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Nick Redfern – Real Alien Sightings or Glimpses of the Demonic?

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Nick Redfern – Real Alien Sightings or Glimpses of the Demonic?

The night before last (January 27th), I spoke with author Nicholas Redfern about an upcoming book that he is planning to publish very soon. He’s just about finished writing it, and in reviewing his emails he caught one that I’d written a while back to Sarfatti’s list and wanted to follow-up with me. The goal of the phone call was to exchange any information or contacts we may share in common on the issues Nick is pursuing in his book.

Nick is a very nice fellow – pleasant to talk to and also very intelligent. He is clearly a guy with a credible and professional writing background. He has worked as a staff writer for publications like the British Magazines Zero, The Weekender, Military Illustrated and Eye Spy, and as a journalist for British Newspapers London Daily Express and Western Daily Press. This only touches the tip of the iceberg of his experience.

Nick Redfern’s Writing Bio

Nick covers the topic of real alien sightings and reports in a way that acknowledges the reality of the phenomenon of UFOs and abductions, but he also is wary of drawing his own conclusions unless there are some real documents to support it. In this field, such an approach is refreshing.

Nick has published numerous books that I urge readers to purchase and read carefully – I’ll include my favorite, top choices below. To read about the details of our phone interview, scroll down.

On the Trail of the Saucer Spies: UFO?s and Government Surveillance
A Covert Agenda: The British Government’s UFO Top Secrets Exposed
The FBI Files: The FBI’s UFO Top Secrets Exposed
Body Snatchers In The Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story.

The impressive thing about Nick’s writing is that although he touches on subjects that are pretty wild and weird, his approach is that of a journalist – corroborate stories, request FOIA documents, and report accurately. For example, in the case of my favorite book – Body Snatchers in the Desert, Nick covers a WWII project that was ongoing at the time of the Roswell crash that utilized Japanese POWs in horrible nuclear tests on humans.

My Phone Conversation with Nick Redfern

The phone “chat” turned into an hour-long conversation. Nick described the premise of his book, which I will not give away suffice to say that it’s a journalistic story detailing what Nick has uncovered about a particular secret government project from the 1950’s that involved occult practices. The book touches on a hypothesis to explain today’s real alien sightings (and other “visitations”).

The project pre-dated the remote viewing project of the 70’s and 80’s, but it also had unnerving and very troubling connections to many of the individuals eventually involved in the remove viewing research.

real alien sightings

The interesting thing about Nick’s upcoming book is that the beliefs about the “source” of the phenomenon, such as real alien sightings, that his sources have closely match my own personal suspicions (and worries) about the potential source of phenomena like hauntings, alien abductions, and UFO sightings. Nick and I agreed that at the core of most of these events is an unnatural base of manipulation and “trickery” by the unseen forces at work. Nick’s sources have drawn their own conclusions about those forces.

The best part of the conversation, for me, was when I once referred to the concept as “your theory.” He stopped me and said, “Woah, I’d just like to clarify that this isn’t ‘my theory,’ these are concepts reported to me by the sources I interviewed and noted on the FOIA documents I was able to obtain.” After that statement, my respect for Nick increased ten-fold. I can’t speak for all of his other books, but I can speak for this one, due out in 2010 – it is well researched and supported by evidence.

In researching his upcoming book about that top secret 1950’s occult project, Nick focused primarily on those FOIA documents that confirmed the secret government project (now unclassified) that his sources referred to. Consider that – no one knew to do a FOIA request for the now-unclassified project name until the sources informed Nick about it. Nick followed up and was able to obtain real documented evidence that what the sources were telling him was true.

That, my friends, is called true Disclosure.

I wish Nick the best, and I’m very much looking forward to reading this latest novel when it comes out.

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    watch bonnybridge in scotland over the next couple of months its about to get busy with ufos again theres a human called a adapter who can fight the greys and other races of aliens thats why they have been going to that village

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