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Jack Sarfatti Provides Further SARA Details

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Jack Sarfatti Provides Further SARA Details

After my last updates that detailed the fiery exchange between Jack Sarfatti and Gordon Novel, Jack Sarfatti responded here at this blog with some intriguing comments. You see, Sarfatti has had an inside look at the behind-the-scenes machinations for many years.

Say what you will about Jack, unlike many of the other characters in these shadowy games of misinformation and deception, Jack is a straight-up take-it-or-leave-it kind of guy. If you ask for his opinion, he’ll give it to you. If you ask for the background of particular events – you’ll get it without any sugar-coating.

Jack’s most recent comments were in response to my article, “Opportunities, Fringe Science and the Spies Among Us.” In those comments, he detailed Gordon Novel’s interactions with SARA (which we’ll get to in a moment), and he also provided more information on the actual technologies being discussed. In this article, I’m going to take a look at the organizations and technologies that Jack mentioned in his comments.

Jack Sarfatti Details How SARA Entertain Gordon Novel’s Claims

In his comment, Jack wrote:

“For the record I recused myself from the financial equity meetings at SARA, I only attended the technical meetings where Gordon was silent because in fact he could not say any thing that would make sense to the engineers.”

Before we move on, readers who are new to all of this may be wondering what “SARA” is.

SARA stands for “Scientific Applications & Research Associates, Incorporated.” They are a private R&D company that seeks to produce and sell technologies of interest to the U.S. Defense Department. The title tagline on the SARA website reads, “…the special projects division of a Major Defense Contractor…without the Major Defense Contractor.”

SARA is a company with engineers and technicians that seek to “invent” and build, in a practical way, technologies involving “electromagnetism, plasmas, acoustics, electronics, and processing” into devices and applications that may be useful to the U.S. government. They are, in fact, a technology contractor with clients in both government and private industry. The website claims that their clients involve all branches of the military, DTRA, DARPA, the Department of Energy, Homeland Security and NASA.

Gordon Novel Presents to SARA – Or the Other Way Around?

So, now the question remains, how would a renegade from the JFK days – a man who we now know has been attempting to sell various alleged technologies to the U.S. government for years (and turned down every time) – obtain audience from such a defense contractor?

Back to Jack’s comments:

“Also it needs to be understood that the technology presented to the investors that Gordon brought to the table was SARA?s bona-fide technology funded by DOD in areas of non-lethal weapons, energy conversion, C^3 drones – conventional stuff.”

These are, in fact, bona-fide technologies. Case in point is the Active Denial System which remotely directs “millimeter wave energy” toward a target (a human), inducing feelings of intense heat and pain on the skin of the victim. This technology is very real and has already been tested in the field – you can read more about it at Defense.gov.

However, what we’re talking about here is a guy who purports to have reverse engineered UFO anti-gravity effects based on witness observations and the drawings of artist Mark McCandlish.


Would you like to get a sneak peak of Gordon’s amazing ARV “technology?” Want to see “the bird” as Gordon puts it? Just take a gander over to Mark McCandlish’s website and have a look for yourself. Yes folks, this is the “Alien Reproduction Vehicle,” the ARV at the center of Gordon’s claims. Why would a defense contractor choose to get involved in this nonsense?

Jack continues:

“The idea was for Gordon?s investors to fund conventional technology with a preliminary side RAM project – only on feasibility. Parviz (CEO) was very clear about this and has detailed records and a business plan showing that we were never pitching Gordon?s ?theories? of ?zero time vortex? the ?circuit? and other techno-babble.”

Let’s take a closer look at that very important line: “The idea was for Gordon’s investors to fund conventional technology…”

Yes folks, now we’re getting somewhere.

SARA is a private research firm, a technology research center, not only looking to produce cutting-edge breakthrough technologies, but also looking for private investors willing to pay to develop those technologies. Defense contracts aren’t enough – private companies like SARA are always looking for additional income, and apparently Gordon’s list of investors proved to be bait that was enticing enough so that they were willing to endure Gordon himself.

Other Private Technology Researchers Holding Out Their Hands

SARA wasn’t the only organization hoping to get a piece of the action from Gordon’s investors. Jack’s comments reveal additional folks, and his comments also reveal their motivation in dealing with Gordon as well.

Jack writes:

“In addition to the SARA technology, Paul Murad summarized his talk at the JASON meeting in La Jolla we had just come from, and another person I think it was Brad Sorensen gave a talk on an ecology project in Santa Barbara as I recall. There was also a talk by a SARA employee on an approach to propellantless propulsion that I had helped fund with a million dollars of Joe Firmages?s ISSO money a decade ago.”

So then, other folks (in addition to SARA) following Gordon around because of his apparent list of willing investors included Paul Murad, Brad Sorensen, and of course the SARA employee pitching propellantless propulsion.

If anyone still thinks this is about UFOs, they probably aren’t quite following along. This is about fringe technology research and big money – risk capital investors.

This is the juncture where I’m going to part direction. On RU, we’re going to pursue the money trail, the researchers and Gordon Novel’s current efforts. Here at TSW, I plan to cover some of the latest fringe technologies that are currently very real and already being used out on the battlefield.

Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com

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