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Questions Submitted for Gordon Novel Interview

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Questions Submitted for Gordon Novel Interview

Well, loyal readers, it has been a full week since any update on this blog. My overloaded schedule is to blame, and the fact that I’ve been spending a large amount of my time collating and organizing information for the upcoming Gordon Novel interview.

Last weekend, I thought Gordon was going to back out of the interview because he’d requested that questions and answers be vetted first by Jim Marrs, his son Sur Novel, and of course Ron Pandolfi. I’m pretty certain Project Camelot folks, George Knapp at Coast to Coast and Jerry Pippen did not need to jump through these hoops. However, Steve and I have become accustomed to these sorts of things – people throughout Ufology are always cautious when they are approached by RealityUncovered.

The good news is, the questions are completed and submitted to those three individuals as Gordon requested. The bad news is, he’s now added a longer list of individuals who need to “approve” the interview before he’ll move forward. I am still holding my breath…but not much longer.

The Upcoming RealityUncovered Gordon Novel Interview

gordon novel

The interview could go one of two ways. Once Gordon recognizes how much we are actually aware of, and the scope of our investigation, he may simply decide to back out. Whether that’s in a final flurry of violent tongue-lashing directed at RU, or in a simple “no comment,” is still in question. Or, he could decide to step up and have a conversation with us about matters that have been hidden from the public for a very long time.

The questions that I submitted last night covered a short list of the core personalities we are investigating in relation to Gordon Novel’s RAM project. They are the same personalities RU has been investigating throughout our Serpo research, MJ-12 research and our overall Ufo mythology investigations. The questions touch on the following points:

-> Ron Pandolfi’s activities in taking advantage of and manipulating Gordon’s core beliefs regarding “Magic” or “Majestic” – a mythological group of government insiders bent on thwarting disclosure of government UFO secrets (there is no such organized group.)

-> Hal Puthoff’s deep involvement with Gordon Novel and the RAM project, which he played down in previous emails to Ron Pandolfi, but which Gordon’s new “SCS Report” now publicly reveals in detail.

-> Gordon’s attempts to extract sums of money, from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, from certain individuals for various activities related to RAM. One particular question focuses primarily on reports that Gordon attempted to have Dan Smith fund Jim Marrs work for RAM, as only one example.

-> Gordon’s response to the CIA documents that outline how often in the past he has claimed CIA “affiliation.” The CIA documents point out that there is absolutely no affiliation whatsoever. At RealityUncovered, we’re looking for Gordon’s response to that.

-> Ron Pandolfi’s various activities related to Gordon, even eventually driving Gordon to sink into debt in order to fund travel/expenses for the SARA conference where Murad and his colleagues would present their research. Did Ron leave Gordon hanging with that debt?

-> Finally, we’ve quoted Ron clearly stating that he thought the entire thing – a man running around the country claiming affiliation with CIA and building a device out of old car parts and electronic curcuits, was “really funny.” We are looking to see if Gordon appreciates Ron’s sense of humor.

Publication Deadline

I’m hoping to have an opportunity to talk directly to Gordon in a recorded interview, and have that published at RealityUncovered within a week or so. However, Gordon’s immediate reply to my questions – responding with a requirement that we must reveal our sources, and that a list of individuals must approve the interview – tells me that the recorded interview isn’t very likely to happen.

In the case where the interview doesn’t take place, the update will be in the form of an article at RealityUncovered, detailing all of these findings in detail along with supporting evidence. Here at TSW, I am going to turn to developing the questions for the long-anticipated Paul Murad interview, also to be published on RU. More to come.

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  • Chris

    Does anyone have the contact email adress for Gordon Novel? Im urgently trying to get hold of him.

    many thanks.

  • chaos

    Hello Ryan, By labeling this section “They MJ-12 Myth” are you stating that based upon interviews you believe that it is non-existent? If that is the case, you sir, are wrong. The origins of Majestic started with a stroke of a presidential pen. At the time of course the group was not known as MJ nor Majestic. They were better known as the 5412 group. The past is just that, moving forward here is a clue research Buster Glosson.

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