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Ed Komarek on Gordon Novel and RAM

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Ed Komarek on Gordon Novel and RAM

Well, while I hate to promote some of the ufo nutter fare that exists out there, I have to respectfully return the favor of a link that Ed Komarek finally offered in his latest article, Intel Wars 2 (Ram Wars). After Jack Sarfatti received and distributed my interview questions to Gordon Novel just over a week ago, Ed immediately jumped into the fray regarding what is now called “RAM Gravionics”, offering his analysis of RAM and distributing very long articles with his opinion about the alleged reverse engineering attempts by Gordon and Paul Murad.

Although, the allegations regarding Paul’s work come from Gordon to Ed. I have an upcoming interview with Paul, where the accurate details will be revealed regarding that side of the coin.

So far, Gordon has not responded to my interview questions regarding RAM gravionics.

Ed’s Analysis Hits a Few Targets and Misses Most

For those who don’t know who Ed is, he is a leading proponent of the “exopolitics” community. Exopolitics is a theory that has been around for a long time – it’s essentially a name for hard-core believers in the reality of Alien contact and visitation. It is the hypothetical (depending who you talk to) study of human-extraterrestrial civilizations.

It is very surreal when you speak with someone from this cult…sorry…organization, because the “fact” that alien civilizations exist is not so much the question. You may want to discuss the fact that it’s very possible alien civilizations exist, but for the exopolitics crowd – it’s a forgone conclusion…no discussion. It’s sort of like an organization set up to study political relations between humans and fairies or elves.

RAM Technologies – There’s No Such Thing

Setting that aside, Ed comments on the unfolding RAM gravionics drama – much of which we revealed through our investigations over at RealityUncovered – in the following way.

Ed writes:

“Gordon Novel, the primary party interested in moving ahead disclosure of the alleged RAM/ARV technologies, has been meeting with VIPs of Industry, Government, Intelligence Agencies, Science & Technology, and Hollywood for the past five years or more.”

This is an exaggeration. A few individuals from a few companies have entertained investing risk capital on RAM in addition to entertaining many other potential investments.

In one case, even the owner of a major hair shampoo brand was entertaining sinking money in…but the list of names are nowhere near the level Ed describes…few VIPs, only a single person allegedly employed by an Intelligence agency, very few (if any) government employees, and very few within Hollywood.

The only audience were occasional investors who routinely sink risk capital into projects that have may have the potential for large return, but they expect that they’re throwing their money away, and they are okay with that.

Gordon Novel and Jack Sarfatti

ram gravionics

“Gordon’s altercation with Jack Sarfatti and a few choice threats, had Jack screaming FBI, so we see that this competition for talent and investors amongst competing RAMs has turned nasty.”

This is completely untrue. Jack’s response had nothing to do with “competing RAMs” and only had to do with personal threats of violence following a simple discussion on Sarfatti’s list regarding the science (or lack thereof) behind RAM Gravionics. You can read the accurate story here – Ed mentions an inaccurate 3rd part source (a forum) that had no direct input from all of the emails streams that we did at RU.

Ed writes:

“Ryan in his article made a good point that there is intense competition for investors amongst the RAM operations.”

Thank you Ed, but this is a blatant misquote. What I wrote was this:

“Needless to say, there were a fair number of investors and a lot of activity among the fringe scientists circling Gordon for an opportunity to collect their fair share of those investment funds.”

These weren’t other “RAM operations” (scientists reverse engineering anything) – they were fringe scientists looking for funding for their own research. Gordon was an avenue toward that funding – and you can see the principle fringe scientists mentioned throughout Gordon’s book, which he’s now trying to sell for about $39 a pop since the money-making potential of RAM is now moot.

Ed Claims There’s “Other” RAM Research – There’s Not

Ed writes:

“It seems that Paul Murad is somehow connected to yet another RAM operation and has been intent on poaching investors and talent from Gordon’s RAM, maybe even with Ron Pandolfi’s help.”

Ed has no evidence to claim Paul’s work is a “RAM” operation. I hope to have the facts straight from the horse’s mouth soon – but the above statement is nothing more than baseless speculation. The only true part of the statement is that investors who were talking to Gordon have bypassed Gordon (and RAM) and went straight to the background scientists instead.

Ed Writes:

“Dan Smith told me in the past that Paul worked for Ron.”

That statement is inaccurate. Paul worked for DIA, and Ron worked for a completely different agency. In fact, Ron has stated repeatedly that he dislikes the DIA a great deal.

“Keep in mind that Steven Greer has another RAM operation mostly associated with energy and like Gordon through good salesmanship and networking of contacts has accessed millions of dollars of venture capital.”

Blatantly untrue. Gordon never accessed millions of dollars of anything. Greer, on the other hand, is a horse of a completely different color.

The Technology is Being Suppressed – No It’s Not

Ed writes:

“On top of all this Gordon claims to be in a vigorous struggle with those who wish to suppress all RAM development in the public sector including his own.”

This is a common claim among folks looking to imply that the “powers that be” don’t want the technology to surface. You’ve probably heard claims from free energy proponents that the government and the oil industry “buys up” and buries all technological advancements that would make energy more affordable.

The claim, of course, is ludicrous – if any such technology (including antigravity) were real, industry leaders would be scrambling to purchase it and capitalize it as their own. Any such technology would make a single company a fortune – there’s no sense burying or trying to suppress it.

The reason either technology hasn’t surfaced yet in a practical device is because the technology itself (whether you’re talking free energy or antigravity) simply doesn’t exist yet.

Be wary of snake-oil salesmen. Yes, I’m talking to you venture capitalists. Invest your risk capital if you must – but stop being stupid.

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