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Gary Null and the Illuminati

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Gary Null and the Illuminati

In this update, I would like to introduce you to an interesting fellow by the name of Dr. Gary Null. Within alternative medicine and natural healing circles, Dr. Null is a well-known figure. He has authored numerous books on health and public medical issues, and he is also a radio show host with the Progressive Radio Network and has his own talk show on WPFW (89.3 FM) in the Washington D.C. and on KPFK (90.7 FM) in Los Angeles.

Two of his books, Get Healthy Now! and The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing were both New York Times bestsellers. His investigative reporting on numerous public health issues have made even made it on shows like 20/20 and 60 Minutes.

Is Gary Null Now the Illuminati’s Enemy #1?

So why are people talking about Gary Null and the Illuminati in the same sentence? It’s because the general consensus within the community of folks who believe that there’s a shadowy organization known as the Illuminati also believe that the health system, medicine and viruses are actually a part of the Illuminati process of creating a New World Order. In October of 2009, the investigative medical expert known as Gary Null turned his tremendous guns toward the largest entity within the alleged Illuminati plot – the bloated and powerful Pharmaceutical industry.

Anyone reading this who has ever had to take prescription medicine knows about the ridiculous prices that Americans face at the Pharmacy. Most Americans don’t understand why the prices are so high, but faced with sickness and life-threatening illness, they don’t have a choice. However, once the H1N1 flu “epidemic” hit and the vaccination craze started, Gary Null decided to take a stand against what he believes is a far-reaching scam implemented against the American people at the New York State Assembly Hearing on October 13, 2009.

For many believers, his words on that day place Gary Null and the Illuminati conspirators at tremendous odds with each other and makes Gary Null their Public Enemy #1, and a hero of the American People (in the eyes of the anti-Illuminati crowd). In this post I would like to help promote a few of the important truths that Gary Null publicized in his talk at the Assembly. Watching this, it’s easy to see why the conspiracy theorists think that Gary Null and the Illuminati are locked in some kind of medical warfare. Even if you don’t believe in the reality of the Illuminati – what Gary Null pointed out at this assembly has far-reaching implications about the scam known as the American Health Care system.

Gary Null at the NYS Assembly, Part 1

In this article, I’m going to share the videos of Gary speaking at the New York State Assembly – but I’m in addition to embedding the videos here for you’re convenience, I’m also going to highlight the most significant points that Gary Null made during the Assembly. Listen for yourself – the truths that Gary Null points out about the Pharmaceutical industry and the H1N1 vaccine is shocking and disgusting. Please watch these videos, or review the most significant highlights that I’ve listed below.

“I also saw that virtually all of the studies that were supporting the vaccines were done by the vaccine manufacturers.”

“I then took a very careful look at this relationship, and found that more than 50 percent of the people sitting on the FDA and CDC’s vaccine advisory program were from vaccine manufacturers. I felt this was a gross conflict of interest.”

“For 18 years, sir, I have been trying to help the Gulf War Veterans of the United States do something that I’m appalled to say that our own Federal Agencies have failed to do, including the Bush Sr, Clinton and Bush Jr. administrations – acknowledge that 400,000 GI’s who are sick with Gulf War Syndrome actually have something other than Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

“They got the vaccines, the experimental Anthrax vaccines, the experimental Botulism vaccines, that the FDA – similar to what it’s doing with Swine Flu – gave a pass, an exemption on long term studies. Those Americans – those courageous Americans – other 33,000 are reported dead.”

“You ask that same doctor, would you give that woman lead? Would you give anyone in this room lead? If you did, you would go to jail. So you’re going to give something more toxic than lead to every one of these pregnant women?”

“The number one cause of death in the United States is American Medicine.”

Gary Null at the NYS Assembly, Part 2

“We found that more Americans die each year from medical errors than heart attacks, or strokes or cancer.”

“That, for the flu vaccine, completely statistically insignificant. Therefore, there is no protection that we can say that the swine flue vaccine confers upon senior citizens.”

“Quote: Evidence for systemic review show that inactivated vaccines have little or no effect on the effect measured, unquote.”

“Quote: In young children below the age of two, we can find no evidence that the vaccines were different than a placebo.”

“One hundred and thirty two thousand lawsuits that these individuals have paid fines for – from price fixing, falsifying scientific data, skewing studies, knowing in advance that they had unhealthy and toxic drugs and allowing them on the market. Why? Because it was considered the ‘cost of doing business.’ The cost of doing business ended up causing 43,000 Americans to die from one drug.”

“Where else, but in America, could you kill 43,000 Americans and get a raise?”

“I managed to find their actual cost of what it takes to make the 10 most popular drugs in America.”

Gary Null at the NYS Assembly, Part 3

“Celebrex 100 mg – You pay $130.27, they pay 60 cents. 210,712 percent markup.”

“Then you have Claritin 10 mg. Consumer pays $215.17, their cost 71 cents – 30,306 percent markup. Norvax 10 mg – $188.29, they pay 14 pennies. Fourteen pennies. That’s 134,493 percent markup.”

“I’ve saved the two best for last – Prozac. We’ve all heard of Prozac. 20 milligrams – $247.47. They pay 11 cents….11 cents – 224,973 percent markup. And finally Zanax. 1 mg of Zanax costs you $136.79. They pay 2 cents – 569,958 markup.”

“…in fact, the members of the panel, the vaccine oversight committee, thirteen members of the committee said that there was a connection (between vaccines and autism) they had no vaccine or drug company affiliation. The small percentage that said there was not a connection all had vaccine or drug company affiliation.”

What Can You Do to Fight Back?

If these videos and these truths bother you or concern you – the first step is to take a step back from the H1N1 panic, and think rationally. Then, write a letter to the FDA and ask why they are so willing to approve medicines that contain toxic chemicals, and that have a high risk of causing death, to be distributed throughout the American population as though they are medicine and not poison. Whether or not you believe in the conspiracy theories, one thing that holds true is the science and the statistics that Gary Null lists at this hearing and at his website. I encourage you to join with Gary and take a stand against these horrible companies.

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