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The Future of Top Secret Writers

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The Future of Top Secret Writers

It’s been quite a long road over the past couple of years, with personal and professional challenges along the way. In an effort to build upon my private research experiences over the last half decade, I founded TopSecretWriters. However, the path since the first day I opened the doors here has been rather bumpy.

Conflicting Priorities and Continuing Research

As most of you know, I am also a co-founder of RealityUncovered, popularly known throughout the Ufology community as ‘RU’ and not always in a positive light (certainly not for the Ufology scammers).

My original goal with TSW was to explore the world of writing and researching matters potentially involving classified or unclassified private and governmwnt research. Unfortunately, almost every post I wrote at TSW resulted in raised eyebrows by my friends and colleagues at RU. Why write at TSW when you’ve got RU?

I didn’t really have a good answer until I started self-examining my personality with a critical eye. Ultimately, I guess when it comes to writing, I’m a bit of a control freak.

The Future of RealityUncovered

Once I came to terms with my own issues, and realizing that it’s part of my own personality, and part of the reason I don’t often do well in business ‘partnerships’, I sat down with my buddy Steve and we worked through these matters.

RealityUncovered remains on a track to become the leading balanced and sane viewpoint into the world of Ufology and the Paranormal. I am quite proud to call myself a co-owner of such an amazing resource for researchers and enthusiasts.

The Future of Top Secret Writers

Our newly inspired drive to invest even more time and energy into RealityUncovered leads me to take a fresh look at Top Secret Writers. I realize today that I love this site and it would be impossible to ever give it up. I’ve been brainstorming ideas for the direction to take my articles here, and I’d love input from readers.

  • Updates about the ‘inside story’ behind my personal research efforts within the paranormal field
  • Ideas and tips to safely and effectively investigating potentially top secret topics.
  • Review pieces with the inside story behind publicly released details about the various Top Secret projects of the U.S. military and intelligence agencies since the founding of the United States.

Considering the several fun articles I’ve published here about topics like spying activities of the Union during the Civil War, I am leaning toward the last option, but I’d love to get reader feedback and ideas.

This is all assuming that there’s going to be enough time in my schedule to start updating TSW more frequently. RU research can be all-consuming at times (in a good way), but to keep TSW alive, I will be closing down two or three other websites I launched over the past couple of years.

Hopefully, I can find some sort of balance…

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