secret Service actually offers a wide range of opportunities, such as:

  • – Uniformed Division
  • – Professional and Scientific
  • – Technical
  • – Clerical and Adminstrative
  • – Student Internships

It’s easy to see how many different people of many different backgrounds could end up working for the secret service. Still wondering how to join the secret service? First make sure you meet the requirements:

  • – Must have a Bachelor’s Degree
  • – Must have at least an overall 3.0 GPA
  • – Must have a 3.5 or higher on core courses
  • – Must be a member of a national scholastic honor society
  • – Student Internships

Don’t meet those requirements? You could still qualify to apply if you have a graduate degree or you possess “specialized experience” with investigating law violations, conducting surveillance and undercover work and organizing evidence for prosecution.

Be aware that when you apply with the Secret Service, you need to be able to pass all checks to obtain Top Secret clearance. If you have any sort of criminal or drug background that you know will turn up – don’t even bother applying.

If you think you have what it takes to join one of the most legendary organizations in the United States, go ahead and download the appropriate application form and apply – and best of luck from!

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