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Top Secret America Shines a Spotlight on U.S. Intelligence

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Top Secret America Shines a Spotlight on U.S. Intelligence

top secret americaIn July 2010, The Washington Post made a move, the publication of a 2-year research project into private Intelligence companies, that should prove to Americans that there are at least a few news organizations left that are not owned and operated by Corporate America. Top Secret America is a valiant, brave and ground-breaking move by the Post into a topic area that previously existed only as a “nutty” carnival act filled with conspiracy theorists and pundits. The Post publication adds relevancy and urgency to the need for the policing of America’s Intelligence infrastructure.

The People Behind Top Secret America?

The two professional reporters behind this effort are Dana Priest and William Arkin. Now, it’s only fair to note that professional bloggers have been covering this story for a long time. Guys like Tim Shorrock have been exposing the inefficiencies and corporate takeover of American Intelligence for years – and they deserve credit for their hard work. The Washington Post story isn’t new news – but it is mainstream acceptance of the importance and relevance of this topic.

cia activities

Dana Priest is a professional, senior reporter at The Washington Post. She has researched and reported on intelligence issues for years, and she is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. She was part of the journalistic effort to expose secret CIA prisons and unethical counterterrorism operations. By far, she is one of the best suited warriors to lead this charge.

William Arkin is similarly experienced, having been with the Post since 1998 and with over 30 years of experience in reporting on national security matters. Together, and with a team of researchers, the Post has finally launched a mainstream effort against the corruption of U.S. Intelligence agencies – and it’s an effort bloggers have been calling for for years – it’s about time.

What Your Government Doesn’t Want You to Know

The day that I commented on Tim Shorrock’s blog, praising his work in this area – servers at TopSecretWriters were dragged down by what appeared to be a DoD (Denial of Service) attack. I would never imply that the Intelligence community has nothing better to do than harass bloggers in this field, but someone clearly doesn’t appear very happy that this news is getting out there.

What is the news exactly? Well, it’s actually no secret – bloggers have been exposing this for years – but the Post project aggregates the data into one easy-to-research site. The bottom line is that, over the last decade, the U.S. Intelligence apparatus that was always normally run under the regulation and monitoring of our government – has been “outsourcing” more and more of our nation’s intelligence work to private corporations.

What’s the problem with this? The problem is obvious – the top priority of a government agency is the public interest. However, the top priority of a private company is profit. What you are seeing is a “selling out” of American Intelligence to the corporate world – where decisions, operations, and projects are orchestrated out of a desire to improve long term growth and profit, not to protect the welfare or national security of this nation.

How to Take Your Country Back

I’ve mentioned this matter on TopSecretWriters often – we are seeing a corporate takeover of American freedom. This is but one more mile on the road to Americans eventually losing their freedoms and independence, because they’ve allowed their country and their family’s well-being to become dependent upon the products and services of greedy, self-serving corporate executives. These are executives who’s only interest is their own bottom line, their own stock porfolio, and how they’re going to pay the taxes on their yacht and the second home in Bermuda.

If this concerns you as an American Citizen, I urge you to contact your public officials – your Senator or Representatives – and voice your concern. Reference the Washington Post article and tell them that you will not stand by and allow our country to be sold out to the Corporate world.

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