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High Tech Spy Gadgets

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High Tech Spy Gadgets

So you’re on a mission. Maybe it’s not for the president of the United States, and maybe it’s not even for the CIA or the FBI – but still, you have information that you need to obtain using covert means, and you need to do it now.

It’s during times such as these that high tech spy gadgets really come in handy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a miniature helicopter that could perform surveillance in the sky above a certain area, so you can see what’s going on?

Or, how about a series of perimeter alarms that let off an ear-piercing sound to alert you that someone’s approaching?

Good news! In this post I’m going to share some of the coolest high tech spy gadgets that you’ll find anywhere.

Some of these you might have heard about, and others you probably never even imaged existed. One thing I can guarantee is that there will be at least one very cool spy gadget on this list that you’ll realize you can’t live without!

8 High Tech Spy Gadgets

The first awesome high tech spy gadget that I want to cover is actually the very one I gave as an example above!

Spy Gadget #1: R/C Warbird Helicopter

high tech spy gadgets

The R/C helicopter displayed in the picture here is a 4-channel radio control helicopter that can fly forwards, backwards, left & right AND also hover.

Fully assembled and ready to fly right out of the box. With a little practice, you’ll be skillfully maneuvering this assault chopper with a payload of a miniature listening device or mini camera! Full charge gives you flight times up to 12 minutes long. Buy it Now!

Spy Gadget #2: Mini Bug Detector

high tech spy gadgets

Is The Lack Of Privacy Bugging You? Gain peace of mind as you secure your home, office or hotel room against privacy intruders.

Mini handheld device is able to detect and locate the presence of concealed wireless transmitters (“bugs”) that are operating in the 50 MHz to 3 GHz range. LED bar display and optional audio alarm helps locate hidden devices. With adjustable RF sensitivity level to minimize false alarms.

Uses one 9 volt battery, not included. Approx. 5.5″x 3″x 1″.
Buy it Now!

Spy Gadget #3: Electronic Watchdog

high tech spy gadgets

Just like man’s best friend, this electronic version emits fiercely realistic barks whenever anyone approaches. When an intruder is 15 ft. away, it barks intermittently and then barks louder and more frequently if the intruder draws closer. But unlike a real dog, it “sees” through doors and walls up to 25 ft. away with its remarkable radar! You can adjust the distance and volume to your exact needs. And it has four versatile modes.

For security, set it on barking or a combination of barking and 20 sec. siren. For other times, set it on the pleasant rainforest sound continuously or set it on the rainforest chime to announce invited guests. Use it inside near the door or outside under cover. Features high-impact plastic case. Powered by standard household current. 5″W x 7.5″H x 5″D.
Buy it Now!

Spy Gadget #4: Computer Keyboard Spy Cable

spy gadgets

Record Whats Typed On Your Computer! Catch A Cheating Spouse, Recover Lost Typed Data, Keep An Eye On Your Kid’s Online Activities. Cable appears to be an ordinary keyboard extension cord, but it’s actually logging keystrokes. Absolutely undetectable and unstoppable by all virus and spy detection programs.

To retrieve data, just open up any word processor program (like Word or Notebook) and type in your password to retrieve the last 5,000 keystrokes recorded. No software needed, just plug in to start recording. PC compatible; not for use with USB keyboards or laptops.
Buy it Now!

Spy Gadget #5: Flashlight Watch!

spy gear

The Watchlight? is a men’s wristwatch with an ultra-bright 15-ft flashlight beam. Press flashlight button once for 20 seconds of light; twice for 2 minutes of light (with auto shut-off). Also features blue backlight for watch dial and a twist-off back so you can change your own batteries! Japan movement; about 9″ long. Batteries included.
Buy it Now

Spy Gadget #6: Steel Knuckle Gloves

spy gadgets

Defensive gloves have 8 ounces of steel sewn into the knuckle areas of each glove to provide a more effective impact. Quality leather construction provides protection for the wrist and forearm. Measure from base of hand to tip of middle finger for best fit. Adult sizes: L(7.5″), XL(7.75″), XXL(8″). Steel knuckle gloves may not be legal in all states. Please contact your local authorities.
Buy it Now!

Spy Gadget #7: 7 Inch Portable Digital Television

spy gadgets

Take this portable 7″ widescreen color digital as an emergency TV during emergencies. Built-in ATSC digital tuner scans for over-the-air signals so you can watch local channels! Also works with most cable hook-ups. Built-in stereo speakers provide great sound. Stay on-the-go for up to 120 minutes using the included 2 rechargeable batteries.

Also includes magnetic antenna, AV cables, remote control, home & car power adapters, earbuds, and instructions. Docking station pictured not included. Approx. 8″x 1″x 5″ and weighs 1 lb.
Buy it Now!

Spy Gadget #8: Mini Pen Camera Recorder

spying technology

World’s smallest high resolution, real-time digital camcorder. People won’t know the ink pen in your hand or pocket is actually recording video! One-touch record button is the same motion you’d normally use to make pen tip retract and lets you record without suspicion. And yes, you can write with this pen! Color CMOS pinhole camera captures AVI video in 352x 288 resolution and stores it on the built-in 4 GB flash memory. Unscrew pen and plug it into the USB port on your computer for playback. Just plug and play; no special set-up necessary. Camera records continuously until memory is full (approx. 12 hrs) or manually shut off.

Automatically saves files before battery is depleted. Li-ion rechargeable battery lasts about 3 hours and charges via USB hookup or included adapter. Includes USB cable, adapter, and instructions on CD. System requirements for playback: Windows Vista\XP\2000\ME\98SE. Approx. 6″ long.
Buy it Now!

Using High Tech Spy Gadgets

You’ll be hard-pressed to find these kind of spy gadgets anywhere else. Just in time for the new year, make it a resolution to gain access to all of the information you’ve been missing. You’ll have insight and insider information you could never have imagined. Once you get a taste for the life of a spy, you’ll never turn back!

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  • Creating spy gadget sometime really misused, its kind of entering someone’s private life.

  • These sound like some great tech. I like the idea of being able to see behind myself. An excellent tool for the paranoid!

  • More and more we are seeing spy gadgets in rc planes and helicopters

  • Gadgets

    I need a really good gadget so my daughter can use it at school for a thing she’s doing for her teacher. She needs to take in a disguise and a idea of her own spy gadget?

  • My favorite? Spy Sunglasses, no doubt about it..

  • My favorite? Spy Sunglasses, no doubt about it..

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