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The Most Secret Classified UFO Documents

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The Most Secret Classified UFO Documents

A lot of people who drop by TopSecretWriters.com are looking for answers to the question about what the U.S. government knows about the UFO phenomenon – and specifically the most secret classified UFO documents are.

Most UFO researchers are aware of project Blue Book and the USAF approach to resolving public discontent with the government’s mishandling of UFO sightings, but several decades later one would suspect that things have changed and that there should be some new clues as to what the U.S. government knows.

In this article, I’m going to cover a few of the most recently declassified documents that could provide some clues as to what might exist in the realm of secret classified UFO documents inside of the CIA.

Hot on the Trail of Classified CIA UFO Documents

This topic is going to represent a regular theme as part of TopSecretWriters, and there’s far too much material to cover in one post. So first, I’m going to start by reviewing a few declassified CIA documents that provide a few clues as to what the government really knew, and knows, about UFO’s.

However, if you’re not familiar with it, you should review the 1997 article by Jim Wilson titled The Secret CIA UFO Files, which does an excellent job detailing what the CIA knew about the UFO phenomenon during the 1960’s – in effect that most of the sightings were created by the testing of the A-12 or the SR-71 spy planes. Here’s a small excerpt.

“The secret development program, which was originally called Project Aquatone, and then Gusto and then Oxcart, led to the first A-12 mockup. It became connected with UFO lore in late 1959 when, according to Crickmore, it was trucked from the famous Lockheed Skunk Works, in Palmdale, California, to Groom Lake, Nevada.”

CIA UFO Documents

There are over 332 results when you search the CIA electronic reading room for documents that contain information about UFO’s. I’m going to review some of the documentation from the 1970’s, because this was a time just before the MJ-12 scam was perpetrated upon the Ufology community, and I believe these documents shed clues on events during that time.

The following document was created on May 8th, 1975. The CIA FOIA library has it titled as, “(TITLE DELETED)-USSR-UFO SIGHTINGS-SOMEONE MUST HAVE MADE A POLITICAL DECISION.” Most of the document is completely blanked out, with the exception of one very strange paragraph.

classified ufo documents

The paragraph that remains looks like this:

classified ufo documents

It reads:

“On one occasion (blank) asked if the U.S. Forecast Center has ever bothered with UFO sightings. He explained that at one time the (large blanked out area) and (blank) in particular, had been plagued with calls and questions about UFO sightings. He said that (several large blanked out areas) some of their scientific balloon flights had prompted some of them. Now, he said, he never gets those calls anymore and half jokingly surmised that someone must have made a political decision that they were not to be sighted anymore.”

The following year, in 1976, a DCD memo referencing an April 22, 1976 teleconference on the matter of UFO research notes the following. Title: UNTITLED (THE UFO STUDY WAS TURNED OVER AND PERSON WAS ALSO BRIEFED ON THE DEV).

classified ufo documents

“We contacted the A/DDS&T (Dr. (blank)) to see if he knew of any official UFO program and also to attempt to answer some of the questions posed by (blank). Dr. (blank) exhibited interest in (blank) which was handcarried to his office. After a short examination of its contents Dr (blank) advised us that he would personally look into the matter and get back to us.

It would appear to be best if you advised (blank) that he should (large blank) It does not seem that the government has any formal program in progress for the identification/solution of the UFO phenemona. Dr. (blank) feels that the efforts of independent researchers, (large blank), are vital for further progress in this area. At this time, there are offices and personnel within the agency who are monitoring the UFO phenomena, but again, this is not currently on an official basis.”

This proves that at least as of 1975, the CIA was, in fact, monitoring the UFO phenomenon if only informally and under the radar. It also implies that the CIA was placing it’s hopes of solving the UFO phenomenon not on government agency researchers, but instead on independent public researchers.

The fact that we know that by 1979, CIA analyst Dr. Christopher Green as well as Dr. Ronald Pandolfi maintained communications with at least one Ufologist – Bruce Maccabee – further supports this.

CIA UFO Interest

One thing that all of these documents prove, as well as the declassified documents from as late as 1997, is that the CIA certainly had some level of interest in the UFO phonemena, and at the very least kept track of the most significant UFO sightings throughout the Soviet Union.

In future updates, I will detail some of those amazing UFO sightings before moving on to the most secret classified UFO documents, now declassified, from other departments and agencies as well.

Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com


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